Metal Gear Solid 4 Xbox 360 version

It’s good news that we now know MGS4 will be in the shops on the release date of June 12th, but Hideo Kojima hinted that he had trouble getting all of the game to fit onto a 50GB Blu-Ray disc! Hopefully this means the game will be crammed full of gameplay and not HD movie sequences and I guess this lays to rest the idea of a Metal Gear Solid 4 Xbox 360 version fitting on a DVD.

The only way Xbox 360 owners will be able to enjoy Metal Gear Solid 4 until an Xbox360 version is announced is to pay for the Xbox hardware hack which will enable you to play with Snake to your hearts content.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Xbox 360 version

Metal Gear Solid 4 Xbox 360, Metal Gear Solid 4, release date, Blu-Ray

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218 Responses

  1. Adam says:

    It would be silly for Konami not to release it for the 360 considering the userbase and potential profit, Even if they did an RPG style 4/5 disc bundle.

    The first PS3 game I am truly looking forward to but definately would be good to see it appear on the 360.

  2. Bill says:

    hmm, theres a reason Snake eater wasnt released for xbox

    i wouldnt be suprised if MGS4 didnt come out on the 360 either. I think i will buy a ps3 soon

    i forgot about the blue ray, they could always put MGS4 in 2 discs for the xbox

  3. Mitch says:

    Are you a ***** Bill? MGS3 was released on Xbox as MGS3: Subsistence

  4. lolnoob says:

    substance was for the first xbxox u j4ck 4ss

  5. $had0w_m0$e$ says:

    haha wowww…

    first off mitch…metal gear solid 2: substance was released on XBOX.
    NOT MGS3
    MGS3 is wayyy too good of a game anyways..
    MGS4 wont be on the 360 unless Konami has like record low sales or somethin..AND theyd have to put it on like 5 or 6 discs and no one wants the hassle of multiple discs…so just get up off your lazy @ss and get a ps3..

  6. wills says:

    this definately will not be released on the xbox 360, 50 gbs is a lot of data a regular dvd disc can hold about 9 gbs and thats about 5 and a half discs why go through the trouble of creating 5 discs for a crappy ass system like the 360? Blu ray is the future, and you all wasted your money on the xbox 360.

  7. Tim says:

    Ooohh precedent. If Substance was released for Xbox, but was not followed by Subsistence…wouldn’t that reflect Kojima’s and Konami’s opinion on the matter?

  8. Wesley says:

    Guys we have to throw in the towel MGS4 will not come to the Xbox 360 one site says this, another site says that………. wat a hunk of junk. We are waiting for something thats just not gonna happend, lets just let bigons be bigons and wait for the next exclusive for 360

    I mean lets be realistic DVD DL vs Blue Ray come on who are we joking????

  9. OMG1!!1 PWnED PS3!!11!!1 says:

    acctually mitch is right. he didnt say “Substance” he said “Subsistence” try and read. and if anyone thinks this wont be released on 360 you are either very stuborn or very naive.

  10. beckiohead says:

    personally the only thing that comes to my mind when i hear that they’re struggling to fit it onto a blu-ray disc is that it’ll probably be even slower than the rest of the ps3 games, which is laughable.

    i have no real interest in whether mgs4 comes to the 360 or not cos there are far better games out there that the metal gear series, but why are all the ps3 boys immediately denying that it could ever happen? the way it would work is that microsoft just wouldnt try to show off with overly-rendered cut sequences. of course it could happen, especially when its fourteen months down the line.

  11. teh_fraggerer says:


    All you ps3/xbox fanboys fighting over who’s the most powerful console, how cute xD
    Ok i might not have mgs4 since i have a wii but at least i’m not falling for the stupidest argument in history: MY XBOX/PS3 IS BETTER THAN YOURXBOX/PS3 LOLOLOL

  12. Stykyz says:

    I’m pretty sure Metal Gear Solid 4 will not be released on the Xbox360. I’ve got pretty concrete evidence from a friend in the gaming industry who says an Xbox360 version will not be in production. Aside from the obvious problems there would be porting it over to the XBox360. Such as spanning it across numerous DVDs instead of one single Blue-ray disc. You also have to throw into play that Hideo has always been a die hard fan of the Sony Playstation brand of console gaming.

    However, will this be the case for Metal Gear Online?

    As far as the console argument “my xbachs is bettar thun ur gaystation” just chill out. Just play your games and enjoy them.

  13. Doomster71 says:

    I find it really hard to believe that they are finding it hard to fit this game onto a 50 gig disk. You’ll probibly find that its the movie’s that they are finding hard to fit on the disk (not the game itself) due to the quality of blue ray HD. If this is the case (and it probibly is) then you’ll find that the game would probibly easily fit onto 1 or so dvd’s for the 360. Hell who’s to say that the game wont come out on the pc 2 years from now (just like the first two where).

  14. jedam says:

    they will be a blue ray lecteur on xbox 360

  15. ALb_paccino07 says:

    NOPE, there will not be a Blu-ray reader for the 360, Microsoft denied this few months weeks ago. I don’t think that the MGS4 on the PS3 will read slow, remember that the PS3 is the best Blu-ray player in the market. And also I don’t think It will be a 360 release, the 360 is not very popular in japan and they will not waste time with 4 or 5 DVD-DL. Hideo Kojima it’s not interested on porting it to the Xbox 360, It’s Konami, but I don’t know who has more power the publisher (Konami) or the creator/writer/director of the game (Hideo).

  16. Adsj says:

    Bigons be bigons. Hilarious!

  17. ted says:

    ****XBOX AND **** PS3

    Wii ftw

  18. Jonny says:

    your dont need 4-5 dvd disks ps3 fan boys u know nothing about blu ray, its so slow they must duplicate game data so the drive lazer dosnt have to travel as far either that or save it to the hard drive. Both methods use up lots of disc space. Also a ps3 cell processor is so stupid to develop for something thats like 35gb of blu ray space works the same as 5 and a bit dvd space. Think bout it cod 4 have virtually the same graphics and the game is exactly the same except ps3 uses blue ray 50gb and xbox 360 uses 10gp dvd. You do the maths

  19. Jeff says:

    you need to read up last time i heard 360 sales were higher than ps3’s in japan

    # ALb_paccino07 Says:
    May 10th, 2008 at 6:57 pm

    NOPE, there will not be a Blu-ray reader for the 360, Microsoft denied this few months weeks ago. I don’t think that the MGS4 on the PS3 will read slow, remember that the PS3 is the best Blu-ray player in the market. And also I don’t think It will be a 360 release, the 360 is not very popular in japan and they will not waste time with 4 or 5 DVD-DL. Hideo Kojima it’s not interested on porting it to the Xbox 360, It’s Konami, but I don’t know who has more power the publisher (Konami) or the creator/writer/director of the game (Hideo).

  20. Jeff says:

    point to be made 360 is on the rise in japan if you would just google it 360>ps3

  21. Abacus says:

    You know, I’m ****** off at all this blatant fanboyism. XBOX 360 SUCKS, PS3 SUCKS, BLAH BLAH ****ITY BLAH! Well, you know what? Both consoles are equally good. PS3, right now, is in the crapper gamewise, with very few exclusives coming to pull it out. MGS4 will most likely be the killer app of the PS3 for awhile. Meanwhile, 360 was disadvantaged from the get-go by using regular DVDs in the first place! What WAS Microsoft thinking when they made that decision? That AND the faulty hardware didn’t help things much.

    Both consoles have their share of good and bad, but neither one comes out above the other.

    PS3 has cell technology, X360 has a better GPU… who cares? Both consoles have players, and damn the idiots that say the other one is better. All I have to say is that people should stick with what they like and NOT shove their opinionated **** down other people’s throats.

  22. Dave says:

    Also Mgs4 has numerous features that are activated by using the motion sensitive capabilities of the playstation 3 controller. I would imagine it would be difficult to get these things to work on a regular style controller. Combining that on top of the storage issue, it just might be to much for them to handle (or they were paid off by sony :p).

  23. Bill says:

    so… are they releasing this for the wii?

    the wii has the best graphics, even though the processor isn’t as good as the ps3.

  24. Shadowcaster says:

    I was a sony fanatic now i own a 360 and i wonder where the F*** are all these great games that made ps and ps2 the greatest consoles ever?Metal gear1,3(yeah 4 WILL be out after Soooooooooo long was it worth waiting so long?Of course not),Final Fantasy 7,12,Resident Evil 1,2,3,4,Tekken TT,Soul Calibur2,3(Again I Know but its too little too late),Devil may cry Onimusha,God Of War,Gran Turismo(here we cry because after spitting on the owners of p3 they made them a ‘favor’ to release something)…you caught the point.I Agree with Abacus both consoles Suck And Prevail At The Same Time.Wake up the video games industry is laughing at us and We Idiots give them the joy.

  25. AgingMonkeyMan says:

    Ok seriously this is getting ridiculous. MGS4 will NOT go to 360. That’s just the way it is (I have all three systems so don’t even TRY to call me a fanboy). And to the poster who said that the 360 was selling greater than the PS3 in Japan you are EXTREMELY misinformed (or just ignorant). The PS3 is CRUSHING the 360 in Japan (its like Gears vs NBA Ballers). If you seriously believe that the 360 is winning in Japan then you are out of your mind. And go ahead and try to argue back but honestly, i’m just not gonna read anything you type because fanboys are unreasonable and the only way to deal with them is to ignore them and wait for them to go away. But its definately more fun to see them argue, because it lets you know they have nothing better to do.

  26. sallyboy says:

    mgs4 on 360= RIP ps3

    die fanboys

  27. chantzguy says:

    “I’m pretty sure Metal Gear Solid 4 will not be released on the Xbox360. I’ve got pretty concrete evidence from a friend in the gaming industry who says an Xbox360 version will not be in production.”-Stykyz

    what a true nerd would say. “i has some concrete evidence” shut the **** up you ps3 fanboy. who cares about which console its on. it being on the 360 will only increase its sales. and i would buy it.

  28. randy orton says:

    they said it because processing data from a blu ray is slow.thats why ps3 games are blurry.x360 games are lot more crispier.gears of war series are raedy to kick mgs series now.the cities in gears of war are surprisingly detailed and not even a single building is copy pasted.the is also long and graphics are better than mgs.
    i never wished to have mgs 4.

  29. Tubes says:

    I doubt that MGS4 will ever come out for the 360 simply because it cannot be crammed onto 1 or even 2 DVD’s. Selling a game as a 4-5 disc pack is quite expensive and limits the amount of units made. Plus, disc swapping went the way of the dodo with the Gamecube.

    Plus, it’s not a simple task to port a game developed exclusivly for one system to another. Remember, Substance for the Xbox was horrible in comparison to either PS2 version.

  30. Ramey says:

    WHAT?? Ps3 Is Using Blu-Ray Disc On This Game, Ha Enjoy Your 5 Hour Install Which Will Take Up Half Your Hard Drive, Or Your 40 Min. Load Times. Man, I Feel Sorry For You Guys It Take 3 To 4 Min. Just To Load A Movie. BLu-Ray Is So BROKEN…

  31. Tubes replier says:

    no it isnt substance was actually good. ***** reviewers let the gamers speak for once

  32. martin says:

    Lemme say this and put and end;
    Cut-scenes WONT take up the 50GB, as remember they’re REAL TIME, so its mainly code and some rendering for effects. Due to Blu-Rays slow reading speeds, alot of the disc (maybe 20GB) will be used on padding.

    Second off, MGS 2 : Substance was released on Original XBox. MGS 3 : SubSIStence was PS2 exclusive, and remained, as it sold bad (bottom 12 selling games of its year sadly), and Microsoft wouldnt make that risk.

    So as it stands, if MGS 4 sells extremely well, then Microsoft will stick their necks (and wallets) out for this one.

    And no, it wouldnt be on multiple discs. Keep in mind that DVD’s read 70% FASTER than Blu-Ray, so they could actually balance out the loading times to be equal on both, while not padding the DVD DL.

    Believe me, it makes sense, although a 12 month wait? Ouch, poor 360 gamers will have to avoid the internet like cancer to avoid spoilers, for a WHOLE YEAR….man thats harsh.

  33. Xbox 360 Blu-Ray says:

    For those of you who say crap and don’t bother looking to see if your right, I am here to tell you that you are wrong. First off, Blu-Ray is coming to the 360, second this means that MGS4 will be able to fit on a disc that is usable in the 360, 3rd, an MGS4 release date is already scheduled for April 2009.

  34. Zaron says:

    Actually, Blu-Ray only takes about 5 minutes to install on your hard drive and usually takes around 2-5 GB… Ramey, you probably don’t have a PS3 so you wouldn’t know…

  35. Ramey says:

    Thats Funny I Could Swear Devil May Cry 4 Has A 20 Min. Install And Hot Shots Golf Should Be The Same. I Guess It Just Depends On The Game. Zaron, You Probably Dont Have A PS3 So You Wouldnt now…

    As Far As Blu-Ray Coming To The 360, Even If Its True They Wont Make The Games For That Drive.

    I Think Martin Explains It Well.

  36. Kent says:

    Look, just because the game is 50gbs – it doesn’t mean it can’t fit on the 360. the reason being is that all the sound is uncompressed. A typical 1 minute sound file in .wav or uncompressed format can weigh in over 5mbs or more.

