Just Dance 3

Last night saw the celeb-studded launch party for Just Dance 3 which took the form of a house party in a large town house in Grosvenor Place. We left the taxi to a blinding flash of photographers who soon stopped taking photos when they didn’t know who we were (teach me to pull up in a cab right outside) and then made our way up the steps into the party. As you’d expect for a dancing game party there was a dance floor and a DJ playing good but deafening tunes and of course consoles set up around the house for us to try boogieing.

I got to try out the Kinect and Wii versions of the game and as you can see by the pictures, it’s quite a colourful affair! Featuring rotoscoped characters which is basically live action people who have been drawn over, you copy the dance moves they make . New to this version is the ability for up to four people to dance along to the tunes (space permitting) and there should be a guilty pleasure for everyone including tracks to strut your stuff to such as Duck Sauce’s ‘Barbra Streisand’, Groove Century’s ‘Boogie Wonderland’ and A-HA’s ‘Take on Me’.

It was a bit tricky trying to hear the music over the music being played by the DJ last night so after getting hectic on the game I decided to go to the bar, then the dance floor and show my real moves to all the celebrities invited. Unfortunately I haven’t watched X Factor this year so the only people I noted were McFly and Anton Ferdinand. For some reason I can’t imagine QPR playing this on their training days! If you fancy getting all day-glo it’s available for all consoles from Friday.

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Just Dance 3

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