Wario Land Shake It!

Nintendo’s evil mascot Wario returns for another 2D side scrolling adventure on Wii. Wario Land Shake It is a breath of old school fresh air, take your Wii Remote and play NES style as you smash around the levels bopping enemies and loot treasure by shaking the Wiimote up and down to cause earthquakes and other havoc across the entire screen. The graphics are looking nice and with 2D not being too taking on the Wii hardware you can expect a super smooth framerate and plenty of action on-screen. I’ll certainly be fighting Matt for the review disc when it hits the Gamesweasel doormat in the next few months.

Shake It!

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  1. Legend of Zelda Octorok Hunter – Made this mettlesome in a some days, ease employed on it :) The neutral is to blackball every adversary as alacritous as possible