    Not to mention we’re not even sure if the game is 25gbs (a REGULAR blu-ray) OR an ACTUAL dual layer 50GB blu-ray disc. I’ve examined a few movies, some movies barely even peak 20gbs..and that’s over 2 hours of uncompressed audio , in 5.1 and stereo formats. Not to mention the extras, etc.

    And you should all remember – Money talks. If MGS4 does not fare well in terms of sales as a direct result of low PS3 units in N.America..Konami will sell out. Don’t even think for a second these 3rd party companies have loyalty or anything. It’s all business. Kojima just makes the games.

    Look at Squaresoft , they jumped to Sony real fast. Not to mention Metal gear was originally on the MSX then NES. But I have to add one thing, Hideo Kojima is pretty biased and arrogant. He thinks he’s a film director, as put out by his comment “I will never become a genius like George Lucas”. And how he brands all of his games. He even so portrayed the 360 and PS3 as “The DVD player at home” and the “theater you pay to go watch new releases at” respectively. Pretty asinine comments if I say so myself.

  37. kamui says:

    the remake of mgs 1 for gamecube? does anybody recalls the argument of those *****…. that stated that a mgs would never come across sony borders? well, just hold on e look what will happem instead of talking nonsenses….and if you want an argument don’t use the fact of the blueray being better…lost odyssey is in 4 dvd’s…theres always a way to put a game in a smaller reading support. and peace among players, both consoles have their flaws and bright side.

  38. Errrr says:

    ERRR JEFF IS a ***ard that contradicted himself!

  39. Ash says:

    either way i wouldnt be bothered as i own both sweet consoles.
    im curently renting unreal tournament 3 for ps3 so i can get into tune when the 360 version ships. it would be nice for a 360 version of MGS4 but thats a very slim chance. ive already got mine ordered with the special bluetooth headset.

  40. Maik says:

    If Metal Gear Solid 4 will require 50GB of data then we’ve got a World Record of unoptimized data. Textures, geometry, etc. all has to be so unoptimized there’s no end to it. This only to make the game appear better in the eyes of the stupified consumer where “x5 times the data would result in x5 the awesomeness of a game”. This is just empty words and marketing, what Sony is great at. Sony also requires users to install certain amount of data on the harddrive without solid reasons, for example Haze required 5GB of harddrive space to run, which seems like the technology overall for the PlayStation 3 have been gotten some serious misplacement. The Metal Gear Solid 4 will launch for the Xbox360 with identical visuals, as MSG4 isn’t looking any better than GRAW (also on PS3) or any other title looking at the technology used. And all of you who have seen GRAW and MSG4 know I am true about this. Since Xbox360 got such a great part of the market it would be stupid for the publishers of MSG4 to miss out that chance, especially when it would easily result in a port for the PC as well if Microsoft would be paying for parts of it since that would span an incredibly wider market than the PS3 which is the console sold worst this generation. When PlayStation 2 sold gold there would be no reason for them to launch the MSG for Xbox, it’s not like the developers/publishers are bound to Sony just “becuase”, there’s been profit for their systems before but today things look a bit grimmer.

  41. snake says:

    well if lost odyssey is 4 discs or blue dragon on 3 discs then they can put metal gear solid 4 on the xbox 360 on a 3,4or 5 discs5 of discs

  42. Soyrobin2001 says:

    you know nothin about programing, on ps3 the developers don’t compress the data so they can use more space on bluray discs, for example, assassins creed, dmc4, gta4, these are all on a single dvd9 on xbox 360.

  43. snake says:

    Lookin for ward to playin mgs4, feel sorry for xbox 360 users though, poor things r missing out. It def isnt coming to 360!!

  44. UnknowablE says:

    Well my dear xbox slash poor spelling fanboys.
    (note the lack of boi or z)

    MGS4 IS ps3 exclusive and all cinematic shots are in-game and I would just like to mention THE GAME IS SO FREAKING AWESOME HAHAHAHA I JUST WENT TO THE OPENING AND GOT A FREE COPY THE FOURTH IN AUSTRALIA TO GET ONE!!! well other than the retailers I guess r_r but that is beside the point :P

  45. left4dead why do you take so long to make says:

    i wish that metal gear solid 4 would come out for the 360 but its very unlikly.
    all the people who say that it should not come out for the 360 are fanboys because if they werent they would be happy that it possibly might be going to the 360 and the game company would earn more money witch would mean a better sequal (unless this is the last mgs).
    waited 2-3 years for left4dead and still planing on killing them all if they delay it.

  46. Hermit says:

    Japanese seems support japanese company.

  47. ooSgtStevOoo says:

    all i have to say is mgs4 rocks and if it dosent come out for the 360 im **** and ill have to spend so much cash for a **** console lol ps3 fanboys suck xbox360 ****

  48. ooSgtStevOoo says:


  49. Neil says:


    it’s been released as a PS3 exclusive. all this jive talk of it being released on 360 is rubbish. plus i have both consoles so couldn’t really give a ****. who in there right minds would pay for a 5 disc game to be released??? and having played on it since its release i can confirm to all the xbox fanboys (whatever that means) that it isn’t slow it took 5 minutes to upload to my hardrive (120gb hard drive i thank you) and the FMV sequences are exactly the same graphic wise as the game as the seemlessly (in 90% of the cases) link into one another.

    go buy Saints Row 2 or something exclusive on the xbox if you that bothered or buy a PS3 or wait 12 months which by that time all the dl content will have been released ps3 owners will have unlocked everything and you can come back on here and say “we told you so” when no one really cares as we’ve finished the game on our higher spec systems.

  50. Wolf says:

    Hahaha, Ok, lay to rest that idea of this game coming to the Xbox…

    The game was full on the Blu-Ray alone…
    So that’s be like 3 HD-DVDs… Then there is the graphical power the game takes… It pushes the CPU to the limit… So downgrade the graphics for the xbox 360… A… ******… lot…

  51. gusto says:

    you people have no lives, i feel sorry for all of you. i feel that much dumber for reading your comments. Get a life and go out, instead of living in fantasy video game land. This is all you guys look forward too, omg omg omg, a new video game. geez, get a life. Ill tell you what the best system and game is. Use your brain, make lots of money, take vacations, go to parties, go to vegas. Have fun in front of your TV’s for the rest of your lives losers, lmfao.

  52. Jeff says:

    Konami announced that it will be released on the xbox 360, but most likely in 2009.

  53. james_durnousow says:

    look it will come out on 360 and there will also be a lower spec wii version because we all no wii had to sacrifice HD graphics to have its wii sensor wiimote thingy, and it will not come out on pc or ps2 but it will be released on wii and 360 next year so shut the **** up, and just for the record PC ***** all over ps3 360 and wii, the only difference is that its 3x the price, but its better

  54. Will234 says:

    okay one metal gear solid 4 will sell pretty damn fast and it is a good game but who the ****wants to buy a PS3 I mean hell if you want the game on xbox like me but be ready for a big shocker because it wont be because of the large memory it takes to all those who do have a PS3 however are lucky but for all those who still think that MGS4 will be on xbox just keep hopping because it wont

  55. okay, all you PS3 fanboys are really ignorant. the only reason u guys dont want to believe that MGS4 is comin to the 360 is because you know if that happens, then u just wasted alot of money on a console that doesn’t have as many A-List games as 360. Its got a couple but MGS4 is the best of them. And just to let u know, if u go to GAMESPOT, there is an interview with Hideo Kojima and he states that he is currently tryin to make MGS4 on other consoles (most likely the 360). By the way, the 360 has a faster GPU while the PS3 has blue-ray. The consoles are equally as good (i guess). anyways, everyone just needs to shut the f### up and accept that MGS4 is comin to the 360, whether it be sooner or later, it’s still coming.

  56. Taylor says:

    To Everyone,

    1) It will be on Xbox 360, was announced from MGS4 Announcer so ****you ps3 fanboysd :P.

    2) Way up, with most games on xbox 360 they use cell shading to render most things, gears of war starts off as a cell shaded so does bioshock, big graphical games yet on a DVD-DL. And it’s true, PS3 50gb Blu-ray is put onto a 10gb or less DVD-DL due to lower graphics or the like. It’s just the way the console reads the data

    3)Gusto, simply stfu m8, gaming is just entertainment, agreed with people on 24/7 but again its’s etertainment like any form

    4) James couldn;t agree with you more m8. PC just takes the cake in it all tbh.


  57. Richard says:

    Taylor, you are an idiot.

    1) MGS4 will never come out for XBox, it simply doesn’t have the capacity or capability to run the game. Period. This rumor has been squashed multiple times by Konami.

    2) Do you even know what Cell Shading is? No, none of the games you listed use cell shading, go back to school.

    3) A 50 GB Blu-Ray disc will not compress down to 10 GB or less on DVD, are you high or just incredibly stupid? It would take 6 DL-DVDs to hold the game.

    To the rest of you clowns…

    1) The cutscenes in MGS4 are ALL rendered IN GAME. That means there is no HD video stored on the disc for the cutscenes, so stop using that as the reason that there is so much data because you are wrong.

    2) Blu-Ray reads faster than DL-DVD. Let me repeat, BLU-RAY READS FASTER THAN DL-DVD. If you do the math (as I have done here: you will see that Blu-Ray reads at about 1.07 MBps faster than a DL-DVD.


  58. Darwin says:

    For everyone who’s caught in the “war for the better gaming system,” ….you’re all nerds. Go out for a jog or something.

  59. moshizzel says:

    in my personal opinion, MGS4 may come on xbox 360, but probably after a year or so, so people could go buy a ps3, therefore there would be no compition. and fyi, Metal gear solid 2 substance was released for xbox a year after its initial release on ps2, and why the didn’t make MGS3 substance on xbox? well its because MGS3 wasn’t that great of hit as MGS2, check the scores on gamespot or ign. now that MGS4 has become a blockbuster, Konami would be smart to create a 360 version probalby lessing the graphics from blue ray to HD DVD which will probably cause the game to come out on 1-4 discs, i mean Lost Odyssey had 4 discs as well as Blue Dragon, so it would’t be a surprise that Konami would make MGS4 on 360 with many discs. Anyways, I have both a ps3 and 360 and have to admit that MGS4 rockksss, but there are still great games on 360 too. If you haven’t played MGS4, go rent it from a store like rentacity and rent MGS4 and play the game because it is truely a masterpiece, and the story is amazing. but Konami would get alot of profit if they made it out on 360. Hope this helps?

  60. Peter says:

    Who cares what console, we just wana play great games!!!

  61. Dub G says:

    Blog Geeks,
    Go to Gamespots website first: “;title;0”

    It’s a Hideo Kojima interview circa Reuters (more reliable than anyone here).
    Read a few more posts instead of the first few. You guys all sound dumb saying the same thing as someone before you. Hideo Kojima DID have an interview in which he contradicted all his other “final MGS chapter” saying that it will go on SO LONG AS USERS DEMAND IT. Hooo, sounds like all the money he’s making on it may have changed his mind on something he apparently “firmly believed”. Also, that he said his role in future games will take a backseat. So Kojima’s exclusitivity and love of PS won’t mean anything to Konami. I had an Xbox, PS2 and Gcube, and I bought Resident Evil 4 as a purely exclusive Gcube title. WOW, Gcube sales go down and suprisingly THEY PORT THE GAME to PS2 a year later. whoa… its almost like they’re trying to make money. Not to mention PS3 markets MGS4 like a system-seller, yet UK sales (ya ****england but Japan, USA and UK are the big three gaming countries) are really bad and so are PS3 sales in relation. Don’t take my word, check it out. Besides, keeping ****exclusive takes a lot of money if its through a third party. Think how many ports there have been of other “exclusives.” While some most sites are JUMPING at the chance to crack news on this, all they do is just repeat the rumors you nerds are talking about. Go to some legit sites, there actually is no goddamn legit confirmation for a port. BUT there is also not a single legit denial. It’s all “no comment” at this point, which makes sense because if its announced that there’s a xbox version, who gives a *** about buying a system to own the game, not to mention initial sales (which they need desperately since the game costed so damn much to make) would drop significantly. Don’t think from a gamers perspective (chump perspective) think like a market research team member or PR worker. Kojima’s production team it HAS been confirmed (once again don’t just take my word) is “currently has many projects in development for the xbox 360” Ya, no comment on their names. Hideo and Sony sitting in a tree? No. Future MGS projects and Kojima Prod. working with 360, have they been confirmed? Yes. Is there still a chance that Konami and Kojima Productions would make a bad business choice and stop a port? Yes. Read this XBOXfamily site though, “”. Ya know, the best part is, the more everyone talks about it online, the more Konami will consider it, since they used online chats to gather market research on making improvements on the MGS franchise anyways. O and for you “fanboys” I guess you’re called, I have a PS3, I will buy MGS4 for it, not my 360, cuz I’m not waiting. My friend here will though and we wanted to research if it would port and we got pissed reading some of these posts looking for a goddamn answer haha. And if you want my personal opinion, PS3 is a better system (come on its damn smooth and very slightly better graphics), but MGS4 is its first truly anticipated game, and so it can’t yet compete with the overwhelming amount of great (and I mean ****ing great) 360 games….. yet… that’s why I have both haha

  62. FijianDoce says:

    real world example of metal gear for 360:

    get ur pillow and try to stuff it into a baked bean can(……
    chances are that you will never do it.

    same case for 50GB.
    you will never be able to compress 50GB into 8-9GB. it will never happen.

    the xbox could possibly run the game. but there would be a bit(a lot) of it missing.
    if you can manage to compress 50GB to 8GB or manage to get ur pillow into a baked bean can then put it on the internet, give me a link and i will go see it(not really but who cares).

