Marble Saga Kororinpa Release Date

The Sequel to the original Wii title Kororinpa is due to hit the shelves very soon and by all accounts is looking very cool, we thought that we should let you know about it. Kororinpa is a ball rolling game in a similar vein to Super Monkey Ball and Marble Madness, the main difference really is that Kororinpa features lots of unique game world environments and characters.

This time around Hudson are putting in support for Wii Balance Board control as well as the ability to use your Mii character. The 150 levels spread across 7 very pretty looking worlds will take a long time to complete especially when there is multiplayer with up to four people available. Not only that but you can create your own levels and share them with friends via WiiConnect 24. The estimated Marble Sage Kororinpa release date is March 17th 2009.

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