Mega Man 9, Super Dodge Ball and Vectorman

Nintendo has been updated the Wii digital distribution service with another set of titles this week, one for WiiWare and two on Virtual Console. Let’s take a look at what we’ve got to spend our virtual currency on this week shall we? For WiiWare this week we have:

Mega Man 9 from Capcom, a true sequel to the original 8Bit Mega Man games finally arrived and is as challenging as ever. A solid 15 hours of tough 80’s style platforming action which uses the original graphics and gameplay dynamics of that on the original NES game. An absolute must for any hardcore gamer and one to avoid for gaming wimps. The game also features some ultra tough bosses and online leaderboards, Mega Man 9 for Wii costs 1000 WiiPoints.

On Virtual Console this week we have:

Super Dodge Ball priced at 500 WiiPoints is a fairly standard game from the NES era but was quite graphically advanced for the time with many characters on screen and a fluid framerate. Your goal is to take the American Dodge Ball team and win every match to become the world champions.

Vectorman for the Sega Genesis. A classic arcade style shooter which feature a here who can morph into different shapes to help him proceed to defeat the evil Orbot leader WarHead. This side scrolling game pushed the console to its limits graphically and helped keep the Genesis afloat whilst the Super Nintendo took control of the 16bit games era with hit titles such as Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario World 2. If you like arcade platforming shoot em ups then at 800 WiiPoints this could be for you.

Mega Man 9, Super Dodge Ball and Vectorman  pics

Mega Man 9, Super Dodge Ball, Vectorman, WiiWare, Virtual Console, Wii

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