Overlord review

Here is a review of Overlord from Codemasters, which to begin with, I got confused with Archlord, their free to play MMORPG but that’s another story.

In this one you play the Overlord who has been summoned by lots of evil little minions to be their lord and master. You then go about the world being evil and destroying everything in your wake like a good little tyrant. When I say evil, I don’t mean in the way of say Hitler, we’re talking more ugly sister in Cinderella. Believe me, the proverbial tongue in this game is firmly in its cheek.

This game plays a bit like a cross between Pikmin and Dungeon Keeper. You walk around the land meeting all kinds of colourful characters, summoning minions out of holes in the ground and causing lots of silly death and destruction. You can use magic such as fireballs to burn the Halflings in the villages and also your axe, but it’s much more fun sweeping your little slaves round the land getting them to do your dirty work for you. They then equip any useful items or bring energy and gifts back to you screaming ‘For the Overlord’.

The main aim of the game is to rid the land of Heroes which put an end to the last Overlord that tried to conquer the world. As you travel the lands you have to solve puzzles using your little men to move items in your path or kill creatures that offend you, then fight the Heroes and bump them off one by one.

It’s a very colourful game with amusing characters and your minions are kind of cute in their own evil little way. Even the minion that guides you through the beginning of the game is like a little evil Yoda, though he does seem to have a better grasp of the English language.

When all’s said and done Overlord isn’t an epic but it’s certainly a lot of mindless silly fun. If you like fantasy games but find some of them a little too serious, this one may well provide some welcome relief. 7 out of 10.

Overlord 2 screenshot

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