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Nintendo DS Lite Limited Edition Pokemon Pack

Nintendo DS Buying Guide for Older Kids

So you’re looking to buy your older a child a Nintendo DS this holiday? Millions of children all around the world are already delighted with their Nintendo DS and I’m sure yours would be too.  If you are planning on purchasing a DS or even just some new games for your children then stick around because I have some shopping advice for you. Nintendo DS is a great gaming system for kids aged 7 upwards all the way through to adulthood.  Not only is it simple and fun to use but it also has a very large software library that...

Professor Layton and the Curious Village

Nintendo DS Christmas games review

So Christmas is almost upon us and you may be out doing some last minute shopping for relatives. If you haven’t a clue what to get them but you know they’ve got a DS, here’s a few suggestions of something that’ll make them go ooooh. The biggest game of the year so far for me was Professor Layton and the Curious Village. The game features about 150 puzzles ranging from mathematical problems to sliding puzzles and riddles. It’s so addictive, any relative you give it to won’t be able to put it down, whatever their age. Also, you could do...

Nintendo DS Buying guide for Christmas 2008

Nintendo DS Buying guide for Christmas 2008

So you want to buy a Nintendo DS for Christmas either as a present or for yourself? Just in case you are new to the Nintendo DS, the Nintendo DS accessories and Nintendo DS games then we’ll go over the basics first. The Nintendo DS is a great little portable games system that can be used at home in a comfy chair or while you’re commuting on a bus or train. The Nintendo DS console comes in two main flavours; the original launch model which is now commonly known as the DS Phat (discontinued) and the newer updated model called...