  63. Thane says:

    Okay. So there’s this game Oblivion on the 360. It’s very big. There’s mountains apon mountains and forests. There’s also dungeons and over dozens of hours of questing to be done. It all fit on one DVD-9. When this game went to the PS3, it had to be put on the disc 4 times. 4! Just so the disc could be adiquately read. So lets see here. 50GBs (amount MGS4 (from what I’ve read here) takes up) divided by 4 is 12.5GB. So if this is somewhat correct, then MGS4 could probably fit on 2 discs. Maybe 3 considering all of the added voicework and better graphics that shall be seen. But seriously. Are you that lazy that you can’t get up 2 or 3 times during the span of a 30 or so hour game to change a disc? If so, I reccomend the Wii Fit instead of Metal Gear (confirmed April 19, 2009 by the way)

    And to anyone throwing fanboy comments my way: I acknowledge that the 360 sucks. Mine freezes and crashes and sputters at least once a day. So yes. I know it’s a fetid piece of garbage, but it has something the PS3 lacks: Games.

  64. Philion says:

    Well the 360 has more A-list titles than PS3 = Fact. Just check it out with the net or your local gamestore.

    Metal Gear Solid 4 is currently being made for wii and 360. Fact

    EA games have said they cant keep releasing games for 360 and PS3 at the same time due to converting windows based games over to linux. So they’ve decided to make the games for the 360 and PC FIRST then convert it over to PS3. This is what caused the delay for GTA4. Both Facts

    I aint bitching, these are just the truths what are happening. I dont own a 360 or a PS3 or Wii.

    Ps1 did well, Ps2 had a ropey start but 3rd party games saved it, Ps3 is too expensive for the average player and hasnt got the 3rd party support.

  65. james_durnousow says:

    no matter how much you console fanboys blabber about ps3 and 360, you do know that consoles will never live up to PCs, PC gamers like me sit back and laugh and your petty squables

  66. Ezo says:

    PC better than Console? Well ya if you have 800$ to upgrade your computer every year to play the games. I switched to console for that very reason. Not to mention there are games for 360/PS3 and wii for that matter that will nvr be on PC. Given there are games that are PC and will nvr come out on console, but there usually Real Time Strategy (Warcraft, Starcraft etc.) Ive been playing PC games since Alien Vs Predator 2, and i have to say console has almost completely caught up with PC. Dont get me wrong i luv computers but not for games anymore….mostly porn hehe :P
    Currently playing Ninja Gaiden 2- Dont hold your breath waiting for that to come out on pc.

  67. Philion says:

    true james, but when you need a new graphics card or processor, it can sometimes be painful when you need that upgrade. Unless money isnt an issue

  68. Dan says:

    I am not a 360 fanboy, but to people like snake who say things like “I feel bad for you 360 owners, you sure are missing out on a lot.” **** you. Well snake, you are missing out on Gears of War, Bioshock, Halo 3 and many other great games that are exclusive to the 360. Metal Gear Solid 4 is great. I played it at my friends house. But honestly, it’s nothing that special. I’m sure there are better games that are playable on the 360. Gears of War got a better review, so did GTA4 (Yes I know GTA4 is for the PS3 also) and also Bioshock got a much better rating. I truely would love to have a PS3, but I still think I don’t want to get one just yet. I personally am not sure if I think Konami would port it to the 360, but if they did I’m sure that they would sell a lot of copies. Once again I am not a fanboy. If someone said something bad about the PS3 I would defend it.

  69. Brendon says:

    I have read through these comments and i think people are underestimating HD DVD these disk are not as big as blue ray but they are latge, thats another oprion to explore as the game may be able to be coded to play through thr HD 360 edition.

    Also i admit blye ray is great but sony has a history of releasing mediums exclisive to sont and they life cycle is significantly lower that the standard, ie DAT taprs and minidiscs, so blue ray may nbot be the be all and end all, time will tell.

    Last but not least playstation 3 is a great consol and there are great games like mgs4 however you cannot over look that xbox consols are far superoer in hardward and is overall the better consol and is xbox released all the playstation eclusives the xbox would be beteer by far

  70. Conor says:

    they will to release mgs4 and the 360 because if they did they would have to drastically reduce the quality of the game. and as its the last in the series i doubt they would.

  71. james_durnousow says:

    right now i need to upgrade my 8600GT to an 8800GT but i could get a 360 for the same price, and ill probably get both but i will get a 360 first, i love pcs and consoles but pcs generate way better graphics but consoles usually have better games.

  72. Stupos! says:

    Stupos! i mean seriously Xbox 360 rules but its probaly not happening.and if it does a ton of the game is going to be missing

  73. Stupos! says:

    Stupos! get lives! especially you dub G

  74. stupos lol! says:

    whoever wrote stupos! man im tototally using that. lol!

  75. Chris says:

    The question we should be asjing the developers is why would they not want to bring this game to the 360. Microsoft has had the 360 out for over2 years now, and that means that we have alot of people playing xbox. So it is kind of a no brainer to bring it to the 360.

  76. Dave says:

    I think Konami could easily put MGS4 on the XBOX 360. My impression on the game was that they crammed it full of HD cutscenes to claim that they maxed out the capabilities of the PS3 hardware. All they’d have to do is cut out like 7 hours of unnessecary cutscenes. Honestly, I was very unimpressed by MGS4. I thought that all the other Metal Gears were much more groundbreaking and innovative.

  77. Chad says:

    Dude. No. There isn’t any HD cutscene stuff to fill up the disk. IT IS GAME PLAY RENDERED! NO MOVIE FOR YOU! The guy, can’t remember who, who thought GRAW looked as good as MGS4 is a lunatic. GRAW is awesome, but graphically it is abysmal compared to MGS4.

    And PS3 fans do get a treat before too long, Bioshock- only a better PS3 optimized version of it- comes out this fall.

  78. dale a maier says:

    ok, youre all ignoring the interview with HIDEO KOJIMA stating that he is currently trying to port the game. Look it up goddammit, its on!!! He says it himself! also, in an earlier interview, he said that “technically, MGS4 could run perfectly on the Xbox 360, nothing taken out. We would just have to switch it around.” For the record, I do have a life. I just like games. They relieve stress. MGS4 IS coming to the 360, they just said it would take around 6 months to work everything around for it to work. also the ps3 may have blue-ray and an intense cell processor, but every developer on the planet says that 360 is way easier to work with and therefore, they can keep producing better graphics. yes, even better than the ps3. now, the ps3 is a very powerful system, but (from many developers) “incredibly hard to work with.” i hope this all helps, and people, cant we all just get along???

  79. Wesley says:

    I saw MGS 4 the other day i expected much beter graphics then you ps3 fanboys give it credit for mi think it will work smoothly on the 360 infact , where there is a will there is a way

  80. So funny to watch the fan boys go at it – getting so pissy and mad at each other over a consumer product that they pay money to own. As an impartial owner of a Wii, a 360 & original Xbox, a PS2 & PSOne that hasn’t made the leap to PS3 yet….. I can say this is honestly the only game that makes me want to get a PS3 right now.

    But with rumors swirling that Microsoft is already in production on a blu-ray xbox to come out in time for the holidays and Konami already in production on a Xbox version of the game…. I think I can wait.

    Last time around for MSG3 it was pure economics the exclusive license deal was worth more than the opening up to gamers on the M$ console. This time around. In the last gen PS2 had a monster lead in console base. This time 360 still to this date has a pretty firm grasp on the #1 slot, According the the May releases Xbox 360 19M consoles sold, PS3 9.2M. Think Konami can resist the $$$ that 19M represent? Especially when the 360 is killing the PS3 at a 16:2 ratio of platinum selling titles.

    Both consoles are great…. get over it already.

  81. rossi says:

    you little x box fans who thinks x box are better than ps3 need to think about alot of things

    hmmm like free online play…..hmmmmm no critical errors on a ps3…hmmm what else oh yea blu ray…………..dvd WAS the future ps3 fair enough no games……but how much longer has x box been out ……. soo you people jst need to fink

    and oh yeaa mgs4 will not come out on the x box it is sonys game….

  82. Kills Rossi says:

    Ya free crappy laggy online. blue rays coming to 360. funny how ps3 is the one with all the errors. now go kill your self.

  83. Business Man says:

    I think we need to look at this from a business perspective.

    MGS4 a new innovative game comes to the PS3. The companies backing the game, Hideo and Konami, are Japanese where, yes the PS3 is selling better but the Xbox is still selling.

    I think from a profital point of view it would be advantageous to move the game to the 360 as well as it is going to sell, sell, sell.

    There is the factor of exclusivity though, although it will never be official it is probable that Sony infact bought exclusivity status of the MGS4 game and so boost sales of the PS3.

    But as i said it would make sense to bring the MGS4 to the 360 from a point of view which includes money unless the amount paid by Sony for exclusivity would by far outweigh sales predictions if brought onto the 360.

  84. TheSteelest says:

    I don’t know if any of you here have played the game, but throughout the game there are references to Apple – Microsoft’s greatest competitor. All the computers used in the game have the Apple logo and there’s even an Ipod that Snake uses to relieve his phsyce. Not only that, but references to the PSOne and PS2 are all over the last chapters of the game’s story line. How are they going to put that in an Xbox game without changing the gameplay/storyline? I’m a die-hard GTA fan, but MGS 4 is beyond what anyone can explain in words. The graphics are sick, the game-play is edge-of-your-seat non-stop action. It’s not an easy game to beat, because it challenges you to really think of ways to complete the missions. Listen, if you’re considering buying a PS3 and still weren’t sold when GTA IV came out, do yourself a favor and cop one today! You will not regret it. If you’re still wondering which console is the better one to have, this game, by itself, catapolted PS3 over the Xbox 360 by miles. Sure, you have a Blu-Ray movie player, music player, photo-album, full Internet access web-browser, video-phone (with the eye-toy – very good quality, I might add), downloadable games & themes, and now, with the 2.40 upgrade, you can download music from your PS3’s hardrive while playing your games. Oh, and they’ve added a Trophys (something similar to the Xbox 360’s achievements, but better!). But it’s MSG 4 that brings out the best of the PS3. This is truly the only entertainment system you need. The name says it all, PlayStation. Why are you sticking with Xbox again?

  85. Marli says:

    aghh henry i love it when you talk foreign

  86. Marli says:

    aggh henry i love it when you talk kak

  87. FanboyHater says:

    Why there are people that still think MGS4 is going to the 360?
    Let’s recapitulate:

    1. Like TheSteelest says there are many references of Apple, Sony Ericsson, PS1 and previous MGS titles in this game, which adds more doubt to the release of MGS4 in the 360;

    2. Next-gen is all about innovation, and you Xbox owners hope to have this game a year after its release in 6 DVDs?

    This is why I consider the PS3 to be the best console, because you guys just want all the games Playstation has, had or will have. The only thing Micro$oft is being good at is porting games to their console instead of creating/innovating.

    If you guys think that Halo, Gears, etc. are so good, why do you keep asking to have this game on the 360?
    And someone saying this game is the only reason to buy a PS3, then you’re plain retarded. Why?

    Software: Home, XMB in-game, Trophies.
    Games: Final Fantasy XIII, Gran Turismo 5, God of War III, Ratchet & Clank, Uncharted, Killzone 2, Resistance 2, Motorstorm 2, Little Big Planet, SingStar, Buzz, Heavy Rain, Infamous, Siren, SOCOM, White Knight Chronicles, Yakuza, etc. I don’t want to look like a fanboy but man, there are games for all the tastes, and you can’t possibly bash this comments with strong arguments.

    Oh, and why there are guys that come in here just to say that people don’t have a life? Why do you come in here in 1st place?

  88. 666satan666 says:

    i like both playstation 3 and xbox 360 though got a xbox 360 as i was saving and got sick of waiting to save up 800 dollars 800 dollars buy alot of other good things but anyway everyone seems to forget the fact that xbox 360s now have 128 gb hard drives aswell and that metal gear solid 4 could fit on the hard drive even though it would take up half of it though i really dont know if it will come out for xbox 360 as xbox 360 needs an external bluray reader and that will read through usb if they did it that way they should seriously load all of the game onto the hard drive i dont know why consoles dont do this that what i come to love about pc

    vista came along with all its bugs same as xp most of the big bugs are fixed now i have vista with gears of war i have a nvidia 8800gt a great graphics card though my amd dual core lags a wee bit but so do consoles

    i love pc in as ***cds or dvd we store it all on hard drive and use cracks if we feel like it meaning i dont have to insert the game everytime to play it

    all im saying is gamers if you have pc dont forget the pc if you where a fan of starcraft starcraft 2 is coming out soon and if you like command and conquer red alert 2 well good news there to command and conquer red alert 3 is coming out and that is being made by ea well ea will proberly realease it on xbox 360

    all the big companies forget pc companies and corps have to get it into there head that as long as there is smart people called crackers there will always be cracks for pc games to load without the cd or dvd well guess what the xbox 360 is hacked in the way with modded firmware you can play games without the dvd and the playstation 3 will be modded to proberly by means of a custom firmware same as playstation portable companies and corps can try but will never stop this yes they can find out about it and ban wateva then people either find a way around it or buy a new one

    o the one thing i f**ken hate is people telling me to get a life and go jog or some crap i have one and these are the people who cant hack that computers and consoles are the future so why i see everyone fight over playstation 3 is better than xbox 360 and vice versa the real bad guys are the ones who tell us to get a life like gusto say that to me in real life and ill play gta 4 on mmmmm your head with a baseball bat and yes this will be real high definition

    o and by the way pc has blueray readers aswell

    above is my main point

  89. TheSteelest says:

    Re: MGS 4 – I don’t want to be a spoiler, but what I’m about to write doesn’t really spoil the ending, so I guess it’s safe to write. There’s a part in the game when Otacon tells Snake to look for Disc 2 and prepare to insert it in to the console. Snake tells Otacon that he doesn’t see a 2nd disc. Otacon asks Snake if he’s positive that he doesn’t see a 2nd disc and Snake confirms it. Laughing, Otacon tells Snake, “That’s right, we’re on a PS3, there’s no need for a 2nd disc!” It was so funny, because to me, this confirms that MGS 4 is going nowhere! Sorry, Xbox fanboys – MGS 4 will stay with Sony!

