Fallout 3 for the Wii

Bethesda have announced they’re making a new adult game for the Wii. Probably not as sweary or rude as Sega’s recent 18+ offerings, hopefully we’ll see an RPG a bit like Fallout 3 with graphics along the line of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

Fallout 3 pics

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7 Responses

  1. someone says:

    that would be awesome

  2. yo dawg says:

    If you dont make fallout 3 for wii you will suck because most people cannot afford xbox360s they most likely have a wii so you really should make it for wii just like the one for xbox360 start out as a baby and on and on stuff like that it should be exactly like the one for xbox360 seriously

  3. Shelby says:

    Please!!! I have a wii, and my boyfriend has a ps3 and i bought him fallout 3 for christmas…. and now i want it. =(

  4. namerequired says:

    To clarify: This article does not contain any arguments or evidence that Fallout 3 is being ported to the Wii.

  5. qahar says:

    its the same price as the Wii, And why would you be able to pay $199 for the Wii and not for xbox 360?

  6. Tom says:

    that would not be good because the wii has bad graphics and there’s no way they could put all the content on it as the 360 and Ps3. cuz i have C.O.D World at War for wii and it has like half the missions as the 360 versions

  7. Andrew says:

    i dont know about that on the wii. I have a wii ps3 and xbox 360 and i just dont think the wii could handle it. the game would probibally have lots of main things cut out of it and wouldnt have expansions plus not as good graphics and the world would be small but if you only have a wii i can completely understand why you would be looking forward to this