My Sims Wii heads to PC

My Sims, the kiddified version of the hit PC and Console game The Sims was originally released on the Nintendo Wii last September is now being ported to the PC. This time around the town construction based community game is now going online, you’ll be able to interact with other people’s towns, play games and chat safely to other players.

If you missed the MySims Wii version last year and are interested in what will probably be a cheaper, better looking and more fully fledged edition of the game then you only have to wait until October for ‘My Sims made for the PC’.

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My Sims Wii heads to PC

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34 Responses

  1. hanny says:

    oh my god! are you sure for this? i love this game. so cute….

    and what the requirements of this game for pc version?

  2. Georgie says:

    Yeah you can get a leaflet if you have Sims2 Apartment Life ;] which I have …xxxx

  3. Shannon says:

    Wow! My sims for PC
    Cant wait!
    And yes i have got the leaflet for Sims 2 Apartment life xD

  4. niki says:

    omg !!!!!!!!!!!! i cant belive this .. but where would they sell it

  5. Kenny says:

    They sell it at gamestop,walmart,kmart (soon), and most electronic stores!

  6. Britta says:

    how in the heck do you catch a fish on mysims for pc?!?!?!

  7. yasmin says:

    Wow, I have the game, now I need some online friends to invite, My persona name is Yasmin, feel free to invite me as you online friend. I’ve gotten my town to 2 stars

  8. Michelle says:

    How Do you fish?

  9. Distance says:

    I’m enjoying this game =D
    My persona is Distance if anyone wants to add me as an online friend?
    I’m having heaps of trouble finding anyone that plays this game! lol.

  10. I dont have a name says:

    ppl please add mine i just got it and on star level 4!!!!!!!!! It’s 89024777
    lol i dont no y it is all letters i just felt like doing that

  11. I dont have a name says:

    remeber its 89024777

  12. Ba says:

    Does anyone knows how to fish at my sims pc?


  13. Jill Durb says:

    I have My Sims online need registration code to download it back on pc can someone help me please i looked everywhere. thanks

  14. discopo says:

    Fishing is easy. all you do is wait for the bubbles and mouse over them, then hold the mouse button and drag the mouse around while holding it :)

    @Jill Durb: It should be on the back of your instruction booklet :)

    MYSIMS is pretty darned cool ^^ If anyone wants to add me, my persona is:


    Thank you and seeya!<3

  15. Mandy says:

    My persona is: nekorequest
    Feel free to invite me, I’m living on MySims PC these days! I played the Wii version so much, though, that I know where all the old stuff is (still working on learning the new additions!), so if anyone needs any help with anything, chat with me and ask, I don’t mind :)

  16. My Persona Name Is Lynn says:

    my persona name is Lynn if you wanna add me… if you think you found me i’d be wearing Violet Nightshade’s dress and this cool red hair… eyes similar to Violet Nightshade’s, a simple smile (a little wider then Dolly Dearheart’s), no facepaint… my town is a Star Lever 3, I’ve moved people into the Desert, Forest, and Town… that’s PRETTY MUCH it! hope you see me! :)

  17. my sims trouble says:

    hey i had installed my sims but when play online it need 20-digit registration code..HELP ME PLEAAAAAASEEEEE

  18. ARKY SAYS says:

    ive added like 30 names alreayd and no one is ever on

    do me a favor if ur online right when u read this or if ur ready to get on

    email me

    MY PERSONA IS Arky222

  19. tony says:

    mine is siddallOVacci

  20. Kuna says:

    Persona name is Kuna, I’ve added most of you guys!
    Hope to see some of you soon!

  21. Phantomboy says:

    hey i have it now my persona in PhantomBoy please add me

  22. Jamia says:

    my persona name is nerialamia plz add me!!!! :]

  23. add me so we canplay tag
    and come real bffs

  24. fs says:

    hi i’m sabz

  25. Ms_katie_ann says:

    my is Ms_katie_ann

  26. acoles42 says:

    I NEED GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. sonic1234 says:

    I WANT THIS GAME SOOOOOOOOO BADLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Isaiah says:

    Hey I play MySims PC And my name is RetroPeanut hope to see you!!

  29. Suzy come lately says:

    Reqrading MySims can you build in the garden that you get to via train ride ?

  30. Suzy come lately says:

    I mean can you move your my sim to the garden?

  31. H says:

    I bought the pc game a few days ago. I already have 2 stars. Add me as a frend! My name is: Hilde

  32. H says:

    Oh no that’s wrong, my persona is Hilliebrillie

  33. Missy says:

    Hey add me my name is MissyJonas
    IM always playing this game, cos its amazing :) i have 4 stars, in 3 days XD haha

  34. My name is says:

    Hey everyone! I just got to 2 stars, but I have one already at 4 1/2 stars! My 2 stars is Fanthar and my 4 1/2 stars is Eclipsed, but I don’t really play the 4 1/2 stars one. Just add Fanthar!