  90. FanboyHater says:

    TheSteelest@ Exactly, there’s also a BIG reference to the PS1 in the Screaming Mantis boss fight, where Psycho Mantis says something like: “What? Where’s your data? No memory card! Your hardware has improved!” Then, there’s flashbacks of the PS1 and the PS1 controller. So, even if MGS4 comes to the 360, all of these references, Easter Eggs, and jokes will be cut out, not to mention possible graphics and audio downgrade.

    The 360 could even have a 1000 Gb hard drive and still couldn’t handle MGS4. Why? Because it DOESN’T HAVE a Blu-ray player.
    It would be ridiculous if a 360 owner wastes his money on a Blu-ray player just to play MGS4, that just proves they could certainly buy at least the 399$ 40 Gb PS3 model (which already has Blu-ray included).

    Seriously, I’m no fanboy, in fact, I hate fanboys, but I’m simply presenting FACTS, it’s fair to say the PS3 sucked in its first months, but now it’s only getting better and better. In my opinion (which it doesn’t really matter) the PS3 will eventually be the best console, not that I really care about which console is going to sell more, but what matters is the quality.

  91. james_durnousow says:

    All the Australian PS3s now have downgraded hardrive capacity and no backwards compatibility at all, and all of this was to keep the production cost down, and those ba***ds at sony only did this to Australia. Thats why i really dont want to get a PS3. Sucks to be Aussie.

  92. PS360 says:

    I think it’s just the matter of time. MGS and MGS 2 have all ready been a multiplatform. Just be patient and wait. Probably 4 or 5 years later. Lol!!!

  93. 5skinz says:

    Metal Gear Solid 4 will most likely be on 360, just not any time soon. The only concern I have is how do you fit another syllable into the word subsistence? Incidentally, in response to some complete jokers further up, MGS 2 and 3 were both released on Xbox as substance and subsistence respectively. Also, “Beckiohead” said earlier that “there are far better games that (think she meant than) the Metal Gear Series.” Unfortunately for yourself, if you were talking about any other game in the world you would purely be stating the painfully obvious, however given that you’re talking about MGS, you’re just plain wrong, there are no better games.

  94. Wesley says:

    Fanboy hater i really laughed at your post thats mean from konami hahaha oh man didnt see that coming…………

    but on a serious note

    at a convrence of MGS4 release a reporter asked if there will be a xbox version and one of the Hideo Kojima’s assistants said “there are no plans YET for a xbox version”

    fluit fluit my storie is uit!

    And plus if you guys see the Xbox 360 is getting new features..dashboard.. you can copy games to your hard drive aswell.. looks wicked so i think we will be safe to say we can copy MGS 4 to our hard drives aswel

    lol still cant get over that joke of the disc swopping though lol thats hillarious

    just remember its all about the money at the end of the day

  95. FijianDoce says:

    Copy these to ur browser and read the artcles.
    i also noticed a couple of people saysing stuff about the ps3 console….u’s should see some of these links too.(this guy[Hideo Kojima] is in charge of the stuff that goes on…he should know)



    also some people was talking bout the disks…
    this one here should be read.


    ummm. i didn’t write these articles, im just trying to shed some light on the subject which is now soooooo farrrrr up the page….lol.(did anyone notice that) these are just a couple which i have seen. i normally tend to believe anythin PSU say though so hmmmmm.hahaha.

  96. FanboyHater says:

    5skinz @ You just don’t get it, do you? I’ll put my explanation in caps so that you can understand it better:


    Do you understand now? Or do you want me to draw a picture for you? Do you really, REALLY want MGS4 that bad? REALLY!? DO YOU!? Are you willing to pay 60$ for a box of 6 DVDs? That is just humilliating!
    “Hey guys, I bought MGS4 today, it comes on a box of 6 DVDs, because my Xbox doesn’t have a Blu-ray player like the PS3 does”, and people start asking you:
    “Why didn’t you just buy a PS3?” and you respond:
    “Nah. Too expensive, plus Halo and Gears pwns all!!!” then people start insulting you:
    “What? You bought a 360 because of a couple of games? PS3 is too expensive? Wow, what a retard. You have to pay 50$ every year for your 360’s online service! PS3’s online is free, and it has Blu-ray player that plays Blu-ray CD’s in HD that possess a 50gb capacity.”, then you go like:
    “Huh? Lol, I didn’t understand what you said! Anyway, my 360 is all I care about, nothing more, nothing less. Now if you excuse me, I gotta install this game into my console’s hardrive, which might take a while, but it doesn’t matter. Because I just loooooooooove my Xbox!”


  97. FanboyHater says:

    FijianDoce @ BTW, could you give reliable links to pages that have at least 6 months old, and that don’t appear “Page Not Found” error? Thank you.

  98. merkthps says:

    their are tons of references to ipods macs and ps3 endormsents sunny has a ps3 on the table in the nomand and can be seen playing a psp the. when the mk11 is opend snake is seen holding a ps3 controller acting as if to controll it all of the many computers in the game are Clearly macs and at the end of the game the second to last boss the mind reader psycho mantis references back to him reading your ps1’s memory card and making your controller rumble and you can see flashbacks of the ps1 and memory card slots theirs nothing at all you can realy cut out because all of the cut sceans are relevant and if you miss more than like 5 minutes of one you can become utterly lost some things like the incredibly vast ammount of optional codecs that are included could be cut out possibly the bike chase and first 20 mins of the game

  99. Fullmetal says:

    The only reason i was going to get a PS3 was because of Final Fantasy 13…but since even tht has been stripped away from Sony, getting a PS3 for me just doesnt seem likely. I dont need slightly better graphics to get my gaming woody hard, all I need is to have an enjoyable time with a console. The 360 is what im getting in 2 weeks from now when I move to NY, and im not hopping onto any kind of band wagon…I enjoy the console greatly. All the hit games Im looking forward to this year are coming out on Xbox 360 now anyways such as Fable 2, Gears of War 2, Devil may cry 4 (already out but I havnt gotten to play it yet), Final Fantasy 13….the list go’s on. If ps3 came out with some good games besides the obvious ones, and stepped up there online community, there is no reason why it couldnt surpass the 360..

    Every console has there faults, its learning to cope with those faults and enjoy the benefits that the consle brings you is whats important…so what i I get a red ring..thats what warrenties are what if I dont have any big exclusive games are not on me yet…thts what patientce is for..

  100. Wesley says:

    wow you guys are like really going all out hey??

    We will just have to wait and see… If FFX13 is portable so is MGS4 just keep in mind technology is developing at a great pace and compression is possible and who says it will take 6 discs , its like everybody allready knows it gonna be on 6 disc.. Does uncompressed audio/video ring any bells???

    Konami Chairman:”MONEY MONEY MONEY…. My wife demands MORE MONEY !!! Lets just port that game of hideo Kojima , Im getting desperate .I think this blueray thingy ma bob disc thingy rumor is getting old now, and i have to send my little baby girl to Harvard aswell. Ill do AAANNYYTTHHINGGGGG for my baby girl!” *eyes sparkle*

    I think when MGS has dried out the PS3 owners and everybody forgot about it and this stupid exclusive thing. They’ll bring it to the 360, and ofcourse it will show a PS remote cause all the MGS were on PS OBVIOUSLY so i they will stay true to its brand. I had a PC version of MGS 1 and they also mentioned like press circle button for this and put your remote in the second socket so that i dont read your mind ect ect….
    So i dont think they’ll cut anything out of this one either.

    I think Hideo Kojima just wants every PSfanboy to think MGS4 is old news finished it like a billion times and got every easter egg possible. You 360fanboys can have it , the frame rate sucks and the polygons are out of preportion. And plus we had it FIRST!

    You know it will end up something like that. but hey no one can predict the future :P

  101. FanboyHater says:

    @Fullmetal, PS3 also has big exclusives like God of War 2, FFVersusXIII is still PS3 exclusive, Killzone 2, White Knight Chronicles, Valkyria, MAG, Heavy Rain etc. but It’s not only about pretty graphics or big exclusives, it’s about having a wide selection of genres. But hey, it’s your choice man, the 360 is cheaper anyway.

    @Wesley, Kojima said in an interview that he would most likely create an exclusive series on the Wii or 360, rather than just port MGS4.

  102. adam says:

    i just read right with my own eyes on this web page

    it says that this is “concrete” the boy from konami, wishes to not have his name poppin around all the web and get ****from all the ps3 fanboys, basically….. but i have no problem with sony at all ive stayed loyal to sony since ps1 and i bought a xbox 360 pro as my very first microsoft product – why? – better selection of games. other people may have a different opinion and i respect that. but the 360 selection is better my opinion. anyway i love metal gear and i have played em all, even the nes one mind you im only 21 but i would love to have MGS4 because im a big fan, one of the best series ever is MGS and i sorry but i dont think i wanna get a ps3, the xbox is amazing, go read the article and xbox will be having Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

    p.s. i understand i dont use punctuation all the time its that i just dont feel like it. so if you say (((( about that, i could care less.

  103. adam says:

    i just read a comment about gears and halo xbox exclusive…. it would be amazing to be able to play each other with some crossover have all the fanboys battle it out if MGS$ comes to the xbox why not release exclusives from xbox to ps3 too? id love it who cares im sick of going to a forum and just seeing people argue about exclusives and what system is better…… it’s childish…….

  104. Wesley says:

    @FanboyHater if your telling the truth whats the diffrence between the MGS out on the ps3 and the one “exclusively” to the xbox and wii? On this one site i read all games in the near future will lose their exclusive status and let it be a free for all.

    Thats probably why hideo is keeping quiet about all of this . If he says its gonna go multi platform in x amount of months his screwed if he doesnt……screwed.

    I cant see an exclusive MGS for the other consoles, it will break the cycle i mean whats this one gonna be then MGS rogue hypacrite (the real two face wanna be exclusive tactical espionage) yeah okay pal

    I think why he would make it exclusive to these consoles is merely changing the dialogue here and there and making minor changes he probably saw after making the ps3 version

  105. smooch says:

    MGS4 will never appear on the Xbox 360. It’s a fact.
    Gears of War 2 will never appear on the PS3. It’s a fact.

    It makes me laugh when I read Xbox fan boys saying things like “we don’t want it anyway” It’s a bit like “it’s my ball and I’m going home!” The very same way that PS2 owners said “Halo? who needs that?”

    Envy is a terrible thing and the owners of both consoles have reasons to be envious of the other. They all just hate to admit it. MGS and GOW are two completely different types of games but both are quite simply awesome. (Sorry, Halo didn’t do it for me)

    I bought MGS4 for my PS3 and when Gears of War 2 comes out, I’ll buy it for my XBox. Exclusivity problem solved. Everybody needs to realise that we’re living in great times with two amazing machines and we should be enjoying them and sharing each others enthusiasm for gaming.

    Can we please cut the PS3 vs XBox 360 crap? Particularly when it comes to technical specifications. WHO CARES???

    It’s really getting tiresome. Let’s get on with the gaming and supporting a healthy and fantastic industry.

  106. FanboyHater says:

    @Wesley I wasn’t talking about MGS series on other consoles, I meant that Kojima said he would probably make a *NEW* series on other consoles (other game, other title, different gameplay, catch my drift?), instead of porting MGS4.

    @adam Xbox360 has a better selection of games NOW. But in the near-future, the PS3 will probably have better ones. Just go to Wikipedia and see for yourself all the games each console has and will have. The 360 has amazing games, no doubt. But what about a few years after?

    And from what I’ve heard, 360’s Avatars is copying PS3’s Home, Lips copying Singstar, and Scene-it copying Buzz!. Not to mention that, almost every exclusive game the PS3 gets, the Xbox owners just want it. I’m not so sure, but I don’t think the PS3 owners suffer from the same disease. I also don’t think the 360 has a larger selection of genres (it’s mostly shooters), but it’s just my opinion.

  107. Wesley says:

    smooch i dont think halo could run on the ps2 ou? so what you talking about

    i think you psfanboys are just hanging on to your precious exclusives cause you dont want to be like a **** i payed like $500 and have nothing to show for it. you said it yourself

    “Let’s get on with the gaming and supporting a healthy and fantastic industry.”

    We 360 owners wanna support it aswel but, you wanna denie us that little pleasure in the world aswel what makes you diffrent then?

