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Overlord 2

Overlord 2 review

I quite liked the first Overlord game. Sure it had a few little problems like the camera control being the same as the control for your minions but nevertheless it was great to look at and fun to play thanks to some silly humour. I was hoping they would iron out some of the problems for this sequel but instead they’ve given us a slightly different game, only with the same problems as before. You play as a new Overlord in this game, starting off as a child you do a tutorial mission where you learn the basics of magic,...

Overlord 2 screenshot

Overlord review

Here is a review of Overlord from Codemasters, which to begin with, I got confused with Archlord, their free to play MMORPG but that’s another story. In this one you play the Overlord who has been summoned by lots of evil little minions to be their lord and master. You then go about the world being evil and destroying everything in your wake like a good little tyrant. When I say evil, I don’t mean in the way of say Hitler, we’re talking more ugly sister in Cinderella. Believe me, the proverbial tongue in this game is firmly in its...