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Nike + Kinect Training

Nike + Kinect Training sneak peek

Believe it or not I’m actually into home fitness. Yes I’ve spent time with a gym membership but to be honest I didn’t really achieve any goals due to not really having a planned regime, little feedback from the staff there and being a bit too scared to enter the bit of the gym with the heavy weights because of all the big muscley guys in there who may decide to pick me up and use me as a weight! And so I’ve dabbled with Wii Fit, tried the UFC Kinect game and really only had proper success with the Beachbody...

Kinect 2 details emerge

Kinect 2 details emerge

New details have emerged regarding Kinect 2 and the big revelation is that it can lip read. Yes, the new piece of tech is so accurate it can detect facial movement and expressions. At the moment it’s the USB connection that prevents all that data going to the console but the new one will connect differently and come bundled with Microsoft’s next console which is still yet to be named. Buy a Kinect now New: Buy a Kinect from Amazon.com Related: List of Microsoft Kinect games, Kinect 2

Just Dance 3 screenshot

Just Dance 3

Last night saw the celeb-studded launch party for Just Dance 3 which took the form of a house party in a large town house in Grosvenor Place. We left the taxi to a blinding flash of photographers who soon stopped taking photos when they didn’t know who we were (teach me to pull up in a cab right outside) and then made our way up the steps into the party. As you’d expect for a dancing game party there was a dance floor and a DJ playing good but deafening tunes and of course consoles set up around the house...

The Gunstringer

The Gunstringer review

The Gunstringer is the latest title for the Kinect aimed at core gamers and is the first full price retail game for developer Twisted Pixel. Always a developer not to shy away from insane ideas, this one tells the story of a skeletal cowboy on a trail of revenge as he rises from the grave in front of a real-life crowd come to watch a play. You play the part of a puppeteer who hoists up the cowboy puppet with one hand, guides him left and right with it and shoots at all sundry with the right hand by using...

Rise of Nightmares

Rise of Nightmares review

If anyone knows how to make horror games it’s Sega (and to some extent Konami and Capcom I suppose). House of the Dead in the past has attempted to immerse gamers by letting them shoot at zombies and monsters on rails in the arcades and on consoles and the Condemned games have shown that melee combat from a first-person is possible and if you do things right, you really can give people the willes. The first one really did scare me and make me jump in places. So far we’ve only really seen family games mostly for kids on the...

Screenshot of Kinect

Kinect for FIFA

EA Sports have recently announced they won’t be putting Kinect support into any FIFA game until at least FIFA 13. Their senior vice president of worldwide development Andrew Wilson has been quoted saying “building anything on a platform just for the sake of it doesn’t make sense.” And I agree – unless you want to try out that famous Cantona kung-fu kick! Buy Kinect now New: Buy Kinect from Amazon.com Related: FIFA, Kinect