  108. FijianDoce says:

    @ FanboyHater

    lol i know thier a bit old but their from the man himself(Hideo Kojima) so that why i put them there.(but it is the net so nothing can be trusted lol)

    i just figured that people might actually get it if they saw it for them selves.(but as i said before it is the net nothing can be trusted) which leads me onto my next thing


    i know i posted some links but i have more then one lol so im no hypocrite(at least i hope not) but anyway

    LOOK: New scoop of the month straight from the producer of gears of war himself “PS3 production of Gears is already in full production but might release on week later then the 360″….

    i have the inverted comma’s. so is it real? of course not, i would like it to be real but its not. im just saying to add more then one link :)….(even though mine are fairly old)

  109. PS3 BEST says:

    Listen up…mg4 is never going to appear on xbox 360…you all idiots just look hte blu ray vs dvd and the power of graphics of ps3…SONY BEST U FUKING IDIOTS AND GET A LIFE I AM NOT A FANBOY I GO out a lot (opinion of a normal person) for all you 360 fanboys ******

    only konami wants to metal gear4 appear on 360 not hideo …XDD

  110. smooch says:

    Hi Wesley

    You’re missing my point.

    I love both machines!

    I would have no problem with MGS4 on the Xbox, the same way I would have no problem with GOW on the PS. It just isn’t going to happen. But instead of being gracious about it and admitting that both consoles have some amazing games, the fanboys take to slagging off the other console. Why??

    I was also making the point (not suggesting that Halo wpuld run on PS2) that when Halo appeared, the PS2 owners slagged it off so I was being equally critical of playstation owners.

    And you go and call me a psfanboy!!!

  111. Sandman0923 says:

    MGS4 will come out on the 360 as a repackaged version of the game, there are far more 360 owners than PS3 owners, MGS4 was exclusive to PS3 like promised, now it will be realeased as MGS4 (insert title here), they want the money, they spent alot of money making the game, they deserve to get it back, personally I dont really care about PS3, 360, i would just love cross console gaming, even if they had a fee to play one another online, 360 friendslist, PS3 friendslist, im cool with that.

  112. Wesley says:

    i think it will come, just a matter of time, hey said they dont have any plans for the 360 version yet so i think we will have to see next year at E3 what the plans are if they dont mention anything by that time thn ill give up all hope

  113. FanboyHater says:

    @FijianDoce I was actually a bit rude, sorry about that. I misinterpreted what you were trying to say.

    @Sandman0923 Wow and that is a fact since when? Do you have any proof of what you are saying? Maybe it will come out, even if it does, I really don’t care anyway. By that time, the PS3 will have MAJOR games (exclusive or not), and MGS5 will probably be announced (since MGS4 was very successful).

  114. FijianDoce says:

    all games if given enough time will work for any platform.
    i doubt though that MGS4 will ever see light on an Xbox or that any MGS game will for that matter. but as i just said it could happen given enough time(but highly unlikely).
    !HOWEVER! having said that if it did go to xbox it would have to go onto multiple disks. now i have no idea what goes on but there is some sorta tax that companies have to pay for every disk they make. in essence the less disks you have the poorer the quality. the more disks you have the bigger the tax.(or something to that line)


    i have only listed two but if you go google and type in “rage xbox ps3” you should get every gaming website up with this news.

    so would it be worth playing a game with lesser quality?
    would you want stuff taken out just so you could play it?

    note also that Rage is using a 25GB disk as opposed to the 50GB in MGS4 (that either means lots of disks and a huge tax(for konami) or fewer disks and a poor game(for gamers)).

  115. Wesley says:

    FijianDoce i seriously doubt that, if you add the prices of the amount of DVD ual layer you use it will probably be less then what you pay for a BD anyways so i dont understand your tax laws issues here

    hint hint compression.. idiot

  116. FijianDoce says:

    @ Wesley

    i doubt you read the links then.. if you compress the data you lose quality.
    if you read my last two lines of my previous comment you can see what i am meaning.( it was for those who said earlier something about konami needing to make a profit and that they wouldnt mind having multiple disks)
    as far as prices go a blu-ray disk cost just the same as a DVD.

    if you go down half the page its in bold.
    if a producer wishes to use more then one disk(i think-not goin to bother backing) microsoft get a royalty this hurts the profits of the company, whereas with blu-ray it can be put on one disk without compression and not have to worry.
    also if id(creators of rage) say that one extra disc is causing problems then the royalties must be pretty big.

    50GB 5-6 DVD’s thats gunna be a huge royalty payment.

    i try not to put down information that i cant back up. i would normally put down more then one link but this site hasn’t been wrong yet so i believe what they say.

    see i dont call people idiots because i think there wrong everyone is entitled to thier own opinions, if i am going to disagree then i will provide some evidence to prove that what i am saying isn’t made up.

  117. kamui says:

    I played and finished the game. And if the game is really good( there are moments that it gives you the shivers when you see what’s really happening) i can say this, the first time you put the game you hae to wait about 15 minutes for it to load data into the hdd, then you have to wait again between each chapter again( 2 to 3 minutes). this said, if the blue-ray is so freaking fast at reading data why is this necessary? If mgs 4 comes for 360, it will come on multiple dvd’s, and each dvd will mostly a chapter of the game(5 dvd maybe). Now,about the console processment power, have you people seen the video of gears of war 2?! The only thing that came into my mind was’ holy ****!’. The game is amazing, at least the video, and i played the first one. So wait and see like some people said here, don’t talk nonsense about hardware and programming,please? The celd shading confusion was pathetic….

  118. FanboyHater says:

    @ kamui

    “i can say this, the first time you put the game you hae to wait about 15 minutes for it to load data into the hdd, then you have to wait again between each chapter again( 2 to 3 minutes). this said, if the blue-ray is so freaking fast at reading data why is this necessary?”

    Maybe that’s because the production team didn’t fully cracked the PS3’s code, but idk.

    but I think that the MAIN REASON why the Blu-ray (50gb capacity) is more powerful than a HD-DVD (around 10 gb capacity), it’s because of its superior storage space, therefore, it’s easier to fit better textures and better audio data into a Blu-ray disk.

    Also, the 360 version of MGS4 would be of lesser quality (lesser framerate, graphics or audio data), because the PS3 uses the HDD to generate data (or something similar), which makes for a more fluid reading of the disk, and the 360 doesn’t. I know I read something like this somewhere, but I don’t remeber where…

    “The celd shading confusion was pathetic….”

    Agreed, and just to clear things out, Cel Shading is the type of graphics that games like Dragon Ball or Naruto use. It’s cartoony graphics if you will.

  119. Wesley says:

    And who says its gonna be 5-6 discs the game only took about 25gb capacity

  120. Wesley says:

    this is a quote from a interview i got off the internet

    GP: Is MGS4 still planned as an exclusive PS3 game? Do you have any interest in Xbox 360 development?

    Kojima: Well, yes, I do have strong interest in creating something for the Xbox 360. In the US and Europe, it is selling, and I think it will sell a lot this year as well. I’m a fan of Gears of War as well, it’s very interesting.

    Frankly speaking, I want to create something on the PC. It’s a multi-platform [format]. I’ve been regularly studying work on the PC anyways, and I want to provide something as a world-wide platform because of the consequences with timing on the PlayStation platforms, MGS4 is actually for the PS3 only so far.

    GP: If you ever made an Xbox 360, would you find it difficult to work with because it uses a standard DVD?

    Kojima: It’s not necessarily challenging or difficult, it’s just a matter of how we do it. It might be a couple of discs, or possibly a new form of dual-layer.

    So there you have it , If MGS4 wasn’t capable of running on xbox 360 then he would of set the record straight.

  121. FanboyHater says:

    @ Wesley

    “And who says its gonna be 5-6 discs the game only took about 25gb capacity”

    I’ve heard people say this game took 33gb, others say it took the whole disk, in any case, I’m pretty sure MGS4 uses a dual-layered disk. In other words, it surpasses the 25gb capacity. Anyway, dual-layered or not, MGS4 simply doesn’t fit in DVD. Even if it does, the game would considerably be of less quality.That’s what I was just trying to say on my last post.

    About your 2nd post…

    I think this interview is irrelevant about whether Konami is going to port MGS4 or not.

    Also, Kojima doesn’t say anything about whether or not MGS4 could work on the 360 . The only thing he says, is that he could create something for the Xbox.

    Kojima’s main point is that he wants to CREATE something on other platfroms. And please, spare me, if anyone is going to say something like this:
    “Kojima/Konami said that he/they doesn’t have any plans of porting MGS4 *YET*, that means he/they are probably going to make a 360 version of MGS4”.
    First of all, this doesn’t mean anything, just because they don’t have “plans YET”, doesn’t mean they’re actually going to do it. Things are more complicated than this.
    Second, as everyone knows, English is not the main language of the Japanese people (well, duuuhh!), and Kojima has difficulties when talking in English, so I wouldn’t put much trust in words like “only so far” or “we don’t “have any plans yet”.
    Third, Kojima also said that he wanted to create a new gaming series instead of just porting MGS4. He said something like this in an interview.

  122. Jer says:

    people like you amuse me. Don’t get *****when people say they would like to see mgs4 on the 360. did you know that the first two original mgs’ (before playstasion) were releast on the pc & published by microsoft. It wouldn’t be a surprise if kojima decided to return to his roots. & seeing in how another rumor about mgs 1 is going to be releast for xbox live arcade, I think it wouldnt be a bad sales idea. & never underestimate the power of the 360, look at Gears of War & Call of Duty 4 (which runs at 60 fps while PS3 runs on 30). & PS3 fanboys, don’t get a hissy fit because 360 is taking all your exclusives Like Devil May Cry 4 & GTA 4. you guys are really sensitive when it comes to 360. Don’t hate. So what if Mgs Comes out for 360? I hear rumors of Gears of War 3 comming out for PS3 & you don’t hear me complaining. Cause we all know games for 360 & PS3 always do better on 360 ;)

  123. FijianDoce says:

    just to back up what FanboyHater said and also to wesleys comment here is a link
    just one this time, i tire looking for multiple, but that doesn’t mean theres only one site.–a0002947-p0.php

    this is just regarding disk size. :).

  124. Wesley says:

    omg thats weak hahaha u almost had me convinced there for a moment..
    first of all hideo kojima’s one designer said this he was sitting 2 chairs away from him and his english seemed fluently enough for me thank u.

    And these guys are genuises and your telling me that they cant talk enlgidh or they are just hoping the word popping out of theyre mouths are the righ ones . GIVE ME A BREAK **********HEAD


    god give me strenght

  125. ffgamera says:

    i dont know why everyone thinks blu-ray is the only reason why mgs4 cant be ported to xbox 360.
    cell broadband engine: 8 processors
    Reality Synthesizer graphics chip…
    btw blu-ray isnt slow at all, it is actually at least ten times faster than DVD and its not duplicated data, its less compressed data.
    and dont use multiplatform games as an example… its embarrasing to fanboys who think 360 is better than ps3.
    and the game is already released. i have seen what the 360 can do and its nowhere near as great as ps3. compare it people, dont look at it from a biased point of view, research it properly.

  126. tony says:

    PS3 IS AS GOOD AS A 360

  127. fijiandoce says:–a0004643-p0.php


    the link says it all.
    if you want more go to google news and just type in “MGS4”
    hopefully people will start getting it.

    god damn. leave the poor man alone!

  128. Older and wiser.. says:

    Sounds like a bunch of spoiled ****teengaged kids to me. Ooh, look at my playstation 3 my mommy bought me. She also pays my bills a licks my ****, **** punks. Playstation 3 is ****boring. Yeah, i’m gonna’ go out and buy a ****ps3 with ****online support and play a bunch of ****recycled sports games with ‘slightly’ updated rosters. *****kids…

  129. Wesley says:

    Is official in, my opinion hideo kojima just lost millions of fans , just to keep his so called roots clean. fine if he doesnt want to port it then its his loss, it was meant to be experienced not to keep a company who supported them happy.

    MGS 4 has as much of a chance coming to XBOX 360 as what the chances are of xbox developing a BD external drive. Its official its an exclusive. Live and let live.

    Guess we have to live with that. anyways whats the next game that we are gonna argue about

  130. Fijiandoce says:

    @ Older and wiser

    as far as i can see most people have been giving there own opinions on what they think on the matter.


    from the sound of your comment you sound like a the spoiled teenager you make us out to be.

    @ Wesley

    lol at ur final phrase :)

  131. FanboyHater says:

    Hmm… why are so many people saying that I’m a fanboy just because I express my point of view? You rather have a retarded coversation? Well, I think this blog is swarming with too many 360 fanboys.

    People, it’s ok if MGS4 doesn’t come out (OR does come out) to the 360, what matters is that life goes on (I think)!

  132. FanboyHater says:

    Hmm… why there are so many people saying that I’m fanboy just because I THINK that MGS4 is not going to be ported? I’m just discussing FACTS and possibilities, but you guys seem to prefer a ******conversation… I think this blog is swarming with **********fanboys.

    Anyways, if MGS4 doesn’t come to the 360 (or even if it DOES get ported), life goes on (I think), boys and girls!

  133. ...! says:

    Guys, it’s just not going to happen, you can whine and complain about Xbox 360/Ps3. but nothing will change. Keep bitching and complaining, and see how many of YOUR problems get solved. We’re all wasting our time with this.

  134. Wesley says:


    No doubt ou , hideo aint gonna budge. HE should of just set the record straigh from the beginning instead of just saying… Its an exclusive for now.. Or there are no plans yet.

