Plattchen, Bomberman Blast, Midnight Pool and Critter Round Up

Nintendo has been uber generous and pounded us with WiiWare releases us this past couple of weeks. With five games in two weeks we’re quite perplexed as to the reason for the huge outburst as we usually only get one game per week. Long may it continue though!

First we have PLÄTTCHEN – twist ‘n’ paint; which costs an extremely expensive 1500 WiiPoints. Described as a challenging Puzzle Shooter for 1-8 players, it has over 300 levels and Wii Zapper support.

Secondly we have Bomberman Blast; which costs a reasonable 1000 WiiPoints. Bomberman Blast for Wii is what every fan has been waiting for, a full online multiplayer game (up to 8 players) that doesn’t include a single player Bomberman adventure mode which is usually quite pants.

Thirdly comes Midnight Pool: a pool simulator for Wii which uses the motion controls to add to the realism. Probably the best pool game on Wii right now with full 8-ball US, 8-ball UK and 9-ball game mode and it only costs 800 WiiPoints.

Next up is Critter Round Up; from the good folks at Konami for 1000 WiiPoints. Some simple puzzle fun for up to 4 players – a game where you just repair fences before animals escape.

Lastly is MaBoShi, The Three Simple Arcade; A clever looking puzzle/arcade game for up to three players. The three games (Circle, Square and Bar) are on screen at once and require you to concentrate as they impact each other. 800 WiiPoints is a little pricey for this game though.

Plattchen, Bomberman Blast, Midnight Pool and Critter Round Up pics

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  1. These are the latest releases for the UK shop channel I should add.