Geon for Wii

Regular Xbox Live Arcade users may have spotted a nice looking game called Geon Emotions released last year. Well the good news is that the action puzzle game is now heading to Wii next year with all new bits created especially for the Wii version. Geon Wii is an interesting game where your aim is to collects all of the pellets across a stage (yes a bit like Pac Man and that bonus game in Sonic & Knuckles) by moving your cube (called a Geon) around the level, and then you can deposit them in an opponent’s goal.

As you’ve probably guesses, your opponents will be trying to do the same and outdo you so you’ll have to get a move on and take advantage of the special power-ups. Geon for Wii has some nice looking graphics that really hold up well to the 360 version, throw in a 4 player split-screen modem, smooth Wii Remote controls and you’ve got yourself great game. The Geon release date is February 2009.

Geon for Wii pics

Geon for Wii

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