    Darn it man stop jerking our chain. If you didnt want to port it in the 1st place then you should of said so in the interviews you had in the beginning. Like HA 360 they wish. get my drift

    360 owners we can always check the video’s on youtube atleast lol

  135. Graeme says:

    You guys are all stupid… metal gear WILL come out on xbox 360 due to the same reason it was released for the ps1…MONEY. Kojima might say he doesnt like Ms but why did he release his last 2 Mgs games on the XBOX…. It took roughly five to eight months for Mgs 2 & 3 to be released after there playstation release dates…and by the way, NO1 will care about swapping disks FINAL FANTASY VII, VIII & IX were roughly 4 disks each (and mgs1 was 2 disks) and i didnt hear anyone complain then… Who needs Blu Ray…Not me!!! Trust me i like the Ps3 Due to its reliability But theres not enough decent games out…BUT YOU GUYS WILL PROBABLY LOVE GOD OF WAR (Lucky Ps3) So Smile don’t complain… You get MY FAV game…

  136. FanboyHater says:

    Oh, and btw… you know that God of War is produced by Sony, right?

    *turns around and farts* for some reason…

  137. FanboyHater says:

    Graeme, wow you’re retarded…

    “metal gear WILL come out on xbox 360 due to the same reason it was released for the ps1…MONEY”

    LOL, what? So if I understand you correctly, then you’re basically saying that videogames were created because of… money? No ***********? Correct me if I’m wrong please, because I don’t think you expressed yourself very well…

    “Kojima might say he doesnt like Ms but why did he release his last 2 Mgs games on the XBOX… It took roughly five to eight months for Mgs 2 & 3 to be released after there playstation release dates…”

    Did Kojima say he didn’t like Micro$oft? Hm, I don’t remember that… plus, only MGS2: Substance was released on the Xbox. MGS3: Snake Eater and MGS3: Subsistence (re-release of Snake Eater, but better) is PS2 ONLY.

    “and by the way, NO1 will care about swapping disks FINAL FANTASY VII, VIII & IX were roughly 4 disks each (and mgs1 was 2 disks) and i didnt hear anyone complain then…”

    Like I said, wow you’re ******, are you comparing PS1/PS2’s generation to PS3’s generation? At the time, we didn’t complain about that because of… uhm… it was 5/10 YEARS AGO!!!

    Not enough decent games, huh? *sigh* I’m tired of naming all the games that will be out on the PS3… I think I’m going to bed or some ****…

  138. Wesley says:

    When are they shutting down this blog i mean we all know MGS 4 is an PS3 exclusive . I was so convinced that it would make it to the X360 . BUT loyalty comes to mind… maybe it will come to X360 when it hits platinum or something…. Someday, or when people start comparing it to Snes super mario games lol

    I love my xbox 360 my gf knows she comes second there hehehe with rumor flying around that we are reaching the end of the X360 limits and the new “X760” on the way this rumor will die away in time.

    The only reason i dont see this coming to X360 is purely blue ray wise or the fact there are only playstation controls in the game.

    Maybe Mass Effect 2 will substitute this awesome game for time beign when its released next year

  139. Michael says:

    Okay if you didn’t know, the only reason why 360 sales increased in Japan was because of the Release of Ace Combat 6, get your facts before you try to argue. The Ace Combat is a huge thing in Japan, but back to the main thing, MGS4 was on a duel layer Blue-Ray Disk which has 50 GBs on it. Now think of it- It cost money to produce a disk, now imagine if the 360 version has to have 4-5 disk, now imagine about 1 million copies around the world-you see it now? Producing all those disk would be costly on Konami’s Part, but might get none to a little profit, not the best interest if you want money. Second issue is porting it over, as others here have stated, would be costly too decreasing the amount of profit, and then there is alot of Sony references in the game itself, are you going to change all the PS3’s and PSP’s to X-Box stuff? I don’t think so, it would be a waste of time and money. So no i don’t see MGS4 going to 360 you failures.

  140. ffgamera says:

    Have any of you played the game? It’s not possible AT ALL!
    The cellphones in the game are Sony Ericsson, there is an iPod in the game. All computers in the game are Apple. Otacon breaks the fourth wall in Act 4 by telling Snake to change discs but corrects himself by saying it’s for Blu-ray Dual Layer and PS3, so theres no need to swap.
    The game was released 3 months ago, and still no announcement, just denials.
    MGS4 uses 5 of the processor cores of ps3 (it has eight altogether).
    Compressing 50GB data to 8.5GB is impossible.
    The graphics surpass all other PS3 games.

  141. Wesley says:

    Tell us something we dont know durrrrr. Hideo Kojima did say its possible but theres a beter chance of me buying a PS3 then MGS4 coming to X360.

    Then you know how low the ods are if me and every other X360 owner think the same way

  142. Zobu says:

    Ok ok ok Guys We all know that it wont be coming out on the 360 I mean sure it would kick ass if it did but its not.Wesley and ffgamera Have a point I agree with them Its not gonna happen I played the game its by far one of the best , I personally have a 360 but love the MGS series. the 360 die hard fans are just going to have to take it like men and accept that they wont get a 360 version. Oh By the way how did u guys feel about the final fight with liquid , I myself Loved it.

  143. D says:

    360 Will have MGS4 Weather PS3 Ffanboys agree or not.
    The game Guns of the Patriots will not be on the 360 the Substace or Plus version will however.
    That game will not be headed be Kojima.

  144. Wesley says:

    Hey guys guess what i read on N4G today… Yup another rumor of MGS4 coming to X360… No im serious..

    i think IF we see MGS game on X360 then it will surely be a Substances version we all know that Konami has noticed how many of they’re precious PS fans switched over to the X360 for cheaper console reasons. And due to the world wide demand of MGS on X360 Konami just might give us a bite of the cookie after all.

    But at this moment this Konami claim “to be looking into it” So expect a posible substanes version… If its possible on a DVD9 M$ has gone out on a limb saying the horse power of they’re “monster machine” can handle Metal Gears graphics no sweat…being a X360 owner myself i seriously doubt that

    Only time will tell I guess. Kojima Productions wont go down with a fight i can tell u that. Lets see if this stays a Sony Computer entertainment title..

  145. ... says:

    they didn’t say i would come to xbox 360 but they checked for a possible port if it can run on xbox 360. and its no problem

  146. ... says:

    mgs 4 can run on xbox 360. it might need 2 or 3 cds. but the xbox have no problems running it…. so

    and i don’t care if it won’t be realesed on xbox
    i find the xbox better because of the games like gears of war-halo 3-fable 2-and the rest and because it rocks online

  147. Wesley says:


    Respect ou i agree so with you. and shhh about the spoilers.. i just might get the game on PS3 one day lol

  148. Truth says:

    Okay, Metal Gear Solid 4 is a great game, there are many great games on the 360 as well, so what if you don’t have Metal Gear Solid 4, your life isn’t going to end. And besides, games get old, no matter how good they are they will get old. Those who are willing to buy a PS3 which will last them a good 9+ years just for one damn game should take this into consideration.

  149. Matthew says:

    MGS3 was not released for the XBox at the time because it didn’t sell as well. MGS1 sold over 6 million copies, with MGS2 selling over 7 million copies. MGS3 sold just under 4 million copies. This is where MGS4 was in August – considering the games of next-gen systems are drastically more expensive to make than those of the last-gen (IE, MGS3), it would definitely end up being MORE cost efficient for them to port it over to the 360, especially considering how high in demand it is. Capcom and Square both found this out, hence why their former exclusives are no longer exclusives. It’s nearly impossible for such high-quality games to remain exclusive if the gaming companies want to remain in business (this was said over a year ago about Final Fantasy XIII and why it was clear it would be released on the 360 as well. Naturally, few believed the idea and lo and behold… FFXIII on the 360).

  150. A Salaamed Forges Tower Girl says:

    I got both ps3 and xbox 360 i cant see MS giving Gears of War to the ps3 or Sony giving Metal Gear Solid 4 to the xbox 360,

    PS2 had the same problem at the start xbox look close to reachin its limits already the ps3 has a lot more to give.

    The xbox 360 was so flawed i had 6 die on me all brand new and dead all with in a year so lucky with that 12 months return.

    both good gaming machines but the ps3 is the stronger

  151. Wesley says:

    great comments im loving it.

    And one wont just buy a PS3 purely for gaming, most people i know are buying it are for gaming and the ever so popular BD movies.

    And we all know for a fact MGS 4 will never go multi it wont and IF it does it will be old news anyways everybody would of read all the spoilers and check out all the boss battles anyways

    That said….

    This rumor died again, so we will probably be back here for our secret meeting again in 3 months time for some other MGS 4 rumor… Dont forget to bring your back cape.

  152. Naomi says:

    Well, to be honest this game was amazing and almost made me cry !, There isnt cutscenes, theyre all the same and the in-game grapics, and the game installed very quickly (5 mins max), i like the x-box 360 however i dont belive this game will make it over, and to the guy who said Bioshocks a 360 exclusive, do your research boy !, also the Blue-Ray is actually a faster medium to read from.

    Another thing i havent seen mentioned is that blue ray is still being developed, with prototypes already existing showcasing 200gb + capacities, and with blue-ray being the confirmed “industry standard” of the future i think this shows that the ps3 is much more future proof as are its games, if you think of this as you would with a ps1 or 2, you can see that on the next generation of consoles they will only need to incorporate the blue ray compatability where-as if the x-box next generation of consoles utilises the next-gen of blue-ray discs theyd have to incorporate 2 types of reader into one system, where-as the ps3 is pretty much future-proof as far as its games go as its much more likely that future sony consoles will be using the same storage medium, just more advanced which means back-wards compatability is much more likely.

    Nuff Said ?

  153. Brady says:

    Yeah, They probably will release it for 360. Assuming 360 users want to watch the whole game as a movie. 360 uses 8.5 GB capacity DVD not HD-DVD. Kind of obvious since Microsoft released an HD-DVD player. Who the hell pays attention anymore?

  154. Wesley says:

    well that MGS 4 rumor died faster than a fling with a previous ex gf. its like nobody ever mentioned it hahaha and yeah it will never work on a xbox 360 unless they sell the game pre installed ona xbox hdd lol thats the only sulotion i can think of

  155. davdynasty says:

    honestly, i think all these ps3 fanboy and xbox 360 fanboy arguments are stupid. to ps3 fanboys, xbox 360 has more exclusives and some great games, get over it! to xbox 360 fanboys, ps3 also has great games even if you don’t agree, get over it!

    and let’s face some logic here, it’s BLU RAY vs DVD DL! get over the fact that xbox 360 performs better than the ps3! it’s amazing that the 360 looks as good as the ps3 with DVD DL, so let’s leave it there! btw, i have both consoles and i am enjoying MGS4 and gears of war 2! so stop whinning and get both system rather than spend years bitching about which console is better.

    also, ps3 has a lot of other great exclusives. are we all forgetting Killzone 2? or do xbox 360 fanboys want to deny that game altogether because its too much of a threat to halo? what about final fantasy versus 13 the final fantasy that is still exclusive to ps3 and won’t be 5 dvd discs long?
    also, the fact that the xbox 360 can handle gears of war 2 means that it can handle a fair bit so shut the hell up and just enjoy what each console has to offer.

  156. Aidan Nelson says:

    MGS 4 is coming to the xbox 360 wheather you like it or not, konami has announced it already and it’s due to be released in may 2010. The xbox 360 version will have 1 disc but will not have as much data as the ps3 MGS 4 had. The only downside for this is that Sony have asked Microsoft if Gears Of War 2 can be released on the PS3, Microsoft have yet to reply, and in my opinion MGS 4 would be great for the xbox 360 but giving Gears Of War 2 to the PS3 is not a good thing.
    All this talk about the xbox 360 having 5-6 discs is a ********. The PS3’s MGS 4 is 50gbs because they used a load full of stuff on it, the 360 version is getting rid of that and so there 9gbs will be perfect for it.
    Also the xbox 360 version of MGS 4 is apparently going to be better than the PS3’s, have fun SONY fanboys.

  157. FijianDoce says:

    its me again(just looking through old bookmarks deciding which ones to delete and i came across this one)

    @Aidan….link please :)…..and just what is this “stuff” you speak of??-(which supposedly fills 50GB).

    your second paragraph… are aware that DVD and Blu-ray are ONLY storage mediums. the stuff stored on them is not what you’ll see on the screen, its only information. the processor decides what the information will look like on the screen.
    so on that note i would disagree with your logic.(unless u were tryin to get something else across in which case correct me)

  158. Gray Wolf says:

    Who gives a about PS3, 360, or Wii, I think we cann all agree its an immense game, one of the best MGS’s created. (I personally loved MGS3).

    Has anyone ever thought of selling tickets on here? Its like $5 a ticket to watch PS3 fanboys (or girls) and Xbox 360 fanboys (no girls) fight each other, god damn I’d be rich by bedtime! LMAFO Cant wait to see the negitive comments about this :D:D:D:D:D:D

  159. GuruFunk says:

    The “stuff” could possibly be the multiple copies of data needed for the game. Since BD has so much space, a lot of it has to be filled so the lens doesn’t have to jump around the disc to find the data. That is one of the reasons why the ps3 requires game installation so that some of that data is already stored so the lens doesn’t have to jump even more. With uncompressed audio and multiple copies of data it is no wonder that MGS4 takes 50gigs. If enough data is removed and the audio is compressed I’m quite sure the game will fit on one DVD.

  160. FijianDoce says:

    @ GuruFunk
    i think i had a post somewhere up the page where hideo said fitting all that he wanted onto the disc was hard and because of that stuff was cut and others compressed. however im not sure what you would need multiple copies of data for though(please elaborate). none the less here are the links.–a0002924-p0.php–a0002947-p0.php

    they had a hard time compressing it for the 50GB disc. note somewhere along the line something was done to include MGO in the final product though.

