Little Big Planet Xbox 360 version

So with three very big games (GTAIV, Bioshock and Final Fantasy XIII) going multi-format, does this mean that one of Sony’s key PS3 titles. So when is the Little Big Planet Xbox 360 version being released? Well even though the Xbox 360 has shown itself to be more than a match for the Playstation 3 in terms of graphical power, a game like LittleBigPlanet is likely to have a small appreciative audience on the 360 and may not be worth the extra development time needed to port it over. A PC version is much more likely though as another game by the same designers; Rag Doll Kung Fu, is available on the PC through Steam. However, seeing as the games title is a registered trademark of Sony and not Media Molecule, we really don’t think you’ll see this title anywhere else, which is a shame really as the pointer and motion control of Wii would’ve really suited it. The LittleBigPlanet release date is 30th October.

Little Big Planet Xbox 360 version

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  1. Your face says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    I wouldn’t be so sure of that Your face (really? grow up…). I was just recently dropped a hint by someone who almost never gets this kind of news wrong that it would be coming to 360 in the future.

  3. senor cartgage says:

    well, people do make mistakes mr anonymous man. you sly dog you.

  4. Someone says:

    “I wouldn’t be so sure of that Your face (really? grow up…). I was just recently dropped a hint by someone who almost never gets this kind of news wrong that it would be coming to 360 in the future.”

    yeah, true….ALMOST though……please ppl just give sony a break and let them have one “pure?” exclusive without fanboys saying “but ps3 dosent deserve that game!, it should belong to the 360!” plus remember all that hype about metal gear solid 4 being ported to the 360, well it never happened and WILL most likely never happen and yet ppl arent even beleiving it even though the creator himself confirmed it. Trust me, LBP will not go to the 360…..pc, likely not but who knows…..

    I’m not a fanboy, even i own a 360 but i dont fuss around saying ps3 “intended” exclusives must be imported to the 360 cuz i beleive its just one of the consequences of buying a console. (unless ur filthy rich and own all 3 =/)

  5. It ain't happening says:

    People it will not be ported to the 360, it has already been confirmed. The reason it can’t be is because LBP heavily uses the PS#’s HD to download all the additional content/user created levels. Since not ever 360 has a HD built in, they would have to design the game around that, meaning that they would have to get rid of the user created aspect of the game, which I believe to be what makes it so great in the first place.

  6. It might... says:

    Or… they just put a logo on the box “HD required to play this game” or “HD required to access user-created content” Easy solution.
    Other games have done it before, and will again.

    There are reasons why it might not make the 360… that’s not one of them.

  7. Baralaiz says:

    Guys…. LBP is done by MediaMolecule, completely paid by Sony…. it’s ONLY Sony game, forget the Xbox360 version. Forget, really, it won’t never come there.

  8. dude says:

    The game is published by SCEE (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe) and distributed by SCEE and SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America).
    The Little Big Planet IP is owned by SCEE.

    This game will never come out on Xbox 360. Not ever.

    The developer of the game, Media Molecule, is an independent company. And it’s incredibly likely that they will make games for other consoles. It’s very likely they could make games for 360, Wii, PS3, or PC. However, they will not make a Little Big Planet for anyone but Sony; Little Big Planet belongs to Sony.

    It would be like Halo coming out on the Playstation. It would never happen because Microsoft owns the Halo IP. Even though Microsoft no longer owns the developer of Halo (Bungie), they still own the Halo IP. These games differ from Grand Theft Auto, Bioshock, Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry, and even Metal Gear Solid, because the IP is owned by companies that make the consoles.

    On a related note, the lead designer of Rag Doll Kung Fu, Mark Healey, is co-founder of Media Molecule. He was working for Lionhead at the time, but created Rag Doll Kung Fu under his own Qi Studios with a couple other Lionhead employees. Rag Doll Kung Fu, which was originally on PC with the help of Valve, is getting picked by Sony and one of Sony’s development studios (Tarsier Studios). So, expect to see Rag Doll Kung Fu games coming out for PS3 in the future.

  9. 360 fan says:

    this game looks so gay im glad its not on 360. if it would then that would be very sad

  10. Ivanhoe says:

    I looked at the 6 min video on youtube, and i loved what i saw, this game really got me excited, and im so happy that sony owns this title!

  11. Poposhka says:

    if LBP is popular enough, it WILL be ported to the 360. Money has that effect on people.

  12. Dude this game will KICK ASS and ppl say this game will be *******bc there mad 360 dun haz it!!!


  13. mr mongolian says:

    i know this is out of ttopic but i think lbp is more likely to come out for the pc than the 360

  14. :( wow... says:

    oman thts unfair wish i got a ps3 now :( this game looks well gd makes me wanna sell my 360 so i can get a ps3 an this game lmao :D

  15. yo mama says:

    I’d love it 2 be on xbox 360 it would be awesome!

    Gamertag: conrod456

  16. billy barty says:

    It’s gonna be released for the 360 on the 12th….. of never. It’s ps3 ONLY!

  17. : im sad says:

    im so sad i have a wii nd when i saw da previews i really wanted it ……o well

  18. Golden says:

    Little Big Planet will never ever be on XBOX360.

    Yes I am a PS3 fan and a LBP fan, LBP stands for Little Big Planet.

  19. Yeah! says:

    Yeah, its PS3 exclusive so STFU all!

  20. nobody says:

    good for ps3, they finally have a game worth playing. that’s great for all those ppl who spent their whole 2 wks pay check on that thing.

  21. Ehhh says:

    I hear a lot of desperate jealousy from the 360 fanboys here.. XD

  22. lbp fan and x360 owner for ever says:

    if all these ppl want the game out on the x360 then all of us send a letter to the creater of the game ad hope they make on x360 cause if they dont then i will go round there and killem

  23. Da Duff says:

    So if you have a PS3, you want it to be isolated to your console. However, from a business stand point, why wouldn’t you release it to Xbox? Unless Sony is paying for the rights, in hopes to gain people who get PS3 only for little big planet. I bet they will wait until they feel like they have lost that advantage, then release it to Xbox. They will say no no no we’re not going to release it to xbox, then in a month release it. Max way to make $$.

  24. Golden says:

    I got a code when I got the game!

  25. LBP fan says:

    LittleBigPlanet cannot make it to the xbox 360, as the LBP discs use nearly all of the memory…360 doesnt have ‘nearly’ all of the memory the ps3 can stretch to as xbox 360 doesnt use Blu-ray discs, they are stuck with last century DVD discs.

    I would like to take this moment to say OWNED!!! In y’all faces xbox fans XD

    Besides the losses xbox 360 have, Sony are not going to let a company who premake their consoles so they break (and end up having to spend more money to buy a ‘new’ console- when they could have made it to not break like ps3 has done very well) have a game as good as LittleBigPlanet. I think this is going to be a new leaf for Playstation and they’re going to seize this opportunity to push xbox out of the picture- seeing as the fanboys are so indenial of the faults the xbox has been burdened with…at least SOME people are fooling for the ‘Microsoft scam’ as we like to call it in our graphics class.

    ‘Microsoft scam’ meaning, why would a console make special lights that go off when the console is broken (i mean, that is painfully obvious that they arent being loyal to their customers) and i know they have remade it so it doesnt get the RROD but then surely they could have done that before…they have released it knowing how faulty it was so that they could hold out for the next series of months raking in the money. then by releasing the elite they are making the original 360 buyers BUY their ‘new and improved’ model. and wow, making their console literally SCRATCH 360 discs- wiked! dont get me wrong, i think they are very clever scamming you guys, but obviously we (being intelligent people) can see right through their dirty little tricks- and by not attaching any of this ‘new century stuff’ onto it and making their customers pay MORE to get the stuff ps3 comes with, Brilliant…these guys are really doing well for themselves… but im loyal to playstation as they are loyal to me and i am in for the future of gaming and aiming to less money (in the long run) for more value then the xbox offers.

    Ooh! can’t wait for replies from 360 fanboys XD

  26. 360 owner and ex ps3 says:

    Well. I’ve been a 360 owner from right about the time it came out. But, a while ago, I bought a ps3 too, because I heard of lots of cool games were coming out. I bought a few games for the ps3…. they all just sucked. There were really no good games out for the ps3. Online play was ok, but no one really talked…..unlike the 360 when you get awesome teamates. One main reason was to get the ps3 to play LBP, but I sold my ps3 like a day before it came out…… Didn’t wana waste my money again. And, I really don’t think there going to make it for the 360 sadly :(. Companies make ALOT of money on exclusives… gets people to buy the system. Halo trilogy for example…

  27. LBP for 360 says:

    LBP is like Halo 3 for 360 except its for PlayStation 3

  28. Its coming says:

    its coming out for 360 :|

    my uncle chris is one of the top staff in the xbox/microsoft game devolpers and he told me that microsoft is not going to loose a game like this and they are willing to double the offer ps3 is giving them to make it an exclusive but its not offical to ps3 exclusive so its still up for grabs :|

  29. Golden says:

    Little Big Planet wil never come out on XBOX360, it is for Playstion3 Only!

