Break In and Star Parodier

Nintendo have updated the Virtual Console with another two classic games this week.

Firstly we have a very cool pool game for up to four players; it’s called Break In and is from the TurboGrafx16 catalogue. At 700 WiiPoints it may seem a bit expensive but don’t worry the game has lots different modes, whether you prefer straight 9 ball pool or even Billiards you’ll be catered for here.

Secondly we have Star Parodier, also from the TurboGrafx16 but this time coming in at 900 WiiPoints because it was originally a CD-Rom title. Star Parodier is a spoof of Hudson’s own cult shooter; Star Solider. With a choice of three comical ships and eight stages to complete, this little single player shooter is a bit of comic relief from the normal tide of standard retro shooters we already have on Virtual Console.

On WiiWare this week we finally get to meet Strong Bad in his cool game for attractive people. For a wallet shattering 1000 points you can experience the weird world of Homestar runner brought to life on your Wii. This is a truly individual game series which is well worth downloading. At last some great new content on WiiWare, yes it had to happen at some time folks!

Break In and Star Parodier Virtual Console releases

Break In, Star Parodier, WiiWare, Virtual Console

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