WiiWare Roundup

  • Art Style: ORBIENT – This is an interesting little puzzle game set in space that involves orbiting and absorbing stars, the use of gravity and anti-gravity is really cool too. 600 Nintendo Points.
  • Midnight Bowling – Once more we have a game from Cell Phone masters Gameloft. A bowling game for up to 4 players, if you fancy something a little more in-depth than Wii Sports bowling then it could be worth a look. 800 Nintendo Points.
  • MadStone – Another puzzle game for WiiWare, a frantic block busting game where you must shoot blocks away from a constantly replenishing stack to collect ‘MadStones’. Tetris and combo living fans can buy this for 800 Nintendo Points.
  • World of Goo – A stunning looking new puzzler where you have to rescue blobs of goo by any means possible (well, stretching, climbing and sticking), if you loved the original Lemmings you’ll love this. 1500 Nintendo Points.
  • Art Style: CUBELLO – The second Art Style game in the series starts with a basic principle of matching four colours but makes things really hard by introducing a rotating 3D cubed structure to handle. 600 Nintendo Points.
  • Tetris Party – Probably the ultimate Tetris game since the iconic Gameboy version. With 6 player online gaming, Mii support and even a balance board mode for owners of the Wii Fit board. 1200 Nintendo Points.
  • The Incredible Maze – A great ball rolling maze game. Move the Wii Remote around or move your body on the Wii Balance Board to get the ball to the exit. 500 Nintendo Points.
  • Strong Bad Episode 3 – The next instalment in the hilarious Homestar Runner game series. The best point and click adventure in years. 1000 Nintendo Points.
  • Art Style: ROTOHEX – The third Art Style game in the series offers more puzzle action. Think Tetris but with triangles, and you’re not making lines but hexagons. 600 Nintendo Points.

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