Halo 4

Microsoft’s putting together an all-star team to work on the new Halo project – nothing to do with those Halo 3 maps either. Rumours are afoot that Ryan Payton from Kojima productions may be on board as well as other gaming superstars from Gearbox and Bungie – it’s like Chelsea and Man City in the transfer market. Check out the recent Halo 3 campaign expansion trailer for a glimpse of things to come.

Halo 4 pics

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  1. mastercheif1652 says:

    What is halo 4 going to be. a movie or a game and I thought master chief died in the 3rd

  2. gman says:

    wtf? master chief dies? not. its called money man. hes money!

  3. GG says:


  4. Theres Gonna Be A Halo 4 At 2011-2012

  5. halo2 soccer ball says:

    I dont have halo 3

  6. halo2 soccer ball says:

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  7. shadzhunter says:

    look rite if u finish the game on legendary then u see wat happens

  8. Exellent ,thanks for sharing a lot of .

  9. alex says:

    asome thats great news the only problem is that i’m aloud to play halo :(