  30. Funny one, NOT says:

    Ps3 Exclusive ROFL LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Yep it’s true it is LOLOLOLOL ROFL

  31. The guy in the middle says:

    Ok yes it is true Xbox will never get a version of LBP, Why Because SONY owns the right of Little big planet because they invented it, MM just made the game and a bloody good job as well, If Xbox owners belive there console to be way out of PS3 reach then why do they need LBP? Are they so scared of PS3 and the great up coming games that exclusive that they have to make stuff up? I dont know but all f the Xbox owners i know are Over weight Nerdy types who love to play WoW….. That been serious,

    LBP needs 41GB of disk space to play, Alot higher than Xbox Dual-Disk DVD..
    Owned by SONY,
    MM left Lionhead because of a bad deal with microsoft,
    PS3 has a feture witch allows the PS3 to do mutiple things at once, Xbox has this but there is not as powerful as the Ps3 version and the chances are that it won’t cope and just crash the console.
    Alos the great online needs dedicated servers to make shure all runs smooth and so theres is no lag or interfirence…. Xbox dose not have dedicated servers.
    And finaly it Exclusive all is sed

  32. LBP Fan says:

    I’m sorry you feel that way ‘360 owner and ex ps3’. But as I said before Microsoft needs SOMEONE to pull their scam off with, and you seem dumb enough to fool for it. Its a shame that there arent enough clever people around, because its plainfully clear that PS3 shares a lot of games with XBOX and by saying “There were really no good games out for the ps3” i find it neccessary for you to double up your statement with something more specific “There were really no good games out for the Xbox aswell”. So either you really dont enjoy games, as you mentioned there werent any good games out on modern consoles, or youre just pretending there werent any good games out on playstation. Just letting you know that what you said doesnt really add up very well.

    Also PS3 arent willing enough to let one of their best exclusives come out on a cheap piece of machinery even IF the xbox COULD hold that much memory in one game, and seeing as Playstation has more money than Xbox they arent going to cave-in to a microsoft version of ‘reasonable amount of money’ which essentially is peanuts in the ears of playstation staff; they will simply offer more money to Media Molecule (creators of LBP) than what they were giving before- to make sure it isnt part of any dirty scams with the xbox.

    Hope you’re all absorbing this valuable information, because i am speaking sense and knowledge unlike some people who dont have any idea what they are going on about.

  33. Mr. 360 says:

    LBP is’nt coming out on 360, but Microsoft will no doubt try and create
    something similar. oh and we have Fable 2! :P
    (yes, i am a fanboy, and i’m PROUD!!)

  34. 360 ! says:


    It would be really nice if LBP came out for the xbox.. i played the game at my bro’s house and the game is really fun. I hope that dude is saying the truth.. or i wil be really dissapointed.

    But there is one thing i dont get.
    If the game is such a hype on the ps3. Why dont they port it to the xbox ?
    They can make like tons of money out of that. + that more ppl have an xbox ?. so more sells.

    it would be a very very very stupid choise if sony doesnt port this game to xbox.. i mean.. MONEY. isnt that where its all about ?.

    i also read that the xbox couldn’t handle graphic’s or memory storage..
    How much Gb does the ps3 have.. 40 gb ?.. you get 60 on the xbox pro.. and 120 gb on the xbox elite..

    so why is sony making such a problem of this ?

    PS: dont mind my bad english.. it could have some grammar mistakes ^^
    Ima Dutch ;)

  35. LBP fan says:

    Oh yes i can imagine it now, “TinyLargeWorld exlcusive for the xbox 360” ahaha!! lol i think they would have to be sued, im surprised they havent been sued yet for the apple/wii/ps3 rip-off with the “new xbox experience”: what with the apple/ipod background (tiles, fading into the distance) and the ninendo wii Mii avatars (but with clothes, “so that makes all the difference!!”) and the ps3 ability to meet avatars and launch games etc (on playstationHome- but obviously ps3 beats it coz it can MUCH more than that)
    *sigh* i just dont understand how ANYONE can get impressed by something other creators have invented, and yet the playstation has ALREADY beaten and is STILL not released…remarkable!

    and Oh dear god “360!” i really think you should pay a little more attention: Xbox STILL uses last decade DVD discs- this means it only can reach about 8GB on each disc. Playstation uses Blu-ray discs which means it can reach to 100GB- thats 12.5 times the memory capacity than the xbox can use on one disc. which is a real shame for both xbox owners and ps3 owners; we have to share games with xbox a lot of the time so when they make a game for ps3 and 360, they have to make it fit the memory, and xbox uses the memory before the ps3 and so ps3 is stuck with a shortened game likewise with xbox, but its xbox’s fault to start with…this makes me angry because i buy games like Mirror’s Edge and its brilliant until it finishes so soon, because the xbox is a pile of crap- it does everything the Playstation2 (yes two/2) does but with better graphics and better games.

    Has anyone noticed how short games are becoming with the xbox? Very, is the answer- this is because of the graphic imput they are trying to put in (to stand a chance against ps3 and its easy with the blu-ray system- every games company who works on one notices the difference). the better the graphics the shorter the games- the more detailed, the more memory so they have to cut-down the games. –>THIS MEANS YOU ARE WASTING YOUR MONEY! you can buy a much longer and therefore more entertaining game on ps3 for the same money as buying a shorter and less graphical game on xbox.

    And also, to add another comment on “360!” you can buy a separate harddrive for ps3 and xbox to expand the memory- this however doesnt affect the disc itself, it affects the download content you can keep on the console and the saves you leave from games.

  36. LBP fan says:

    also if you read above this explains the size of the memory in a lbp game
    “LBP needs 41GB of disk space to play, Alot higher than Xbox Dual-Disk DVD..” this guy knows his stuff, to add to that though (in case you skipped my long but important message before) the dual-discs can only use about 8GB- not 41GB.


  37. 360 ! says:


    Did you know the new xbox experience has an install feature ?
    Maybe they can bould something around that ?…

  38. 360 ! says:


    That means you can install from multiple Dvd’s.. like on your Pc..
    it wil give the xbox the game’s where you were talking about.
    But however.. i dont know if this is possible. It could be a way ?

    + that.. not everyone has 60Gb memory.. a lot of ppl are still with 20GB memory card.

    But like i said.. it could be a way.. And i think the only way for the xbox.. otherwise they need to design a new console.

    more gutted ?

  39. Random says:

    This game is so great to ps3, so i reaaally hope it comes for xbox 360. First i thought it was a kid game but its so so so great

  40. Creep says:

    Heh, i know this game, i’ve played this game, i loved this game, yeah. I own xbox360 so i cannot get this.

    I just want to comment your messaged that says xbox360 CANT RUN this game? FFS people, dont be such a fanboys for ps3. Do you really think that this game will take more power than lets say Gears of war 2? Or do you think this game will take more power than assassins creed? eh, think again guys, this game is nothing but a average graphics in 2D enviroment and allmost without no AI at all.

    If you do, i must say LOL… It’s all about how you program and pack your game to fit. And DLC, well, to be honest, LBP maps take less than a 1-2mt, so yeah, you could add DLC to xbox360 version easily.

    BUT AGAIN, i dont think we see this game on xbox360 for a long time cause its a PS3 exelutive. Same think in Bioshock, now you got it on PS3, be happy :)

  41. LBP fan says:

    Why don’t people get it, there is evidence to show that LBP is too big for Xbox game discs and therefore WILL NOT FIT!! just because its not a 3D enviornment doesnt mean its not a lot of memory. It has too much stuff for xbox. FYI its much easier to make games from xbox to ps3, rather than ps3 to xbox because xbox has 8mb memory on their discs so the creators need to make sure it doesnt go over 8mb- so its a bit risky, you could put any xbox game onto ps3, whereas you cant put a lot of games from ps3 on xbox

  42. LBP fan says:

    ps. littlebigplanet is one of those games that cant fit on xbox XD unless they take a whole chunk of the game out :D owned!

