Help Wanted for Wii

We might not be getting Nintendo’s Disaster Day of Crisis on Wii in the US but Hudson Software are jumping into the void that’s left with their game Help Wanted. Well sort of. The story goes that there is a meteor heading towards the Earth, the trouble is the world’s governments are unwilling to fork up the cash to pay for the special equipment to save the planet. You’ve decided to do 50 odd jobs around the town to raise the cash to buy the equipment yourself and save humanity. You’ll be performing some of the weirdest and most frantic tasks imaginable; Farming vegetables, helping babies fall to sleep, interviewing celebrities and lots more. Help Wanted for Wii is looking fun, especially in the multiplayer mode, hopefully the Help Wanted release date of Summer 2009 will come around as quickly as the meteor is heading to Earth. In the mean time, Deca Sports for Wii is a fun little alternative to Wii Sports and is well worth a play (oh, and it’s by Hudson Software too).

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Help Wanted, Deca Sports

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  1. taylor says:

    when i get to a sertant part in a game it says can not read