Wii Shop Channel Releases

Nintendo have updated the Virtual Console with another two classic games this week. Firstly we have the rather exciting Sonic the Hedgehog for the Master System; a well developed port of the original Genesis game which brings everything that was great about the original but scaled down to suit the 8bit hardware. With lots of redesigned levels as well as new ones to whizz though, Sonic the Hedgehog for master system only costs 500 WiiPoints and is a bargain for veteran Sonic fans or those unaware of this 1991 8Bit outing.

Secondly we have Splatterhouse 2 from the Genesis. A sidescrolling action horror game where you control a brave young chap called Rick. Carry on the quest of the original Splatterhouse game to find Rick’s girlfriend Jennifer. Hack and slash your way through many levels of demon infested landscape whilst trying to understand the badly translated Japanese text. Splatterhouse 2 for Virtual Console costs 800 WiiPoints and may be fun for a while but the repetitive gameplay may make you wish you’d had spent your points more wisely.

For WiiWare we have Wild West Guns from Gameloft. An interesting one or two player shoot em up that takes you to Wild West country for some good old fashioned Clint Eastwood style cowboy shooting. With plenty of bad guys and destructible environments to shoot at, as well as innocent people to avoid – this is your classic light gun fare which will see you trying to top your highscores on a regular basis. Graphically and gameplay wise it’s a bit basic we shouldn’t complain too much at some new multiplayer action on WiiWare right now. At 1000 WiiPoints it’s a trifle expensive, but it’s still cheaper than going to the cinema.

Wii Shop Channel Releases

Wii Shop Channel Releases

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  1. D. Dawson says:

    I would like to see USER reviews of Wii Shoip games; certainly would not have used precious points on so many duds! For instance, just got Wii REEL FISHING ( Natsume) and the game is way harder than the real ACT of trout fishing; really stupid to make it so difficult – graphics are great, but they have made so many ways to lose fish, it’s pointless as a game.

    Thanks for listening. PLEASE get something together so GAMERS can post reviews, not just someone who is paid by Nintendo :-/