Nintendo DS Buying Guide for Older Kids

So you’re looking to buy your older a child a Nintendo DS this holiday? Millions of children all around the world are already delighted with their Nintendo DS and I’m sure yours would be too.  If you are planning on purchasing a DS or even just some new games for your children then stick around because I have some shopping advice for you.

Nintendo DS is a great gaming system for kids aged 7 upwards all the way through to adulthood.  Not only is it simple and fun to use but it also has a very large software library that is jam packed full of all their favourite franchises.  It could be the latest TV show or Movie they’re into or even just one of their day to day hobbies.

Now before we go too far we should avoid any confusion by mentioning that there are two different Nintendo DS’ to choose from.  I recommend kids aged between 5 and 9 years old should preferably be given a Nintendo DS Lite because it has fewer features, this will be simpler for them to use.  Now for your older kiddies (10 years onwards) I recommend a Nintendo DSi which has more extensive features including two cameras for photo taking.  Luckily both models also play the same catalogue of games you’ll find on store shelves in the Nintendo DS section so they can trade games with DS Lite owning friends if they wanted without worry.  There is a fantastic range of colours of the DSi available to choose from including:

Whilst younger gamers are happy with just playing games, the older ones are going to love the new features of the Nintendo DSi.  So whilst they can continue to play almost every standard DS title on a new Nintendo DSi they can also explore their creative sides.  With two cameras, a microphone and an SD Card slot; the Nintendo DSi is like a portable studio in their pocket.  They’ll be able to take photographs of their surroundings and friends and edit them on the fly with a choice of cool special effects.  These can then be transferred to a PC for printing or sharing online.  Music and sound files can be played, recorded and remixed as it plays using the built in software too.  The Nintendo DSi is a perfect system for them because it will fill their thirst for gaming but could also spark some multimedia creativity.  If your kids are Internet Savvy then they’ll also jump at the chance to use the free Internet Browser, upload photos to Facebook on the Nintendo DSi and even buy pocket money priced games from the Nintendo online store which is similar to the way iTunes users can buy games for the iPhone.

Nintendo DS games for older children

Here are some gaming recommendations for your older boy and girl – your early teens Nintendo DS gamers:

  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky is the latest in the Pokemon adventures.  This more mature adventure features a lot of exploring rather than just collecting and battling creatures.
  • Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games features both of history’s best loved Video Game mascots together in this sporting adventure title.  Mario and Sonic is packed with genuine winter Olympic events to play as well as an intriguing story mode. You can read our Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games for the DS review to find out more.
  • The World Ends With You is a side-scrolling adventure beat em up which fuses fast paced action and special moves with interesting music and graphical styles – read our The World Ends With You review for more on this music meets combat game for the Nintendo DS.
  • The Legendary Starfy is a popular Japanese Nintendo character who gets his first Western adventure on Nintendo DS.  A unique comic book style platformer that features the world’s most cool Starfish in a sprawling adventure with worlds both underwater and on land.
  • Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place is the game of the hit TV show that is popular with girls across America.  Fans can interact with the legendary Alex Russo by creating spells and other magical activities.
  • Lego Indiana Jones 2 continues the block building adventure with this great movie tie in.  Players will play through their favourite Indiana Jones movies with new and alternative retold storylines; they can even build and share levels and join in with a friend for some Coop play. If you’d like to see what the original game looks like we did a video review of Lego Indiana Jones back in June last year.
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was this year’s summer block buster movie and now kids can relive the fun by playing the blockbuster DS game.  They’ll love taking control of Harry and friends and using the DS touchscreen and stylus to cast spells and mix potions. For family buying for true Harry Potter fans we also suggest a look at our Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince DS review.
  • The Nintendo Points Card is a great way to treat the kids instead of just giving them money for Christmas.  This way they can buy and download their own low priced games via WiFi through the Nintendo DSi instead of having to save up for weeks for a retail game in a store.


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