List of Microsoft Kinect games

Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference not only revealed to us the Xbox 360 Slim but also the new name for Project Natal; newly dubbed Microsoft Kinect.

It doesn’t matter how good the technology is, and believe me the Xbox 360 Kinect technology is very cool, without decent software the device has no hope. Microsoft took time out to show us several of their Wii like titles that they hope to sell to millions of people this Winter, all having a release date of the first week of Novemeber 2010.

  • Kinect Sports is so obviously a Wii Sports clone it’s funny. Soccer, beach volleyball, bowling, table tennis, track & field, and boxing all feature in Kinect Sports for Xbox 360.
  • Kinect Joy Ride is yet another party racing game that takes more than a little inspiration from Wii and Mario Kart. Fun kart racing across Xbox live without a controller.
  • Kinect Adventures! features 20 activities taking place all over the world; Water Rafting, Rally Ball and more. Promises lots of fun for families and across Xbox Live.
  • Forza Kinect appears to be a new and improved Forza 3 experience which has been revamped for Kinect use. This time you can interact with the cars in a much more physical way, you may even have to mime such trivial actions as opening the car door.
  • Star Wars Kinect could very well be the most realistic Star Wars game to date. Experience the powers of the force with your body and battle Darth Vader with your invisible lightsaber.
  • Kinectimals is a truly interactive virtual pet game for the kids. Usually virtual pet games involve cats and dogs but Kinectimals for Xbox 360 is a tad more exotic and features Lions, Tigers, Cheetah’s and 17 other furry friends.

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