  43. fayemarie says:

    I have to say I am the PROUD owner of an XBox 360 and even though this LittleBigPlanet looks like a good game, I’m not going to cry about the fact that it won’t ever be on Xbox. Somehow, someday I will get to play this game, and if I like it I will get a PS3 when I am good and ready. But until then, I will continue to be completely and 100% content with my XBox.I don’t feel cheated out of a good game on PS3 b/c I have numerous wondeful games on my XBox. Everybody deserves to make their money their way and kudos to playstation for a game that has gotten this good of reviews and is talked about so much. I have heard mixed reviews on the PS3 system and have not had problems with my Xbox, so, I will continue to play Halo on my XBox and relish the experience, but I look forward to playing LBP sometime in the future. Everyone on here needs to quit getting upset about people wanting it on the XBox b/c it is the highest of compliments for people who don’t have access to this game to want a go at it. I’m pretty sure there is at least a game out there that has peaked your intrest that you were bummed you didn’t get to play. Gamers unite and share the common ground we all have in this…wanting great experiences while gaming.

  44. Peace and Nutral says:

    wow fayemarie you make a very valid point, especially the last sentence. It is true, and to be honest, without the competition between ps3 and xbox 360 we probably wouldnt have such good gaming systems because there would be noone to show up and improve.

    Well said Fayemarie

  45. Don´t care about my name says:

    LPB fan is wrong, an XBOX 360 disc doesn´t have a 8mb of memory space dah! it have over 20GB if they put it on an HD disc, thats what they did with GTA 4.

  46. Come On Guys.... says:

    Come on guys…..I only have a 360 and little big planet does look impressive but im not guna whine because it wont be multiplatform. Every console needs to have its gems. Final Fantasy going to 360 is already a big enough surprise.Let sony keep something. We dont hear ps3 owners crying about not getting games like gears of war. And if every game was multiplatform, console companies would lose a lot of money because people would have no desire to buy other consoles if they all did the same thing….

  47. i hate the xbox 360 says:

    anybody who has got a 360 is so stupid the ps3 is alot better metal gear solid will never come the 360 or gran turismo or motorstorm or resistance fall of man or little big planet why? sony owns every1 of these games and will not give them up for some money hungry nerd named bill gates.

  48. keoskey says:

    You don’t know it might come to 360 people said MGS4 isent coming to 360 and look at that teaser Kojima put up

  49. I Want it on the Xbox 360 says:

    My uncle is borrowing it from his friend and i have tried it and it rocks I want it so badly on the xbox 360

  50. I Want it on the Xbox 360 says:

    Cont. Cause online it will by more fun !!!

  51. thomas says:

    LBP in my opinion looks awesome. Although a xbox 360 owner I do like the look of it. However, thats not my point. LBP will never make the port in the version it is now. Maybe the might tone it down but it will always be in the shadow of its predecessor. And for you “xbox 360 fanboys” stop moaning. There is a chance it will come through but thats like saying Gears 2 and Halo 3 will be released on PS3. But let me point out some facts:
    -GTA:SA ps2 only but released into xbox version.
    -Spyro and Crash both released on xbox and xbox 360.
    Perhaps i will buy a cheap PS3 and LBP but Xbox 360 has lost LBP

  52. NEVER says:

    It’s a PS3 exclusive. It will NEVER be out on anything else.

  53. Kevin Kohler says:

    i dont need bluray to play sum of all fears and chain reaction

  54. paquiau dude says:

    why dont they make a watered down version, cause a game like LBP doesnt need great graphics+ they could cut a few things out. Either way, im just gonna save 200$ and halo 3

  55. manew0 says:

    the onli way we (xbox 360) will get LBP is if we let then have gears and i am willing to do that as gears 2 is **** and a bag of ****

  56. Samrobmoe says:

    Hi just to say LBP Fan u are taking this way to seriously, LBP is a good game when your watching it but to be quite honest when I had a go at building a map on my sisters PS3 it did bore me a bit. LBP will probobaly never be ported to the 360 but not for some of the reasons mentioned, it will not be ported because Sony has all the, well, not so good games so they WILL NOT give the rights to Xbox because its like putting a bullet in their head! Maybe one day when LBP has reached its 1st or 2nd birthday Sony may possibly port its because its stopped maing money, hell maybe they will even add a new feature like some new costumes – (Like Bioshock has the new levels) Any to conclude my speech I DONT like PS3 Fanboys like LBP Fan and Im proud to own the only Xbox 360 I have had which HAS NOT broken in any way, yes that means no rings not anything so stop bitching “Ha HA you have some virus because A) Its not a virus its just something that can be fixed with a soldering Iron (According to my friend!) and B) Its not as big as its been blown up to be, Im tired of reading – “You have an Xbox 360, it will get the rings of death!!!!!!!!”

    Oh well If you read this, I dont like the PS3 & I would only buy one if I got it free – LOL

    P.S. We have Gears, Crackdown, Fable 2 (Apparently), Forza, PGR, Halo, and GTA IV DLC!!!!!! IN UR FACE ROFL

  57. Samrobmoe says:

    And lots of others I havent mentioned!!

  58. Woo hoo says:

    I played LBP today at my friend’s brother’s house and it was extremely fun. Not what I was expecting at all. It’s just as fun offline as it is online. I’m a little disappointed that I asked for a 360 for Christmas for Fable 2 because now I miss out on LBP! However, by the time I get a PS3, the sequel will probably be out. Hoping to see some of you online!

  59. Henry says:

    It is not coming on the xbox 360 as it could not handle it…the xbox360 is dated technology and is why it is now the cheapest console and to be found in most council estates.

  60. Cruzan says:

    okay, i don’t really see what the big deal is about if you’re a ps3 owner or an xbox owner. everybody has their preferences. i personally, was never interested in the xbox business, i’ve always loved the playstation. but i have seen some awesome games for the xbox that i heard great reviews about and would love to play. i’ve heard too many discussions and read many articles about LBP being exclusively for the ps3 (but with money that can be thrown around, who knows..). LBP may not appeal to everyone because of it’s cute look, lack of blood spillage, lack of patience for creation mode, or simply because it’s made for the ps3 (which is a lame mindset). but there’s nothing to be a “fanboy” about. seriously, from some comments, it’s apparent there’s some immature people writing stuff like “ps3 sucks, xbox rules” or vice versa. if you get to play the game, great. if not, so what. just because you’re an owner of one these consoles doesn’t make you better than anybody else. games are entertaining, but damn do they make a person waste time. in any event, LBP is just the game to waste time with :).

  61. Cruzan says:

    but i gotta admit, it is kinda funny reading how seriously this stuff is taken.

  62. SHUT UP ALREADY says:


  63. LBP Fan Is a Tard says:

    ur an idiot LBP Fan, dont care about my name is correct. HD discs can indeed hold 20GB of space which could hold a lessened version of LBP. Plus, read up on ur info before ya talk, Microsoft is planning on upgrading everyone’s xbox 360s to blu-ray sometime in the next year for a fee somewhere between 50 and one-hundred dollars. Which still makes the xbox cheaper than a ps3. Therefore with the upgrade xbox can handle LBP and any other ps3 ported games EASILY. And btw, since WHEN does PS3 have better graphics than the XBOX 360?!?!?!?!? I went to gamespot and they had comparisons of several games between the xbox, ps3, and the pc. And get this, XBOX had better graphics on all of them but one. Making Xbox the one with better graphic games!!! PC still owned them both but PCs are way more costly for a great gaming rig.


  64. Kyuu says:

    X360 isn’t actually any better in matters of graphics than the PS3 … Metal Gear Solid 4 is a PS3 exclusive and it has earned BEST GRAPHICS AWARDS by GAMESPOT, IGN, VGA and all other year reviewers so far. poor Gears of War wasn’t even nominated lol … but what makes it look better graphically is because it is the leading console for developers since it’s way easier to develop games for, nd was released a year be4 … PS3 versions of muti-platform games are just ports.

    LBP will never go multiplatform cause it’s published by Sony itself … it’s not like Final Fantasy, Bioshock and GTA. however there is a possibility that its sequel going multi, since it hasn’t been licensed by Sony yet. that’s not likely anyways.

  65. wish it did... says:


  66. wish it did... says:


  67. Golden says:

    Little Big Planet will never be on xbox360 , it is for PS3 only!

  68. Jeff says:

    Well I really think Xbox should change to new disks and make a game as big as LBP.

  69. trytuningthis says:

    Am I jealous of LittleBigPlanet? Yes…definately

    But is that jealousy equal to the years of jealousy shown by PS3 owners over HALO and GEARS OF WAR.

