Condemned 2

The first condemned game was a launch title for the 360 and really showed what potential the console had. It was a dark, scary FPS with frights similar to those you’d find in the thriller Se7en. Early next year, Sega are providing more supernatural scares set in a real-world environment with Condemned 2: Bloodshot which is also coming out for the PS3 this time around.

Again you play as Ethan Thomas, who is now a broken man after the events of the first game when tracking down a killer ended with a nightmare so scary I was on Valium for a week after completing it. Ok, so I’m exaggerating there but it was scary. From the trailer it looks like we’re in for more sinister goings-on with wheelchairs moving on their own, psychos attacking you with crowbars and strange monsters bursting form nowhere to make you go ‘oohhh’, ‘aaahhhh’ and ‘wwwoooooo’.

This time, your partner’s gone missing so you go looking for him in the dark. Why you don’t wait ‘til it’s light I don’t know. In this game it’s also promised the psychos will respond differently to broken limbs or being set on fire. How jolly. To avoid the mess, you can maybe play this one in the bath or on a plastic sheet when it comes out early next year.

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