Groovin Blocks, Final Solider and Cho Aniki

For Virtual Console last week Nintendo gave us two classic retro games.

First up is Final Solider from Hudson Software for the TurboGrafx16. This is yet another vertical shooter for the Virtual Console catalogue, yes we can’t believe how many there are to choose from now but if you love shooters, Final Solider with its tough difficulty, huge amount of weapons, power-ups and enemies to blast should keep you going for ages, it costs 700 WiiPoints.

Next is Cho Aniki from Masaya for the TurboGrafx16 CD. Quite an unusual one is this, a side scrolling shooter which features semi naked male bodybuilders (along with subtle suggestive adult references) and funky music. For 900 WiiPoints we don’t suggest you download this unless you are fan of the series or interested in obscure Japanese titles.

On WiiWare we have Groovin Blocks from Empty Clip studios, a typical Columns/Tetris/Dr Mario clone with a techno soundtrack and power-ups. Prepare for 27 stages of addictive/frantic block falling and colour matching action. With Single, 2 player and Co-op game modes, you can’t really fail with a game like this and is worth the 800 WiiPoints if you’re into this sort of gameplay. Though if you already have purchased Dr Mario from WiiWare you already have a better game in the same genre.

Groovin Blocks, Final Solider and Cho Aniki pics

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