    Probably not, so im ok. Its tit-for-tat. Besides i still get to play it at my friends houses, and when im not there im playing a console that has either the same or better games than PS3 (minus LBP). Shame that, as Yahtzee says, the 360 occasionally pisses itself and dies. Like i say, tit-for-tat

  70. Xbox sucks says:

    Why would you even want it to come out on the xbox 360? The PS3 is a million times better, and besides the 360 is getting replaced pretty soon.

  71. no regrets says:

    I played LBP for the first time at my friend’s house the other day. All I can say from my short experience was that it was awesome. I also recently got an xbox 360. Do I regret my decision after playing LBP? Of course not. It’s a great game and all and I would be extremely happy if it were to ever come out on the 360 (although I don’t think it ever will), but I still think that the 360 was a better choice. I’m actually glad that the PS3 finally has a good exclusive game because, quite frankly, all of the 4 games mentioned by “i hate the xbox 360”, have very little replay value. In fact, very similar games can be found on the xbox 360. Also, I didn’t want to pay like $400 for a console so I could play one game. Not only that, but unlike claims made by “LBP Fan”, my xbox 360 has never experienced any problems and has never gotten the rings of death or glitched or even scratched any of my discs. I also think that the online play is a lot more fun on the 360. So while the PS3 has one good exclusive game, as far as I’m concerned, that and the Blu-Ray has only brought them back into the competition. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the Wii is failing :(

  72. reaperkiller117 says:

    Reply to Somone

    I’m not a fanboy, even i own a 360 but i dont fuss around saying ps3 “intended” exclusives must be imported to the 360 cuz i beleive its just one of the consequences of buying a console. (unless ur filthy rich and own all 3 =/)

    Well I own all 3 and im not rich (I dont think I am)

  73. Samrobmoe says:

    I totally agree with pretty much everything “no regrets” said. Except the wii, I dont think its failing its just a different sort of gaming console.

    And I hope “LBP Fan Is a Tard” is correct because Blu-Ray would be quite nice, Im used to ‘Borrowing’ my sisters DVDs but now I cant cos shes got BDs!

    And I dont agree with “Henry” as the xbox360 is not dated technology it looks better than my sisters ps3 even wen I had my old 10yr old tv and she had a brand new £700 HDTV! Also PCs are the true answer as they can always be updated but I like My 360’s controllers so oh well!!!!!

  74. Agrees With Dude says:

    Dude is right that Little Big will never be for the 360, considering it is a Sony branded game, just like Halo and Gears of War are Microsoft branded games and will never be for the playstation. However it is possible that we could get our own version of the game, or an alteration of the game from the root company. The above paragraph however doesn’t make too much of a point, considering it is very possible they could make this game for the PC, considering there have been Sony games aswell as Microsoft games that have done it in the past. However this would take a great demand for the game. It is also possible, since I have saw in the past with games such as Grand Theft Auto, where other Console fanboys submit offers for multi-format console games, sometimes resulting in their own form of the game, or having a somewhat similar theme and playing style. I personally hope Sony does take advantage of the PC gamer market considering this is a very enjoyable game for people who like customization games (map forging and character customization). The way games are goin now days though, I wouldn’t be surprised if the 360 gets its own forging game, even surpassing little big planet, knowing the competative nature of sony and microsoft. If not, there will be more games to over-shadow this one game, so it’s not a big deal. I still hope, for the sake of the 360 fans and little big planet fans out there, we do get some variant of the game, or atleast a PC version for those of us that don’t use Dells.

  75. Multi Platform Fan says:

    As far as the PS3 being better than the 360 comments go, just “no”. No, im not saying the 360 is better than the PS3 either, however I do think the 360 has had more prestigious titles than the PS3. I know everyone will make the argument about Resistance, Metal Gear Solid 4, and Little Big Planet. This is merely a gamers opinion though, some will agree, and some wont. Personally I think Resistance is a rip off of Halo. Sure the story is different, and the weapons, but the gameplay proves itself to have a close feeling of Halo. The only positive iI can think of is the massive amount of players than can be in one game server, but even that becomes a less desired app. To prove though that I am unbiased, I will say I didnt enjoy Halo either. Both games in my opinion appealed to the masses (of people who are terrible at shooters). I do 100% agree with anyone who says the PS3’s online play is much better, considering it is free, offering everything xbox live does if not more, and less pre-pubescent players (which is lovely for those of us that like to talk to our friends without a high pitched whine in our mic of a 12 year old who discovered they do not know how to fly a plane on warhammer). However, in the 360’s defense, Playstation’s games on alot of occasions are easily overrated. I think the only two games currently on the PS3 worth playing are Metal Gear Solid 4 and Little Big Planet. It also depends on the type of gameplay you enjoy. So to the people who clain the 360 sucks, grow up and realize that not everyone can shell out 400 on a console, or even that they enjoy the types of games available on the PS3. Also anyone who argues the 360 is better than the PS3, realize that some people enjoy playing online for free, with a dominantly 15 and older crowd, and thus will always have an argument for why the PS3 is better. Both sides should remember that not everyone will agree on the issue of best consoles.

  76. yeah. says:

    ok for the record, all consoles are pre-made to break, idc what enyone says. PS3 fanboys get all hyped for an argument about their memory capacity and blueray hd etc. I’m an image designer and have a degree in computer programming. Simply put, if you bought a 360 or a PS3, it’s going to break. Whether it dies this year, next year, or three years from now, it will break. All console companies have settings called “D-Port Bombs”. They may go by something else more technical, but in the hacking world, that is the basic hard-drive destruction glitch. This is set off when a certain amount of time is reached on a hard-drive, and it burns out. Overheating is the main cause of this, due to interior insulators such as thin fiber sheets. I have bad news for people who think they are safe with the PS3, (they have them too). Yeah sorry to be the one to tell you, but yours will die too as soon as sony decides to shell out their new console. If your argument now is, “then why are the 360’s getting the ring of death?”. Well Ill tell you, its because Microsoft is clearly not as good at setting up a burnout time on their consoles, which is costing them. Don’t get too cocky though PS3 fanboys, your burnouts will be here soon enough, and when they are, you will be in the same boat as the 360 fans.

  77. yeah. says:

    also to the lbp fan, Don’t argue Sony’s case because you are in a computer class. Once you are taught the #1 rule of product distribution, you will nearly never wan’t to buy an electronic. This rule being *Anything post 2005 that has a hard-drive has a pre-set self destruct date*. This is a leniant rule, meaning there is no actual date, but there is a general time in which they will die, usually close to when a new product comes out. I’m sure everyone, like me, will be laughing histerically the year the PS3s start burning out and the owners of said consoles that didn’t pay for the extended warranty (most people) are sol. One good thing about Microsoft, every time your xbox dies, you get another year warranty.

  78. mtjtm says:

    i so hope it comes out on 360

  79. ur momma says:

    instead of complainin all the time y dont u just get both consoles to enjoy all of the games no matter wat platform.

  80. Paul Fart Mall poops says:

    The game looks cool. I wish it was for 360.

  81. PR0PH37 says:

    It’s a great game but i doubt microsoft is itching its hands to get a hold of it. LBP isnt a system seller and PS3 isnt going to sink or swim without it. Visually, LBP should stay where its at. BUT I’m sure everyone who owns a 360 can say that porting this game would better the game as far as online play. If it gets ported over, who cares. you have the game now and ur enjoying it. eat a twinkie and get over it…..And about the systems themselves buy a 360 and use a GAMING system for what a gaming system should be built for besides watching movies and looking up porn on your tv (PS3). The flashy lights and blue ray technology only hide what the system is lacking… Metal Gear=played out, and grand turismo?…really? do u want to go through this? final fantasy=multi system…..and now, nothing. No games….just movies and *maybe* LBP.

  82. ps3 owner and fan says:

    I own a ps3 and 360 as well and proph37 is right. LBP would be better, as far as online, on a 360. Visuals will always go to the ps3. but developers havnt even come close to pushing a game out that can cause a ps3 to be bought solely for that game. LBP….I love it, very addicting….but not a system seller. Until someone can create the ps3’s “halo”, not neccessarily a shooter game, itd be best to wait for a price drop. Even the wii has system sellers and its not even a next gen system. Visuals and expensive gizmos are gonna be the death of this system.

  83. You'r mom says:

    but is it a chance that this will come out to pc?

