Final Fantasy XIII PS3 and Xbox 360 versions compared

If you’re a PS3 owner and are worrying the quality of Final Fantasy XIII will suffer from being on the Xbox 360 as well, don’t. The game’s creators are finishing the PS3 version before they port it over. So there’ll be no decrease in quality for either platform.

Final Fantasy XIII PS3 and Xbox 360 versions compared pics

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4 Responses

  1. Ta Duy Duc says:

    r u sure?

  2. KamiJanai says:

    I guess they have no choice in downgrade the graphics for 360 though. As we all know DVD capacity is limited. Do you want to see an Xbox360 game with more than 3 DVD in a box while the PS3 only needs 1 disc.

  3. Shin Seijuro says:

    Well I am very sorry to say that the quality of FFXIII for XBOX 360 is downgrade in term of graphic. The official ffxiii crews told me that even HD DVD can’t hold such a game quality and it must be compress or else there will be like 10+ discs needed. I emailed them and ask them from the official website and I would recommend that if you care very much about quality then definitly go for FFXIII PS3.

  4. Gamer says:

    Who cares if ps3 sells with 1 disc and 360 sells with 3. So the boxes will be different sizes. Games should not be modified (downgraded) to match all systems. They should go what they want, and if one system needs downgrading to play on it, then downgrade it for that system ONLY. You can’t complain to the game makers for faults of the systems. Since they not ones upgrading the systems, or sold them. They just making AWESOME games