Pool Revolution, Pit Crew Panic and Snowboard Riot

As you may have noticed, Hudson Software is one of WiiWare’s biggest supporters with hit titles such as Alien Crush and Bomberman Blast. Well they’re not stopping there folks, Hudson are bringing us another three interesting titles very soon to download via the Wii Shop Channel.

  • Pool Revolution; A fun pool and snooker game that features both normal and motion controls, they’re even throwing a four player online mode into Pool Revolution for WiiWare too.
  • Pit Crew Panic; If you’ve ever wanted to feel the adrenaline rush of working in the pit lane then Pit Crew Panic for WiiWare is for you. Take part with up to four players fixing toilets, wedding cakes, bridges or even air craft carriers. Best of all you can do this crazy stuff online.
  • Snowboard Riot; This gorgeous looking Snowboarding Game brings the weapons of Mario Kart onto the snow for an awesome Snowboarding Riot for WiiWare. With balance board support, four player online racing and official Oakley apparel to wear this has to be a must download.

You will need to purchase Wii Points (soon to be called Nintendo Points) to download titles from the Wii Shop Channel; these can be bought online through the Wii or via a handy Wii Points Card which is currently being discounted by $10 on the Nintendo Wii point codes page if you spend more than $50 and pay with Bill Me Later – enter the code BMLSAVES when you checkout.

Pool Revolution, Pit Crew Panic and Snowboard Riot pics

Pool Revolution, Pit Crew Panic, Snowboard Riot

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