  84. mgsrobotiod says:

    LBP will never be released on another platform because it is publishe by SCEI and the DLC is from other playstation exlusive such as MGS4 so it will not happen.
    Also sony have the console rights for ragdoll kung fu from Media Molecule and a PSN game called “Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic” will be available for download in the near future

  85. scott says:

    sooooooo when is the releasal date
    for the game

  86. King 360 says:

    Why shouldn’t we get Little Big Planet on the 360? The PS3 got one of our exclusives, Bioshock, which even had the print saying ‘exclusive to Xbox 360’, but of course was created on PS3, so for once, why don’t and can’t we get it?

  87. bob says:

    little big planet is never going to come on xbox 360 or anything just the ps3 and it is not that good because i got a ps3 and its crap.

  88. the truth says:

    xbox360 vs ps3. sony held there productions of the ps3 and waited for the xbox to come out . then they made there’s better and released alot and i mean alot of people bought the xbox but a few people didn’t get one so they got a ps3 because it was better(not a lot of difference) so still few people didn’t have one. but ps3 may have been the better option however ps3 was ridiculously high price whilst the xbox was cheaper plus you would be able to buy some top of the chart games for it. now i have a friend for is sort of rich and bought a ps3 but he didn’t have any games as the console was deer anoth so for 3 weeks he had a ps3 and no games and the games(top of the chart games) were like £60-£65(rip off) LBP good game not gonna be for xbox but….. you haven’t lost out. you can but be WARNED you can download LBP on to a disk at the computer NOT HARD as i said earlier it is elligal but people do it so there isnt a bad option i you have a xbox ur not fat at all don’t listen to person called the middle guy i bet he is fat *********who sits down and eats *****cuz he is a noob a low life and sucks ***so LBP i got it for xbox 360 100mb it takes thats nothing so go on *********!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Captainj31 says:

    honestly you guys all sound like a bunch of skipping records by repeating each other just admit the fact that both game systems have their ups and downs and get on with it plus new game systems are being made as we argue like xbox 3g psp 2 and the wii’s succesor. just be thankful u have a game system sheesh… im not a solid fan of any game co. i only bought the wii because it was cheaper.

  90. I own a 360, PC, Wii, DS and PSP. Yes, spoiled hehe. i doubt LBP will ever come to 360. Sure, I’d love it if it did. But remember – it’s developers belong to Sony. PC is a probability, Wii also. PSP is not much thought of, but it is very possible.
    PS3 don’t have many exclusives, although they repeatedly get a port of a short term 360 Exclusive.
    360 has:
    Halo 3
    Gears of War
    Banjo kazooie?
    Wii has:
    Almost all of the games are exclusive…
    PS3 has:
    Loads of Final Fantasy
    Kingdom Hearts
    All of MGS
    Heavenly Sword
    Killzone 2
    I think it’s fair to say at this point that Microsoft kinda need some exclusives. Not saying that LBP should be exclusive, that may happen when hell freezes over – but it deserves some of the PS3 exclusives. I’m not being anti-ps3, 3 of my friends have it and I spend half my time on it. I just can’t think of many 360 games that haven’t at some time or another been ported to another console.

  91. Wait, that was stupid. There are lots of 360 exclusives, but not many are any good. Some good ones include:
    Left 4 Dead
    * Gears of War
    * Gears of War 2
    * Halo 3
    * Forza Motorsport 2
    * Forza Motorsport 3
    * Blue Dragon
    * Fable II
    * Viva Pinata
    * Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts
    * Tales of Vesperia
    * Star Ocean: The Last Hope
    * Crackdown
    * Halo Wars
    * Halo 3: Recon
    * Braid
    * Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned
    * Portal: Still Alive
    * Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2
    * Rez HD
    * Castle Crashers
    * N+
    * Carcassonne
    * Culdcept Saga
    * Lost Odyssey
    * Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise
    * Ridge Racer 6
    * Pac-Man Championship Edition
    * Ninja Gaiden II
    * Alan Wake
    although probably half of thse have been ported to ps3 now :(

  92. its obvious that 360 will never get LBP cuz the 360 has ENOUGH games ps3 pretty much only games r killzone 2 GOD OF WAR 3 LBP ratchet n clank but on the other hand 360 haz endless 360 only games plus thats the only reason people like 360 cause of its games so wat im trying to say is PS3 deserves it

  93. LBP lover but xbox 360 owner says:

    They are going to make an xbox 720 with blue ray(don’t know why sony gave the rights for blue ray to microsoft) but they will and in hd so maybe, probably not, they’ll make LBP for xbox 720. I’m not sure if it is true but my friends dad works for microsoft and he says 720 has hd and blue ray.
    But still everbody STFU because sony finally has something good for PS3.

  94. fangirl(= says:

    I’d like it to go to 360, ’cause they’re cheaper.
    I need to make up my mind on which console to get.
    LBP is a reason to get ps3.
    Halo for 360.
    If ONE would go to the other system I could make up my mind :P
    probly not the point of this but … meh.

  95. kat says:

    well i dont care wether it will or wont come out on 360 or pc. I just wish it would (even if it wont) cause i only have a 360 and not a ps3 so i can’t play it. And even though it looks really kiddy if you play it with a friend its pretty funny :) *played the trial in a video game store.

  96. William says:

    It’s quite comical reading the multitude of arguments and claims that Little Big Planet must be ported to the 360. Media Molecule IS indeed an independent developer, but SCEE (SONY Computer Entertainment Europe) published it and both SCEE, and SCEA (SONY Computer Entertainment of America) distributed it. SONY owns the rights to Little Big Planet so DON’T be expecting Little Big Planet to be hitting a 360 console near you. Media Molecule CAN develop for other platforms, but don’t expect to see Little Big Planet anywhere but on a SONY platform. I imagine if Media Molecule were to develop ANYTHING for the 360 it’d be a different IP altogether. So those that are arguing it’s definitive that it’s coming to the 360 you’re sadly mistaken. Sorry.

  97. William says:

    ur an idiot LBP Fan, dont care about my name is correct. HD discs can indeed hold 20GB of space which could hold a lessened version of LBP. Plus, read up on ur info before ya talk, Microsoft is planning on upgrading everyone’s xbox 360s to blu-ray sometime in the next year for a fee somewhere between 50 and one-hundred dollars. Which still makes the xbox cheaper than a ps3. Therefore with the upgrade xbox can handle LBP and any other ps3 ported games EASILY. And btw, since WHEN does PS3 have better graphics than the XBOX 360?!?!?!?!? I went to gamespot and they had comparisons of several games between the xbox, ps3, and the pc. And get this, XBOX had better graphics on all of them but one. Making Xbox the one with better graphic games!!! PC still owned them both but PCs are way more costly for a great gaming rig.



    I can’t help but be bored to tears and snicker simultaneously at this little rant. I DON’T much think that Microsoft is going to upgrade their consoles with a disc drive developed by a rival company. Ha! SONY developed the Blu-Ray disc drive FYI. I think it’s you that needs to be doing the research before spewing your ignorance all over the internet. Don’t believe me? Just do the research yourself.

    Oh and I should mention that the graphical comparisons are based on multi-platform titles such as Grand Theft Auto IV, Fallout 3, Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion, etc. I recall these comparisons and GS emphasized that both ports were graphically equal. The PS3 had less load time, AND SEEMED to run at a better frame rate. The ONE game that GS seemed to favor for the 360 was Fallout 3. The PS3 seemed to have a SLIGHT and I mean VERY SLIGHT drop in frame rate and the draw distance wasn’t as impressive as the 360 port. Otherwise GS commented on how graphically equal these titles were. In addition lets take a brief moment here to make comparisons on platform exclusives. Meaning… games developed for that specific console. I KNOW! Halo 3 and Killzone 2. Both platform specific IP’s. Aesthetically Killzone 2 is FAR more appealing than Halo 3 because of the attention to detail, the frame rate, the draw distance. Typically I don’t compare one IP to another because it seems pointless. But I think for arguments sake it’s much needed. The maps on Halo 3 are considerably smaller than those on Killzone 2, and again aesthetically Killzone 2 is superior. I might note that typically when I make comparisons it’s based on sequels and/or prequel/sequels. So… Sorry guy but you DEFINITELY need to practice what you preach.