  161. GuruFunk says:

    A BD single layered holds 25gigs. Say a game is 7.5gigs and is placed on a DVD and a BD. There will be no big problem with the DVD because it can only contain about 8gigs. But if you place the the 7.5gigs onto a BD there will be 17.5gigs of free unused space. When the lens begins to read the BD it will have to search for that data; however there is more free space than occupied. The lens will be searching the entire disc to try to locate the data which will result in longer load times. By coping the data so the lens doesn’t have to search and search for the data the result will be roughly 22.5gigs total.

    How MGS supposedly takes up 50gigs is beyond me. The only thing I can think of is there is data copied whether compressed or uncompressed or saying that the game takes 50gigs is just a lie to give reason why the game cannot come to the 360. I just cannot believe a game(data copied or not, compressed or uncompressed) takes up 50gigs of space.

  162. Ozzy says:

    Facts Shmaks, if it come out on the 360, i will be happy, if it doesn’t i don’t care. Simple as that.

  163. Richard says:

    Look, if it does come out on the 360 i will be happy, but listen, if it does come out on the 360 it would take a long time like a year or year and a half. The reason why is because they already have the game, but they need to convert it to the 360 system, controllers, driver etc. But the biggest thing is the disk issue. Look they would be spending that time figuring out how to get it on to a disk, one answer would be to reduce the graphics a tiny bit, and i would be fine with that, as long as i get to play it it would be fine. And remember this for all you graphic ppl out there, graphics dont make a great system, games do.

  164. Undecided says:

    It really mostly depends on which exclusives you like more when deciding on a system. I love bioshock and gears of war (halo for some people but I hate it), but I love Metal Gear Solid and God of War equally, if not more. (But I only own a 360 right now). I know this might sound ridiculous, but the games that come out for both systems like Devil May Cry, Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Sports games, ect. I would much rather play on an Xbox, only because I love the 360 controller. It is so comfortable and I think it’s way easier to do what you want then the playstation. I had a ps2, so I used the controller my whole life and loved it, but when the xbox came out the first thing I thought was how much better the controller is for the xbox. Other then the controller, the ps3 probably has the 360 beat when it comes to the system itself. I have to admit it man. Wireless built in, blueray, bluetooth, and it looks cooler.

  165. ray says:

    this is for all you people who speak in absolutes…

    remember, the more you think you know about something. the less you actually are aware of.

  166. Snoop says:

    ppl lets get one thing straight….. ps3 is the king xbox is a waste of time
    metal gear will never come on xbox so please stop having high hopes
    xbox is crap
    ps3 has got soooooooo many features which are better then the xbox

  167. Correct Person says:

    lol the ps3 has ZERO features better than the xbox, besides blu-ray, which is tanking anyways. Idiots

  168. Charlay says:

    blu-ray won the format war so microsoft WILL bring out a blu-ray drive. then there’s no hassle. Done!

  169. the joy says:

    MGS4 released on PS2 version??????????????????????????????????

  170. truth be told..bitches! says:

    oh yeah and i forgot, WIRELESS BUILT IN NOT SOME 50 DOLLAR ADAPTER….!!!11!!!11 MGS4 RULES! GOD OF WAR!

  171. truth be told..bitches! says:

    alright all fanboys saying that ps3 is ***xbox is ***.. I HAVE HAD BOTH, i had the xbox for about 7 months and i was enjoying cod4 and gears of war on it.. untill it broke down. so i decided to get it repaired, and within a few weeks that was starting to show signs of breaking down(RROD but disappers after you restart it, freezing while playing games and stuff) anyway after that i decided to sell that ************and buy a ps3. now i see why there are so many sony fanboys.. ps3 OWNS 360, graphics wise, AND console wise. not once have i met a person that had their ps3 break down, where as i’ve got a friend who has got RROD 4 times and is on his 5th xbox now.. and the futures better then the xbox that ps3 has:better graphics ,(I DONT CARE WHAT YOU SAY IT DOES, EVERY ps3 GAME IS BLURAY HD) faster processor(LOADS FASTER),looks better(CHROME SHINE), rechargiblecontroller(NOT BATTRIES) and last butnot least MOST RELIABLE

  172. dam_them says:

    @ truth be told..bitches!

    you must be *******the red ring break down is a heating issue it only happened to me once because i didnt let it breath you should of know after the first time and im not a fanboy I played the game at a friends house and it was good but it didnt do it for me it was like if GRAW and spilter cell had a baby…… what I am saying is that it didnt feel like MGS I had more fun playing MGS2 with is my favorite MGS of all time

  173. dam_them says:

    OH and I hate all the raiden haters out there he is a cool guy. yeah yeah his GF doesn’t know when to STFU but all the bs about not being able to aim if you played the xbox MGS 2 as snake he aimed the same way

  174. colin says:

    i highly highly doubt there gonna put MGS4 on xbox 360, thats like halo games coming out 4 ps3 it just isnt gonna happen, i myself own a 360 and use 2 play the MGS games, i would love 2 see MGS4 on the 360 but thats one of ps3’s reasons 4 selling is the MGS games, just like it was the halo games that made xbox big, just face it guys there not gonna put it on the 360,

  175. Bunnyman says:

    Well I wouldn’t go as far as saying that’s like halo games releasing on the ps3 too because that’s strictly microsoft series, and the mgs series has been released on other platforms, like final fantasy for example which everyone said XIII would never be released on the 360. cause final fantasy has been from nintendo to sony and the PC market (FFXI)

    It’s no big deal to me whether it get’s released or not as i’ve already completed the game (I like it just as much as snake eater) but I do have a few mates that only own the 360 and I don’t like lending my ps3 to anyone, even buddies >:X

    let’s hope we hear some news about it soon though eh

  176. Yes MGS4 will be coming on xbox 360 because xbox 360 is better then ps3 there is a lot of 360 then ps3 because xbox 360 is better then ps3. ps3 has Blu-ray and a cell processor and yet no one wants it. I do not hate ps3 but it duz not have eneything i want but mgs4

  177. Licourtrix says:

    Guys, I’m saying this as the final word of sorts, its march 14th and no xbox360 release of MGS: 4. Lets put aside our snobby “my console is so much better than yours” attitudes for a minute and think. Gamers are not appreciated, they’re misunderstood to enjoy such violence on an epic level that no one is surprised if a mass murderer regularly plays a video game. Most people can’t buy a game without some freaking moron thinking “they’ll try to do the stuff in the game.” Stand together, the PS3 is a good system, it has its Pros and Cons, The Same goes for the Wii, and 360, every game system ever made has had competitors and since the wii, xbox and ps3 are still being made, sold and bought and not forgotten they are equals in thier own rights, the only system that fails are the ones you forget.

  178. TOA SIKSTYLE23 says:

    well i have always been a playstation fan, but when both systems came out the 360 was much more affordable for me. so i got a 360 now i love it.
    although i wish mgs4 would come out for the 360 that way i could save 400 bucks i dont believe it will happen. if it does it will suprise the crap out of me. but either way come june i am buying a ps3 soly to play mgs4. this game would be the only reason for me to buy one. and with the release of kill zone 2, and some other exclusives. i will say xbox live trumps playstation network. with the exception of playstation being free. all in all i think the ps3 is a way better system, but i love my 360 and would prefer to play on it. with the exception of metal gear cause i have always played it on a ps. best of luck to anyone wanting it on the 360 cause i do also. and congrats on ps3 fans. as of right now ps3 fans have the best game series ever made.

  179. darren says:

    is mgs4 on xbox 360 in the uk

  180. MSXROCKS says:

    I bought ps2 for mgs/dbz series, I bought a ps3 for mgs(and gta4 but did not get burst limit), I will buy a ps4 for mgs. Got the picture ?
    Gear fans are targeted hard. So hard that sony know the specs, gear will statistically participate in saving ps3 from its laborious market hit. They don’t care about KP as Konami sold the exclusivity. Sony wins, Konami wins. I am not sure Kojima agree with all that because the audience is the victim.
    Come on, for a decade now, all games are ported in no time once they receive green light but guess what ? MGS4 don’t because technically too heavy XD ! Or cell BBE too powerfull or Blu-ray is blue like the light sabers, DVD is green like matrix or HD-DVD is dead because it is red (villain) and blu-ray is blue(hero)?

    Trust me on that, this has nothing to deal with the cpu nor optical drive or gpu. It is actually the opposite, when a cpu architecture is new, it is very hard to get it work at decent capacity, it is risky, remember e-motion ?

    Look at Crysis with only 2 or pseudo-4 cores ?
    Cell bbe cores can have really outstanding parallel processing perspectives for scientific calculations and even games but none of those processors are used at a 100% for games. Actually, if you reach 100% activity for highly interactive applications, this means that the program is not well designed for the target platform. If you are rendering heavy model mathematical calculations then interactivity is irrelevant as you let the machine do its jobs alone (while you are playing games).

    All pretended technical reasons why gear is not out on 360 are all void according to me. As mentioned, 360 gpu is better, blu-ray/cell bbe is a masterpiece…
    Exclusivities, nowadays, can only be the reasons why games are released on a specific platform or not. We could only play gta 4 on ps3 for about months because sony agreements with rockstar were behind. I like sony but as a genuine metal gear fan, I do not approve newer market approachs. They are not alone though.

    Everybody knows, or at least feel, now that if a game get the green light for another same gen console, it will show up in no-time after the release on the platform that got the exclusivity as it was initially scheduled. There is not even “porting” efforts discussions. It is logical because sometimes porting games with drastically different hardware target platform would almost imply a lot of extra efforts if not planned from the beginning.

    They are trying to convince us with pathetic technical issues ? let’s talk about it
    I guess all gear game / anims can be stored in very few gigs if properly optimized and knowing the efforts of guys like Huera(humbly head of KP R&D), I am sure it is the case.
    Another one pointed out the sound. Even if the sounds is uncompressed, I am sure that samples are called as dynamically as possible wherever they could. This was a good point.

    As Mentioned, and thanks to notice it, mgs4 is fully real-time rendered.
    I would love seeing all games fully using the power of a let say even nvidia 5k or 6k series.
    A 7800 equivalent is extremely fast. The high-level API(dx on pc’s) version adressing them is less relevant in the console world where the developer knows already that every end-user will have a pretty similar hardware. They can freely kick inside low-level fixes and hacks. Consummer pc’s are different from one person to another. It is two different world.

    Buying 9k series because ms-dx10 compliant ? Why consoles are rendering decently with 7k series ? Ah ! the shaders… Ok I understand… Shaders are eye-candies that get written fast if you get the use of it. They can be created and their rendering can be accelerated on older gpus
    Ati or Nvidia will for sure dedicate their efforts to their best investors (that’s why you can’t find any nvidia driver update for the pretended ps3 “computer”). I mean technically, ps3 is/was the top of the line linux workstation but is locked in a sloppy manner by sony. By the way, thanks ps2dev team for the A+B demonstration of that fact.

    The ps3 has a nvidia rsx gpu… I am really sad sony made their possible to block the access to the rsx, preventing young dev fellows to properely express themselves with something more official than the OOpo ps2dev toolchain.
    Again, it is also understandable as a business issue. If you are Sony, what would you tell to your customers such as big dev groups(Konami, EA, UBI…) purchasing hundred of dev seats licences if you give the toolkit for free ? You have to lock it or everybody develop with open and free toolchains.
    So Sony is not only targeting us as end-gamers but as well game dev groups, bringing them a lot of cash for the right to develop on their hardware.
    This relationships put the console manufacturer on top of things but has nothing to deal with real engineering.

    I have most consoles but I strongly feel the best one is a home pc, a console you can have your hand on it to develop its software for free or its hardware.

    Sony pretended to sell a true computer as you can install any linux distro on it. The gpu is blocked, the whole renders as a pentium 3 if you don’t purchase the right to “XMB-sign” roms for it.

    Pay, Pay, Pay or let consoles die for getting us back on them.

    That’s it, if you read this post you will see I am not religiously for ps3, 360, wii, ati or nvidia.

    PS: I prefer video games rather than jog or getting a life.

  181. niiixxxxxxieeee says:

    search the topic on ign. so you would now know how long its already been that they are still going to go for the xbox 360 release.

  182. MSXROCKS says:

    Maybe MGS4 360 is planned. But if it is not out yet, it is not for engineering purposes but for business / commercial ones.
    Kojima productions is one of the very top-notch game-dev teams in the world, then can port it fast.

