Growlanser Heritage of War

What with all the next gen consoles out there we quite often overlook the PS2 as a current gaming machine and as strange as it sounds, in some countries the PS2 is still outselling the PS3. So here is a bit of news for all your PS2 owners who are waiting that little bit longer before diving into the new console war.

From the same people who bought you rather good No More Heroes and Harvest Moon on the Wii, Growlanser: Heritage of War is the latest entry in the critically-acclaimed Growlanser game series for the Playstation 2.

This fantasy adventure sees you using strategic combat help save a dying land from the ravages of war, famine and a smeg load of deadly monsters called the Screapers. With over 70 hours of game play in which you can level up your characters, train a special fairy to be your companion and cultivate intimate relationships with your allies using the unique Friendship and Personality Rating System, you’ll be playing this for absolutely ages.

With gorgeous hand drawn animation and character portraits by artist Satoshi Urushihara, you will be surprised what your old Playstation 2 can do and how much fun you can still have with it. The Growlanser Heritage of War release date is 13th June 2008.

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