  98. William says:

    ok for the record, all consoles are pre-made to break, idc what enyone says. PS3 fanboys get all hyped for an argument about their memory capacity and blueray hd etc. I’m an image designer and have a degree in computer programming. Simply put, if you bought a 360 or a PS3, it’s going to break. Whether it dies this year, next year, or three years from now, it will break. All console companies have settings called “D-Port Bombs”. They may go by something else more technical, but in the hacking world, that is the basic hard-drive destruction glitch. This is set off when a certain amount of time is reached on a hard-drive, and it burns out. Overheating is the main cause of this, due to interior insulators such as thin fiber sheets. I have bad news for people who think they are safe with the PS3, (they have them too). Yeah sorry to be the one to tell you, but yours will die too as soon as sony decides to shell out their new console. If your argument now is, “then why are the 360’s getting the ring of death?”. Well Ill tell you, its because Microsoft is clearly not as good at setting up a burnout time on their consoles, which is costing them. Don’t get too cocky though PS3 fanboys, your burnouts will be here soon enough, and when they are, you will be in the same boat as the 360 fans


    OR… IT COULD BE INCREDIBLY HORRIBLE DESIGN FLAWS! *Gasp* The most common cause of RROD is a poor design flaw. The motherboard expands as it becomes hot which causes it to warp and I might mention the processor gets EXTREMELY hot! Then the motherboard warps the soldering on the processor becomes brittle as it cools and after some time the soldering eventually breaks thus causing the RROD. It’s a simple little patch that would take no more than a half hour to fix provided you have the proper tools and supplies and you know what you’re doing. HEY! Imagine that! There are other reasons such as someone dropped their console and knocked something loose or broke something completely, etc.

  99. IDK says:


    It’s made by media molecule and Sony pays for rights. ITS EXACTLY LIKE HALO. PS3 FANS WANT HALO, 360 FANS WANT LBP!!!

    Rock on LBP and PS3

  100. bj says:

    i think they should releace lbp for x box 360

  101. not on 360 or pc says:

    if it wont come out on 360 it wont come out on pc which people seem to be saying because sony would have given the rights to microsoft as the game would be on windows and by giving the rights to microsoft it would allow a 360 release and for all 360 owners who say let the ps3 have one good exclusive they happen to have plenty

  102. ME says:

    people have said on this website that a pc release is most likely than an xbox 360 when that would mean giving the rights of the game to microsoft which would allow a 360 release as the game would most probably be on windows. I dont think that 360 should have it and they wont as every console needs to have their exclusives otherwise there would be no point in buying other consoles if all the games were released on every console as you would just go for the cheapest one

    and for all you xbox 360 owners that say let the ps3 owners have one decent exclusive we happen to have plenty

    Metal Gear Solid 4
    Motorstrorm : Pacific Rift
    Uncharted : Drakes Fortune

    are jut a few but i could name a lot more if i wanted to

  103. PS3 & LBP RULE says:

    LBP is not going to xbox and ps3 is much better cuz u dont need to pay for an account :O

  104. dano says:

    little big planet should be on xbox 360 coz if it was the game creatour would get much more money and loads of people wont it on x box . personaly i think that it is a good game and it should go on x box coz then i just means every one who has an xbox will have to pay for a ps3 if they want the game so it should be realised on xbox 360.

  105. dano says:

    stll it dont matter it should be realised on xbox 360.

  106. u ppl r crazy,its impossible to come out in the 360,360 needs more space,more gb,and it dont have em,so shut up and stop waining about it,o and i have lbp,

  107. and it rocks! !!!!!!!!!!!sorry for those with a 360

  108. hmm says:


  109. returning the favor says:

    cmon sony cant u return the favor we gave u bio shock an eclsv now time to give back u no im an 360 owner but bioshock was a good game and look u guys got oblivion awsome game so cmon give us lbp return the favor

  110. ps3 fan says:

    it cant be done on xbox cause lbp uses the sixaxis controller alot and besides online is way cooler on ps3 than xbopx than on this game

  111. vault boy says:

    Okay i can wait till sony goes boom or they decide there screwed becasue they cost to much and the xbox and sadly the wii are more popular i think that sony will try to save themselfs by selling they most popular Games so yes it will come it we gave them bioshock they owe us one

  112. 360 owner and lbp fanatic says:

    Just saying, dont get angry, but both of you(360 and PS3) are right. PS3 you deserve a good exclusive, 360, why dont you let halo not be an exclusive, but still own its rights. Then PS3 fans, give up little big planet as an exclusive. PS3 you get a lot of exclusives on videogames and 360 you get A LOT of games so just, for once, share.
    PS: or just put it out for pc.

  113. IpWnEdYoU says:

    ROFLMAO! He said xbox has a clear win over graphics? HAHA. Play Killzone, as a matter of fact, any exclusive of sonys. I bet they all have better graphics than 360. The only reason xbox would win a MULTI-PLATFORM game is because the PlayStation 3 isn’t use to the watered down xbox 360’s crappy compact discs. Oh im sorry, HD…..lmao.
    And to the person who commented that Blu-Ray is coming to xbox, Microsoft would have to pay Sony to manufacture them. And besides, havent your alls xbox’s over heated like 4 times already? Thats like 20 more for the upcoming years. They would have to redisign the hole system, including their CPU’s in order to get any out of it.
    And do me a favor, before you flame me, play a GOOD ps3 game, like Killzone or Metal Gear Solid 4 on an HD display. You will see what im talking about graphics wise.

  114. . says:

    I can’t get it why people buy theese new consoles….I’m sticking with my NES (Nintendo Entertainment System)! Good games, all well made, good graphics, realistic gameplay, love it.

  115. Dumbpeople says:

    Any1 who disses people because of what system they like are all the real stupid people. If you say your system is better it is an OPINION,not a fact. I am a fan of the 360, but you don’t see going around saying oh! ps3 owners are all dumb blah blah blah. Grow up silly nerds. Oh and Bill Gates made the internet so who ever said he is a money hungry nerd, you can thank him for being able to say that to someone other then your mom.

  116. LBP owner says:

    Lbp is a great game it wont be coming to the 360 because people buy ps3 for the game trust me i did it

  117. Syaf A. says:

    well, I wish it will come on 360.

    there are many ppl having 360 n they’d love this game so I dont think that developing this game to fit wiv xbox would cost you more than what will you got from xbox fans

    I mean why do they assume that xbox users wont like it when sony’s one love it.

  118. whtf??? says:



  119. lol@fanboys says:

    you guys whine alot *oh we gave you all such and such so we should get lbp lol shut up. Why would you want the systems to have the same games? If you want a game then you have to get the system, im guessing this is what they get through your head by selling exclusives. Ps3 has its Good share of games(LBP, Kz2, MGS4, Fat Princess etc.) and 360 has its good share of games (Halo’s, Gears, Left 4 Dead, Fable 2 etc.) they were made to be different. LBP is not coming to 360 if you like the game then purchase a ps3 or a psp(stop buying live for a while you’ll have enough xD[little fanboyish])but thats the only way you are going to get this game.

  120. I couldn’t decide to get a 360 or ps3 but I’m glad that I got a 360 and sony will be begging microsoft to have it on 360 – 360 kicks ps3’s butt with there computer hard drives and security, up yours sony.

  121. IpWnEdYoU you tried 360 HD? it kicks ps3’s arse plus its easy to go with software without the 5 hours troubleshooting.

  122. UNREAL says:

    littlebigplanet is a ps3 exclusive… which means it wont be coming out for any other consoles

  123. wolfofshadowsx says:

    DUDE i am sorry to break it to you….. but the 360 sucks ass and isnt capable of Blu_ray (the kind of disc LBP is and a Disc is a little round circle and a circle is a shape a shape is an object am i going too fast for you?) i did that because you would have to be half dead to think it will ever come out for 360 or microsoft asshole :|

  124. this game coming this week for Xbox 360 according to gamersultra.

    Xbox 360:
    – The Beatles: Rock Band
    – Capcom Platinum Hits Triple Pack
    – Darkest of Days
    – DIRT 2
    – LittleBigPlanet: Game of the Year Edition
    – Qubed
    – Sonic & Knuckles (online)

  125. dude says:

    i hardly think it will come out oot on vbox my friend is torchering me with it i cant take it eneymore i just hope it coms on xbox dont mind my spelling

  126. Xboxer360 says:

    LBP Rocks so come on out on Xbox

  127. sidewinder says:

    Its funny, so many people make arguments about which platform is better and even when the Xbox has the Red Ring of Death, $7 monthly fee for live, and lack of “Blu_ray” more people still buy Xbox’s over the so called “Flawless” system known as the PlayStation3 and now that SONY has finally created its own game that actually turned out good, every playstation owner can now take a sigh in releif knowing that they wouldnt suffer over the dicision to buy a playstion over an xbox and it wont actually haunt them forever… until we obtain LBP

    P.S. We still have Halo

  128. -_- says:

    Dear people here…
    Stop b!tching at each other. The idea of this is to give your thoughts on rumours of “lbp” coming to 360…
    NOT to be stupid fanboys with no life arguing over which console is best…
    The point of a console is for ENTERTAINMENT, not fighting over crap…

  129. SONY FAN says:

    its made by sony PS they wont put it to xbox

  130. it will probably come says:

    If xbox360 is willing to pay double the price sony offers, the makers of LBP will probably accept microsoft’s offer. remember; LBP is not made by sony… It can still come to xbox360.

