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Condemned 2 review

I’ve been waiting ages to play Condemned 2 ever since going to Amsterdam to see the press demo. It’s the sequel to the moody launch title and this time they’ve pulled all the stops out to provide a compelling, creepy and sometimes downright dirty game that’ll keep you gripped right to the end. You play as agent Ethan Thomas, a detective who’s now turned to drugs and booze since shooting serial killer SKX in the face in the boot of his car. Troubled by visions and flashbacks, you soon end up working with the force again as you get tangled...

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Condemned 2

The first condemned game was a launch title for the 360 and really showed what potential the console had. It was a dark, scary FPS with frights similar to those you’d find in the thriller Se7en. Early next year, Sega are providing more supernatural scares set in a real-world environment with Condemned 2: Bloodshot which is also coming out for the PS3 this time around. Again you play as Ethan Thomas, who is now a broken man after the events of the first game when tracking down a killer ended with a nightmare so scary I was on Valium for...

Condemned 2

Condemned Bloodshot

Condemned Bloodshot is being toned down after Manhunt 2 was effectively banned in the UK. With the original being gruesome and bloomin’ scary to boot, the developers Monolith have taken a couple of things out to avoid getting the chop. So now you won’t be able to put anyone’s head in a vice and the decapitations are being toned down. Where’s the fun in that?