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Agent of Mayhem review

Agents of Mayhem may look familiar and don’t worry, you’re not going mad, this is in fact made by Volition, the same guys who made the fun and anarchic Saints Row games and is a spin-off so in that respect, you’ll be in familiar here. Expect over-the-top moments, a host of wise-cracking characters with ‘top bantz’ and lots of things to shoot up and destroy in an open world. The plot here is basically a pastiche on something out of a Bond movie. A bad dude called Doctor Babylon and his Legion are intent on destroying Seoul in South Korea...

Saints Row Gat out of Hell

Saints Row Gat out of Hell review

Saints Row is mental – and that’s why I like it. What once started out as a bit of a GTA spoof has now become a brand in its own right with each game getting progressively outlandish. So where could the game go after the planet was destroyed and everyone was living inside a computer simulation akin to The Matrix? Well, the answer is hell. In this stand-alone addition to Saints Row 4, the game picks up where the previous game left off with your team and the alien Zinyak having some fun at a birthday party with a Ouija...

Saints Row IV picture

Saints Row IV release date

Deep Silver and Volition have released a brand new trailer for Saints Row IV. The trailer shows off just some of the ludicrous things you can do as the President of the United States of ‘Merica as you kick ass for the Saints and smash members of the alien Zin race…and besuited humans, right in the knackers. That’s gotta hurt! You can try that yourself if you’re over 18 from August 23rd 2013. Buy Saints Row IV now New: Buy Saints Row IV from Amazon.com

Saints Row IV

Saints Row IV preview

I’ve just seen something truly bonkers, yes even more bonkers than Saints Row The Third. Can you guess what it is? Yes, it’s Saint Row IV. In a move to usurp the already over-the-top sandbox action adventure, they’ve gone all out in this fourth iteration of the game and this time, you’re the President of the United States. Yes you heard me, the President! In a demo that lasted about 5 minutes we were treated to a multitude of silliness that left me well and truly gobsmacked when the leader of the Saints started kicking ass in the street to...

Saints Row The Third

Saints Row The Third review

Despite being an obvious GTA rip-off, I actually quite enjoyed the first Saints Row game and the second one passed me by when I wasn’t sent it for review a couple of years ago. Thankfully THQ did send me Saints Row: The Third and the good news is it’s just as over-the-top as the TV ads make it look. This time The Saints have control over Stillwater and are attempting to take the town of Steelport away from rival factions. If you’ve played any game of this genre before you’ll know what to expect. You drive from A to B...

Saints Row 2

Saints Row 2 review

It’s impossible to give a Saints Row 2 review without mentioning GTA IV, so that’s what I’m going to do. I really liked the first game when it came out during the early days of next-gen and, and even though it was a blatant rip-off, GTA IV actually borrowed a few things from Saints Row. Now, Saints Row has a sequel and the good news is, THQ hasn’t tried to better it. Instead, they deliver a very different open-world experience that’s actually a lot more fun to play. The game kicks off with your main character in a coma. After...