  131. RuskyPeon says:

    This has been going on since 2008? Omg. Can’t everyone see that little big planet is not coming out on the xbox 360?

  132. mexonizze says:

    they gonna not do little big planet to xbox 360.
    But the game is really funny=)

  133. mexonizze says:

    hey you whtf??? xbox 720 gonna not coming out year 2011 its fake!

  134. pete says:

    well i have a modded xbox which i just play burned offline games on.. in a coupla years when ps3 is a bit cheaper im probz gonna buy one and use it for the online play, xbox is pretty crap, so’s ps3, but they both have their good points :)

  135. noname says:

    ye lbp will lose interest but it will have more chance of makin a little big planet 2 than bringin it to xbox 360

    ps. i have both consoles

  136. This Made Me Laugh says:

    Some people just don’t know when to give up.

    And anyway, why would Sony port over one of their best games? PSN now generates a big enough income from the sales of in-game items and the new PS3 slim which is only £250 with a 120GB HDD has boosted the PS3 sales through the roof, I think they are now beating the Xbox 360 yes?

    I’m not some stupid fanboy, I have a 360 and I barely use it, I got it for Christmas 2009 and sure it has alot of cool games coming out such as:

    -Fable 3
    -Mass effect
    -Alien vs Predator
    -Fallout: New Vegas

    and please don’t start bitching about the PS3 having three FF’s, please! Just get over it, if your desperate for the games, then get the console!


  137. This Made Me Laugh says:

    Meant mass effect 2 but whatever

  138. Confused says:

    Why exactly do PS3 owners scream with hatred at the very idea that people would imply a flag ship game MAY be coming out on another format?
    Whether it does or it doesn’t, it won’t change anything for you all!
    FF13 for example.
    Even if it came to the west exclusively for PS3, we still would have lost that little chunk they cut. Asia ALWAYS do that to us.
    “Oooh, lets sell our beloved game in the west, BUT WAIT! We must first cull a section from it to show that they are lesser people!” .. Well, actually it’s probably out of a misguided belief that we aren’t interested in their culture or something.
    Whether it’s on 360 or not.. It’s still great on the PS3! .. And if it’s great on the 360 too, why is that so awful? >.<

  139. Bobby Hill says:

    Well for you fanboys and fangirls who say it’s ONLY for Playstation.
    It is, because Sony owns the rights to it.
    But that doesn’t stop any one from making a game very close to it.
    Before you reply with a, “Lol they can sue you den!”
    They can’t, because as long as it has a different title, different characters, and a different game play, they can’t really be sued.
    Think about all of the games that are very close to each other out there.
    Dantes Inferno has the same game play as Devil May Cry, yet they are not the same publisher.
    So, hush silly fans.

  140. havent u noticed says:

    u noobs should listen to lbp fan he has a lot of experiance

  141. Ben O'Asley says:

    I soooo wish this was on the xbox, i would love a ps3 but my parents cant afford it

  142. CoolJ-B says:

    “Don´t care about my name” Oh, please. You really do need to read.

    A DVD, also known as a Digital Versatile Disc or Digital Video Disc, is a disk designed by TOSHIBA and Time Warner in 1995, meant to give people alot more disk space than the usual CD which was popular in that time. This disk, ranging from 4.7 GB to 9.4 GB (No, don’t go saying that there is a 17.08 gig disk, that is DOUBLE and RARE), is commonly used in 20th century video game disks, INCLUDING the X-Box 360. The thing is, a DVD MOST commonly uses a 8 GIG disk, thus you getting less detail, shorter stories on PS3 ports of xbox games.

    A Blu-Ray disk, however, uses a smaller laser wavelength – 650 nanometers (this goes to the name, “Blue” Ray). This means that the amount of storage available on a Blu-Ray disk is almost 3 times as much as the common DVD in GB, because its to do with the smaller wavelength therefor allowing bigger space and 6 times for double sided. This means companies working with Sony can cram a lot more stuff into PS3 games then Xbox 360 games.

    You can go blabbering about with your “Xbox 360 disk have 20 gig memory!!11001” stuff and, after reading this post, that you’ll always be wrong.

  143. CoolJ-B says:

    I’m not a fanboy of PS3, infact, I like both consoles, but reading that post you just made really ticked me off right there. I really hate how a fanboy from a typical console makes random false crap about a game or the console or the type of game disk and post it around and claim its true.

  144. Meow? says:

    Oh I agree with vault boy too. We gave Bioshock to ps3 so they have t return the favor and give us lbp .< Sorry went overboard

  145. Trix says:

    @Meow? LBP is NOT coming to 360. They have already announced LittleBigPlanet 2 and that it is going to be exclusive to the Ps3 also. Just because they made Bioshock for Ps3 doesn’t mean that we have to make LBP for Xbox 360. If you want LBP so bad then sell your Xbox and buy a Ps3. They’re cheaper now, built in Wifi, more hard drive space, online is free. Xbox is starting to slide downhill. Ps3 is becoming the more popular console. Ps3 always has been better, it has just taken a while for people to realize it.

    LittleBigPlanet 2: November 2010

  146. You guys suck says:

    The game was made around how the ps3 functions the 360 couldn’t handle it the graphics are to good and the game is just to powerful for the 360

  147. 360 sucks says:

    Dont you guys have a game about piñatas LBP IS AWESOME.

  148. Karl says:

    The truth is, LittleBigPlanet is not coming out for Xbox. Even if it does come to 360, it will be significantly watered down. The Xbox 360’s triple core processor would choke and die if LittleBigPlanet’s original PlayStation code remained intact. LittleBigPlanet is packed with quite robust physics engine. In fact, the whole game is practically powered by physics, that only processors like Sony’s Cell Broadband Engine are even remotely capable of handling. Even the smoke/particle effects are physics-based. The only thing non-physics based component of the game are the Sack-boys. Even then, the clothes/decorations you can put on them are all handled by the game’s physics engine, which is something the Xbox just can’t do.

  149. Some old guy says:

    Yeah right, Look PS3 Graphics pwn all! Nah im not fanboy it’s proven, can 360 play blu ray videos? NOPE has bluetooth wireless NOPE any other cool thing i can think of like a smoothie dispencer NOPE but ps3 aint got one of those, i LOVE SMOOTHIEZ ROFLZ

  150. someone says:

    ffs, SONY!! made the game… and u expect them to make a xbox version?……

  151. La says:

    How in the world does the 360 beat the PS3 graphical power wise? Blu-Ray has lots more power than a standard red laser disc

  152. Toby says:

    its guna be on 360. one of my mates makes games

  153. Harry says:

    Little Big Planet will never come to xbox because Ps3 own the company that make it! So why would they want to port it to xbox?

  154. J says:

    I know the last post was months ago but people were still arguing about this in May of this year? Did everyone just sit here and talk about this without looking at anything else? Sony aquired MM in March 2010 but in May 2010 people are still here saying MM will make games for other systems and that LBP will come to the 360?

  155. teatrolley says:

    as much as i really don’t mind it going over to 360, (because i like Xbox and Ps3 equally) i don’t see it happening. Mainly because it’s a Sony made game i think. It would be like Xbox giving Playstation Halo or something. Still, can’t wait for LittleBigPlanet2 November 12th!! :)

  156. tom spring says:

    okay, look. Anyone who is saying it will not come out for xbox are just upset because they got the worse console, the ps3.

  157. Satellite says:

    “Well even though the Xbox 360 has shown itself to be more than a match for the Playstation 3 in terms of graphical power.”

    What game? Where? If you’re talking about games that are developed on the 360 and ported to the PS3 then, Of course they will look better than the PS3 version.

    But if a game is developed on the PS3 first then ported to the 360 then the PS3 version will look better.

    But if you look at the exclusives for each console the PS3 has an obvious graphical advantage.

    Take the main shooters, Halo 3 and Killzone 2, Both games look great but Killzone 2 just looks better.

    The Racers, Forza 3 and Gran Turismo 5 *Even Prologue*, Again they both look amazing but the advantage goes to GT5.

