Mudvayne The New Game

Even though we only get to listen to Abba’s greatest hits here at Gamesweasel HQ, it doesn’t mean that we don’t like a bit of hard metal rock. There’s nothing we like more than thrashing out some power cords on Guitar Hero after reviewing games all day but sometimes it’s nice just to put a CD on. If you fancy doing some investigative work and having the chance to win some cool swag then it could be worth checking out the new Mudvayne album The New Game because each copy comes with a special online code to use on the The New Game site which will put you on the start of a detective trial which will see you looking at mug shots, finding clues in the song lyrics and music video in the hope to solve the mystery and win yourself some cool goodies. The Mudvayne New Game album release date is November 18th.

Mudvayne The New Game pics

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