Nintendo 3DS accessories

So you’ve just spent a small fortune on a shiny new Nintendo 3DS and some games but you may have forgotten that there are plenty of other little nick-nacks that may come in useful. Here are five handy and cheap accessories that you can buy to make your Nintendo 3DS experience that little bit better.

Official Nintendo 3DS protective filter

Official 3DS protective filter

We’ve already mentioned that the Nintendo 3DS is expensive. So how would you feel if someone went and scratched the gorgeous new 3DS screen? Angry enough to physically explode? To make sure that doesn’t happen I may have to protect my new investment with the Nintendo 3DS screen protector from Hori. It’s officially licensed by Nintendo and the protective filter will protect your dual screens from dust, dirt and scratches.

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Nintendo 3DS case

Nintendo 3DS case

Silicone is a wonderful thing. Most notably it transformed Britney Spears into a fully featured woman almost overnight. Other uses for silicone include protective covers for many gadgets such as iPods, Cell Phones and of course Game Systems. The Nintendo 3DS is no different and you can protect your 3DS with this sleek cover and still use the cameras at the same time.

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Nintendo 3DS grip

Nintendo 3DS grip

This crazy looking Nintendo 3DS grip that promises to make playing the 3DS more comfortable. This special stand is said to be lightweight and features three viewing angles as well as storage for your 3DS SD cards. Those old enough to remember the Game Boy Booster will get a kick out of this for sure.

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Nintendo 3DS starter kit

If you’re after a great value deal for the 3DS then this starter kit should be just up your street. Featuring over ten items that individually could cost you a pretty penny; there’s a range of extra styli, some 3DS earphones, a cleaning cloth, a wrist strap and an essential car charger to help with the short Nintendo 3DS battery run time.

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Nintendo 3DS games case

When you probably only have one or two games you might be thinking that you don’t need a storage case, but it won’t be long before you’ve worked you way through this list of Nintendo 3DS games and you’ll want something secure to carry them all in. This pull and go folio pouch can store 29 game cards and a spare 3DS stylus.

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