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Pokemon Typing Adventure review screenshot

Pokemon Typing Adventure review

The last time I played a video game where I had to type to succeed was when I played fastest finger first against zombies in The Typing of the Dead. Mavis Beacon would have turned in her grave but she may approve more of the much more wholesome Pokémon Typing Adventure where you must ‘Catch ‘em All’ by typing their names instead of walking through tall grass and throwing out Pokéballs in the more traditional manner. The game sees you working on behalf of Professor Quentin Werty (see what they did there?) and his assistant Paige Down (oh the jokes...

Picture of Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS accessories

So you’ve just spent a small fortune on a shiny new Nintendo 3DS and some games but you may have forgotten that there are plenty of other little nick-nacks that may come in useful. Here are five handy and cheap accessories that you can buy to make your Nintendo 3DS experience that little bit better. Official Nintendo 3DS protective filter We’ve already mentioned that the Nintendo 3DS is expensive. So how would you feel if someone went and scratched the gorgeous new 3DS screen? Angry enough to physically explode? To make sure that doesn’t happen I may have to protect...

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS release date

Finally Nintendo of America and Europe went on record today to announce the official release dates for Nintendo 3DS. Not only that but we got a better look at the 3DS itself as well as many of its features and even a glimpse of just some of the upcoming games. We know the only thing you’re worried about is the release date and price so the the 3DS release date for North America is the 27th March 2011 and is expected to retail at $249.99, the European and UK 3DS release date is the 25th March 2011 and is expected...

Nintendo DSi XL

Nintendo DSi XL release date

We reviewed the Nintendo DSi last year and awarded it a terrific 8 out of 10. Now around one year later Nintendo has decided that they need to have another DS on the market. If you want to know what’s so different about this one and find out if the DSi XL is right for you, then read on. Before we go head long into discussing the ‘new’ system let’s recap a little on the original Nintendo DSi. The Nintendo DSi was a bold move by Nintendo to bring the DS closer in line with the Sony PSP and Apple...

Nintendo DS Lite Limited Edition Pokemon Pack

Nintendo DS Buying Guide for Older Kids

So you’re looking to buy your older a child a Nintendo DS this holiday? Millions of children all around the world are already delighted with their Nintendo DS and I’m sure yours would be too.  If you are planning on purchasing a DS or even just some new games for your children then stick around because I have some shopping advice for you. Nintendo DS is a great gaming system for kids aged 7 upwards all the way through to adulthood.  Not only is it simple and fun to use but it also has a very large software library that...

Nintendo DS could get free 3G Internet

Nintendo DS could get free 3G Internet

News of the new Nintendo DS consoles, they’re now hinting that the next DS could have free 3G Internet as part of the package. With internet access and still the best games for any handheld device, it really could rival the iPhone. Now all Nintendo need to do is let us make calls on it. Buy a Nintendo DS now New: Buy a Nintendo DS from Amazon.com Related: Nintendo DSi review, Nintendo DS Lite Limited Edition