  183. Gergolot says:

    I think this argument is a joke, everywhere you go on the net, people argue about the two systems… it’s just sad. I’m a twin, I have a PS3 and my brother has a Xbox. We like them both for different reasons. I personally think the PS3 is better. Reasons for this are that I like the controller, fits my hands comfortably, I prefer the actual design of the PS3 (much more slick and styleish). I think the graphics on games are better, maybe not multi platform.. but that would be alot of effort for the developers if you think about it. I think Xbox has too many FPS and not a variety compared to the PS3… but thats my opinion. My brother on the otherhand thinks the Xbox controller is nicer to hold and play with, and that the exclusives on the Xbox are to his taste.. his more into FPS than me.
    The online for both consoles are just as good as each other, the speed and service are great on each. Ok, the Xbox has alot more people such there are more games etc, yet maybe others like me prefer it to be more quiet..I think there are far to many a*sholes on the Xbox (no offence to anyone) but my brother likes it being hetic.
    To those complaining about Blueray, it is better than regular DVD, get over it…when the game developers want to they can make it look stunning (Killzone) and films on a BR are so much better than a DVD player, compare yourself.
    Nearly done – :)
    To those saying that MGS is rubish.. wrong, it’s a great game. I’m not sure how 50gb is used, probably from all the added goodies and bonuses for completing certain things (extra guns and camos etc..Ipod songs and stuff) .. which will probably be removed for the Xbox version, not really sure… Plus ingame the’re statements about the PS3 being good compared to other consoles such as half way through the game (Otacon to be precise) it tells you to change disk, jokes about the dualshock and more (Snake uses a PS3 controller ingame), so I would imagine certain things like that will have to be removed.. ?
    It has been annouced though that it will come out of Xbox. (<–Bummer?)
    Lastly… please don’t give Halo to the PS3.. it sucks ^^

  184. Kevo says:

    I like pizza

  185. kyle says:

    they should make it for 360 because it is a awsome game and alot of the population owns a 360 and who actually really cares if it is 5 disks and a half i would buy it.

    Blu ray sucks balls it is the most stuiped thing to be created

  186. MGS4-TenBeta says:

    Wow it’s almost beena year since it was released and I’m still waiting for it to come on the Xbox 360 :/

    P.S. Solid Snake rocks.

  187. gamer says:

    i had fun laughing at your comments ,so what if it comes or not comes out on xbox life must will move on.What r u ,going to kill yourself, don’t get me wrong i loved games but why u have to argue about which system is better, people have different taste and u have to respect tat.Don’t be a game racist or something.

  188. Jon says:

    ummmmm PS3 fanboys..

    Hate to tell you.


    1,2 & 3 ARE GETTING REMADE FOR 360


    whos laughing now you PS3
    and you all said KOJIMA is only loyal to SONY


  189. FijianDoce says:


    you might wanna think about searching up ur facts better…the site u used posted that well before this page went up

    “posted by DC RID3R at 03:38 pm on 2007-05-30”

    u might also want to know that MGS: Rising has very little to do with kojima, in fact its been left to the “new bloods”. kojima is busy writing and directing the PSP MGS: Peace Walker–a007494-p0.php

  190. Lorry says:

    why are you calling us the geeks when you’re the one who who’s searching for it on the net cuz’ you have no social life whatsoever; no friends, no girlfriend. i mean i could sit here and argue about ps3 vs xbox 360 but it actually has no winners, so get a life you guys that are so into this argument. go play outside and do something and stop commenting on forums like these. and i’m awarre of the irony of me commenting on this and telling you guys to stop and saying you have no lives so don’t bother acting smart ad pointing that out

  191. Lorry says:

    + i have to agree with gergolol which is MY OPINION. what are you guys actually trying to accomplish in this ****argument anyway. it’s just pointless

  192. Gergolot says:

    @ Jon … you are whining at Playstation users and calling them geeks. Can you just take a look at yourself a second, your the biggest idiot around.

    Hideo doesen’t like the XBox he is a PS3 fan, you could easily tell at E3 this year. He was alot more exited about the PSP MGS than XBox. Its Konami that is giving XBox MGS not Hideo. Anyway way, like mentioned above, I don’t care. Rising is rubbish, snake is the MGS star, and so is the stealth gameplay….none of which Rising is about.

    @Kyle … how does Blueray suck? Get a BR player and see for yourself, it’s 10X better than regular HD.

  193. Tito says:

    For MGS4 to come out for the 360 is going to take a lot of work for the developers. They will have to cut out a lot of weapons and items because the 360 can’t hold them all, tone down the graphics, and make at least 5-7 disks(if they plan to cut off a lot cutscenes it might be 3-5).

  194. bob says:

    you guys………. i have both systems… its like this the games are exactly the same quality of graphix. the only differences. IF you arent a social gamer and want a blue ray but slower load time get a ps3. if your a social gamer want gears of war, halo, netflix, twitter, and face book, and faster load times get a xbox. they both are fun both have there draw backs it really like this do you want a blueray player or do you like online gaming. if the gaming company really didn’t care about your wallet instead of you. you wouldn’t pay $50 a year for online gaming (xbox) and you would have more games than just one that xbox owners wanted (ps3)….. fan boys are the biggest tools, or free employes (sales reps) for a company the know little about. keep seling insted of learning.

  195. bob says:

    ps i know the ps3 has free online gaming but the 360S is superior. but im not saying the 360 is better you have to pay for the better experience $50 a year very stupid and it has no web browser with sound. BOTH COMPANIES will hopefully blow our minds in the next decade with incredible graphics and tons of fun. if people like you you come together and used you anger toward hounding the company you like so much to create a better experience it would cause them to stop charging for xbox live and fund more US companies to make more games for the ps3. you should be pending all your energy turning to you free employer and say i give you lots of money why cant we get what they have. get your team working on that. and if EVERY fan boy did that! then we would have everything we ever wanted on our consuls.

  196. Cody says:

    You guys are idiots. MGS 4 is coming to the xbox 360. It was on E3/x-play IT IS COMING TO THE XBOX 360. gaystation 3 owners stop crying about whats inevitable its going to happen. Actually xbox 360 are better than PS3 it is a fact. If you want me to tell you reasons. Think about why wouldnt they want it on xbox 360 they will be millions. They’d be stupid not to. My email is

  197. Xbox360=PS3 says:


    Haha it’s maybe true that Hideo doesn’t like Xbox 360, But it’s also true that not just hideo but everybody likes money and thats what gets to decide by the end of the day…

    Besides, you should be happy if XBox 360 gets MGS. Your just acting out of jeleousy because of Halo And GoW.. but i’l tell you, you ain’t missing out on anything MGS4 : 30000 = Halo 1 + Halo 2 + Halo 3 + Halo Wars + Halo (the new crap) + Gears of War 1 + Gears of War 2… And PS3 gets all the awesome exclusives so you should be happy that everyone has the chance to play the awesomness of MGS4… I wish for the PS3 to get Bioshock, Halo, and Gears and all the exclusives too…. We shouldn’t fight about the consoles, they dont matter, the games do.

  198. Xbox360=PS3 says:


    BTW>> MGS4 only takes 50gb becaouse of uncompressed sound and textures because Hideo wanted Top quality… If it was compressed it wouldnt make much of a quality difference, but it would fit prob to 2 dvd’s… Besides information was leaked that they tryed mgs4 on xbox and it worked so i hope they make it… hey, you should be happy too, i hope you get our exclusives!

    PS: I like the PS3 more but my father is more into xbox so I have to keep with his pace for now :P I like every single ps3 game and would preffer a ps3….

  199. iwishi says:

    xbox fan -hey did u hear mgs4 could come out on xbox 360
    ps3 fan- wtf ur crazy no it wont
    xbox fan- it could happen
    ps3 fan- no
    xbox fan- y cant it
    ps3 fan- because the xbox cant hadle how great this game is due to the processors and if it does it would come on 5 or 6 discs
    xbox fan- well that makes sence but u said if it does meaning it could happen and il buy that disc set
    ps3 fan- no
    xbox fan- what!!!
    ps3 fan – u wont buy it cuz it cant happen
    xbox fan- ok but if it could ever in a million years come to xbox i will get it
    ps3 fan- no not in a million years
    xbox fan- how do u kno all of this
    ps3 fan- like i said a minute ago we got better processors plus blu ray so that means xbox sucks so no mgs4 you but hey since xbox will get mgsr it will suck and xbox sucks no mgs4 for the crappy xbox owners haha
    xbox fan- w/e i still hope the bring it to xbox
    ps3 fan- stfu ps3 no mgs4 for xbox thats it ur a nerd u dont have a ps3 you have no home u should kill yourself PS3 IS LIFE AS WE KNOW IT NOW
    xbox fan- ok ur a freak
    ps3 fan- no your a freak im better than u because im a freak wit a ps3 sucka haha
    xbox fan- ok this is pointless il talk to u later when u calm down

    i have only a xbox 360 but i have used my eyes not numbers to see that ps3 has just about the same graphics i bought my xbox to play alot of good games for a cheaper price but i did want a ps3 first for mgs4 but it might be coming to xbox if it doesnt u ps3 fanboys should let us have our dreams if halo was coming to ps3 i really wouldnt care because i already played it i would say have fun… srry for rambleing il finish with this buy you games and have fun dont try to stop others for their harmless wishes
    and for those who say i have not life and call me a loser ur right i have no life but thats none of ur business

  200. burr mill says:

    okay just cause ps3 has blue ray and mgs4 doesnt make it the better console. i have played a ps3 and have a wii and sorry to say its not as good… xbox has a way better online set up and more games… ps3 doesnt have fable and halo 3 (halo 3 isnt even that good) but the set up of a ps3 is a pain in the ass and isnt as convenient as the 360… if i had the choice to choose again i would stay with the 360, i may be say that mgs4 wont be on it but i couldnt be happier with how the system works… downloads, online, pary’s, and all other sorts of things are way easier to access

  201. James Mifsud says:

    MGS4 is on blue ray witch is 50gm and norm dvd is 5x smaller so you will need 5 dvds to play mgs4 on Xbox so it would be every mgs4 level on each disk.

  202. Annoyance21 says:

    read Official Xbox Magazine you said that MGS4 is getting a redux for the Xbox 360.and we don’t want all that Blu-ray stuff.we have the HD cable for that.And quit fighting over the latest MGS and fight over the new one,also mentioned in OXM,Metal Gear Solid:Rising!starring Raiden.and it’s for Xbox.Most likely for the PS3 quit whining about it and start whining about which system will make Rising look better.

  203. Annoyance21 says:

    i should also mention that consoles have their goods and bads too,like Licourtrix said.the Ps3 has slow loading times,the Wii has shabby graphics,and the 360 has the almost-inevitable Red Ring Of Death.But the goods are that PS3 has incredible graphics,Xbox has some of the world’s favorite game series as exclusives,and the Wii,i don’t really know.the only thing i can think of is it having the Sonic storybook series,but they kinda suck anyway.

  204. MM2 says:

    Can every shut the *****up already!? Goddamnit! MGS4 is not coming to the 360! Live with it! Aren’t you happy with everything else being ported to the Xbox 360? I do believe Konami COULD, understand me, COULD, port MGS4 to the Xbox. As in COULD, I mean they might be able to do it, but it’s not going to be ported! Saying MGS4 is going to be ported to the 360 is like saying Halo will be ported to the PS3. God, I hate fanboys -.-

    PS3 has poor game selection.
    Xbox 360’s nearly always break down at some point, it costs to go online.
    Wii is a next-gen *****, and while being the most popular, noone gives a damn about it.

    See? Each system is a pile of *****! Best to stick with my Neo Geo, SNES, and PS2!

  205. MGS LOVER! says:

    I have a 360 but i’m going to buy a PS3 cause my ******* 360 broke down there pieces of SH!T! BUY PS3’s!

  206. Willy says:

    MM2…. Just die.

  207. mgs adict says:

    hey i believe its much better to play msg4 in xbox 360 than playin on a dumb ps3 wat ever loser

  208. mgs adict says:

    heh maybe your xbox was a fake model thas why it broke down loser anyway even ps3 cannot stand within a year

  209. hmm. well you can never say never these days. substance was on the original xbox. but subsistance was only on the ps2. however the news it out about metal gear solid rising featuring raiden. so u never know if they find a way of duming some of the content down of mgs4 to put on a few dvds for the xbox 360. if all else fails well u can always counterfeit. my cousin has halo 3 and odst and even halo wars on the ps3. where there is a will there is a way. but i have faith that hideo kojima might put a substance/subsistance style metal gear 4 on the xbobx 360. it might double their profits. and hell who doesnt like money

  210. will says:

    haha its so sad to see that all these people were saying. “oh its been confirmed just deal with it, MGS4 is coming to xbox 360 within a year” its so funny that everyone was saying that. its almost 2 years! 2! after the games release. and noope i dont see a xbox version comin any time sooN!

  211. Metalgear4soup says:

    I don’t think they’ll bother making SO MANY discs of MGS4 just to put it on the Xbox, PLUS all that would cost so much. We would have to pay too just to enjoy Metal Gear online!! =C
    And the game box, and even IN-GAME it says “this game is ment for use for the PS3 only.” Check IF u like.

  212. nick says:

    HOAAAAAXXXX !!!!!!

    stupid xbox 360 fanboy… don’t day dreaming man..


  213. Clements says:

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  214. well advice and sharing,I will buy one beautiful apple for me .thanks,Joe

  215. Logan says:

    Seriously,look at all these fanboys and their comments.
    I am an Xbox 360 fanboy,but you don’t hear me sputtering “OHMIGOSHMGS4 IS COMING ON 360 TAKE THAT PS3 FANBOYSZZZZZ”.Seriously.I’ve played Grand Theft Auto 4 on PS3 for maybe fifteen minutes,and the controls are like bricks compared to Xbox 360’s controller.
    All in all,I have to believe that MGS4 will come out on the Xbox 360.It would make good money for Konami or whatever,and people would buy more games of their brand in the future.

  216. nobody says:

    i’m totally with you cody.these guys have absolutely no idea what they would miss im sure that hideo kojima is gonna do it somehow. im looking forward to it i cant wait to play this game

  217. nabil says:

    mgs4 is a mad shooting and sneeking game

  218. agent says:

    Why the Halo game never come to the PS2 & 3 consoles