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I’ve just seen something truly bonkers, yes even more bonkers than Saints Row The Third. Can you guess what it is? Yes, it’s Saint Row IV. In a move to usurp the already over-the-top sandbox action adventure, they’ve gone all out in this fourth iteration of the game and this time, you’re the President of the United States. Yes you heard me, the President! In a demo that lasted about 5 minutes we were treated to a multitude of silliness that left me well and truly gobsmacked when the leader of the Saints started kicking ass in the street to save Steelport from an alien race called the Zen.

Things already seemed crazy and then he got out the big guns. The first weapon of choice was the Inflato-Ray, just point it at an unfortunate’s noggin and his head will inflate, then his eyes, then…well he just sort of bursts. Funny and gross – now there’s some bang for your buck. If that’s not your style, why not try out the Dubstep gun? Just pull the trigger and make everyone and everything dance to death whilst tunes akin to Skrillex come blasting their way in a soundwave of death.

Next on show was a monster truck. It’s a perfect way to get around the city because if you can’t go round it, you can go over it, crushing cars beneath those big rubbery tyres like they were grapes. And if a large car is still a little too pedestrian for you, why not try getting suited up in a Mech to deal destruction? Mayhem’s back where you have to destroy everything around you for Gold status but this time you can do it inside a giant robot. This game just gets more nuts the more you see it!

I thought I had saw it all but then we saw that the President also has super powers. You can use super sprint and super jump to get about the city and it really looks amazing when you jump higher than the tallest building and ground pound a load of enemies before picking them up using TK and lobbing them into the nearest church. You can also race around the city streets faster than ever before, completely negating the need to use cars if that’s your bag. Oh, and did I mention you can also freeze people and cars and then smash them into itty bitty pieces? No? Well, I just did.

Finally we were treated to another super-powered bad guy to match your abilities – The Warden. He’s basically one of the Zen and about to kick your ass and…well, that’s where the demo ended but trust me, it looks a lot of fun and plays super-smooth too. I personally can’t wait to get my hands on Saints Row IV and fool around in this virtual playground for myself.

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Saints Row IV

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