    And the Adventure games, Gears Of War 2 and Uncharted 2, Uncharted 2 is one of the best graphical and best over all games of all time, Even the critics agree, and look at all the awards Uncharted 2 won.

    I’m not a fanboy, I just calls em like I see’s em.

  158. silents429 says:

    its exclusive to the ps3 so its never gonna be for the xbox, xbox couldnt handle it anyway

  159. wtf says:

    On November 10, 2008 Ehhh said: –
    “I hear a lot of desperate jealousy from the 360 fanboys here.. XD”

    It really does sound like that.

    I don’t really hear anything about Blu ray though, since it has much more GB than normal DV9(7-9GB). MGS4, LBP 1, and Uncharted use majority/all of the Blu ray disc (which is 50gb). That’s one reason why they didn’t have these games on the 360.

    Another reason is that games like LBP belong to Sony, so I’m guessing it won’t be on the 360.

    And plus, why don’t you, that actually WANT this game, but only have a 360, buy a freaking PS3(120gb&160gb = $300; 250gb = $350).

    The PS3 has Built-in wi-fi (B/G Wireless ONLY), No Brick (Huge Power Supply thingy), No Disc-Tray, No need to buy AA Batteries for the controller, has internet browser, could read more image files than 360 (JPEG, BMP, etc; NO TRGA maybe), Free internet play(Xbox live costs $8/$20/$50. And that’s better. :D), plays Blu Ray&DVD movies, put any disk/flash drive or even an iPod and transfer files and etc., has Playstation Home (Pretty fun), Life with Playstation (“…can help Stanford University researchers analyze complex human protein structures and perhaps find cures for cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and other ailments.” –,2933,231365,00.html!!!!!), affiliated with DivX, removable hard drive, ALL MODELS play PS1 games (No one plays ps1 games anymore, dumbass), better graphics (Like anyone cares, right?), customize XMB (themes, pic. background, etc.), could print out stuff(I could do that with my computer >.>), can use USB keyboard and mouse(for Internet Browser), has a “Video Editor & Uploader” (Once again, I could do that with my computer <.<), PS3 games have Trailers in'em, able to use Bluetooth Headsets, and probably a bit more.

    Hmmmm… I don't know about the 360 fanboys, but uhh I have a powerful machine here. I mean HELP RESEARCHERS FIND CURES, are you serious. Don't get me wrong the 360 has the same stuff…….Right?

    I'm not trying to get you to get rid of your 360, I'm saying GET A PS3 for MORE possibilities. How hard is that to understand?

  160. kaya says:

    a good game but dosent say how much.if it’s over £5.00 it a rip off i’m telling the truth i’m a sales women.

  161. kaya says:

    A grate game!but where’s the price? Because if is over £3.50 and i’s second hand it’s a rip off ,but £5.00 for a brand new one is a very very good price.

  162. XbTheSpot says:

    So I will have to pay 200+ for one game, this seems to be the only way they can sell an PS3. Little Big Planet and the Blue-Ray is a beast too I guess. Thanks Sony. Put it on the Box, just let go!

  163. drratchit says:

    hey uhh didnt xbox 360 come out first and ps3 was delayed by like 2 years for itss release so ps3 probably copied microsoft thats y there similar anyway does it really matter ive got LBP on psp its awesome and i would love to get my hands on Tinylargeworld sounds good microsoft keep it low profile so u dont get sued lol ;D its probably already out

  164. drratchit says:

    also a halo psp game is coming out it looks crap graphics and stuff its called halo…OMG IVE FORGOTTEN somethign like vetteren or uuhh thats it halo revamped

  165. drratchit says:

    halo reavamped is coming out on psp so we might get LBP

  166. TrIx Is Fo KiDs says:

    come onnnnn make it for X Box already

  167. i wish it would says:

    thats not gunna happen :P

  168. only ps3 says:

    it will not be for 360 because media molocule is a ps3 company like sony is ps3 and microsoft is 360 so in ur faces 360

  169. leave the ps3 alone says:

    when the ps3 gets great amazing exclusives the 360 immediately wants it too. just leave the ps3 alone you fagz

  170. huefxgr says:’s one game xbox 360 will never get

  171. :3 says:

    hating the haters :3

  172. krissy says:

    i really want this to come out on xbox i love this game …

  173. daniella says:

    I REALLY WANT LBP FOR THE PS2 OR FOR THE WII…. I REALLY LOVE THIS GAME BUT I CANT EVEN FIND OUT FOR SHURE IF IT IS OUT FOR THOSE….. PLZZ HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  174. pntl says:

    I believe that little big planet will come to 360 only if microsoft give HALO to sony but’s that amazing because HALO has already 6 games and LTB 2!!!

  175. Nathan says:

    it would be awesome for 360. my gamertage is sameri 278

  176. SamiRose says:

    I absolutely LOVE this game. && iReally wish they wud make it for the 360 cause right now thats the only game system i gott.

  177. XBOX 360 INC. says:

    No no no you guys got it all wrong the Little Big Planet game we dont want, there are too many games what are making millions for us like Grand Theft Auto Episodes From Liberty City just that the sony will not let us do copyright to the game does not mean were scared of the PS3 microsoft Xbox 360 is the widest growing group of microsoft just to make are games better, the ps3 just make new versions of the old games just like on ps2 but we moved on and went to the better future of gameing history dont thing we dont work together ps3 and xbox 360 work together were a team of microsoft dont think were in a war just like halo!!!

  178. finns litle big planet på xbox 360

  179. Cory RS says:

    “…a game like LittleBigPlanet is likely to have a small appreciative audience on the 360 and may not be worth the extra development time needed to port it over.”

    You’re right… I wouldn’t buy it.

  180. Lara Croft tomb raider says:

    My friend has Little big planet on ps3 and im so jelous cause i have a 360 :(

  181. VanA says:

    Can I just say you guys are fighting like kids over a game my 8 year old kid likes? We have a Xbox 360 and a wii. Any idea if this will come out/is out for wii since its not for Xbox? My daughter really wants it as she can only play it at her friends house with a ps3

  182. Alexis says:

    Ugh.. actually i saw a commerial for little big planet for the xbox connect yesterday

  183. Lbp ps3 says:

    In 2008 or 2009 I got a xbox 360. Lasted a while ( bout 1-2 years) then got 2010 (august) I got another xbox. lasted 2 to three months then once again RROD hit. The day after it broke bought one last one lasted 2 DAYS at most. Christmas 2011 I got a ps3 no problems whatsoever. In conclusion PS3 is the better ( non purposely faulty) system out of ps3,xbox 360, and the wii. :)

  184. Awesome says:

    So wait will it be on the xbox 360 because I’m probably am never going to get a play station or anything I only have an Xbox 360 what would be cool if it came out on the iPod touch I’d buy it if it was on Xbox 360 or iPod if it was how much would they charge for Xbox 360?

  185. Jesus Christ says:

    littlebigplanet is for the xbox

  186. A person says:

    I really REALY want it to come out for Xbox I think LBP is my favorite game like EVER

  187. A person says:

    Don’t listen to Alexis she saw it for play station move which is probably super sweet but I don’t have one soooooo don’t really care:-/

  188. gabriel says:

    As pessoas que criaram o little big planet são realmente muito burras, uma grande parte das crianças do mundo ou tem XBOX 360 ou PS2 e os pais não estão dispostos a comprar outro game então se os criadores fizessem uma adaptação para no minimo XBOX 360 o publico seria maior e eles ganhariam mais dinheiro afinal esse jogo é muito legal pois já joguei e não suporto não esse jogo eu compraria na hora se lançassem afinal esse jogo é um sucesso.

  189. I says:

    Littlebigplanet looks supercool to me. Since me and my little brother just got a PS2, (:D) We looked, and we figured we couldn’t get it. We do have a 360 and it would be epic if it could be for xbox. Shame it’s not D:

  190. Xbox, Ps3, Psp, Pc, Gamecube, 360 owner says:

    Great game! Have LBP2 and Gettin Bo2 also. @&$% Yeah!!!

  191. the one who's always right says:

    THIS IS A JOKE DO NOT PAY ATTENTION UNLESS YOU CAN TAKE A JOKE!!!!!!! HA! This is revenge 360 users! This is what you get for stealing my Minecraft! OH and I forgot… IN YOUR FACE! This game is better than all the fable games. I’ve played them cause i have all three. and I also have all three consoles! EAT IT 360 LOSERS! TROLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  192. 10110010 says:


    GET A LIFE, KISS A GIRL, DO SOMETHING ELSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(