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This week we have another interesting selection of games to download on your Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DSi. Digital Downloading small and affordable titles is becoming very popular and is a great way to get new games for your favourite system in this touch economic climate.

On WiiWare this week we have three titles:

  • Water Warfare from Hudson Software. If you’ve ever been worried about the gore and over the top violence in the modern first person shooter and its possible affect on your children then Water Warfare could be the answer. Unlike any other FPS I’ve seen, Water Warfare has been designed for kids and features Water Pistols instead of guns and Wet Clothes instead of blood. Featuring up to 8 player online play this could be a perfect online title for younger Wii gamers and costs 800 points. Check back for our review of Water Warfare very soon.
  • Reel Fishing from Natsume. Whilst not being a big fan of pulling an innocent fish from the water I can’t see too much harm in doing it virtually on your Wii. For just 500 points you can use the motion sensing Wii Remote for that real life fishing feel in your home and best of all its cruelty free.
  • Silver Star Reversi from Agetec. Whilst not exciting; Reversi (or Othello as I know it) is one of those classic strategic board games like Chess and Checkers. This simple little 500 point title for up to two players might not be your first choice of game but is fun every now and then.

Retro fans have one title on the Virtual Console this week:

  • Fantasy Star Zone II from Sega. This Classic Sega Master System title from 1988 sees you battling against the Nenon once again in a bid to protect the Fantasy Zone. A colourful friendly side scrolling shooter which is more difficult than it looks and costs 500 Nintendo points.

Nintendo DSi owners have one title this week:

  • Sudoku Master from Hudson. Whilst the craze for Sudoku has calmed down over the past year you can’t deny its impact on the world. If you love the idea of some portable maths puzzle action then you can’t go wrong with this for 500 points.

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Reel Fishing

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