Army of Two

OK hands up if you like co-op mode in games such as Gears of War? I can’t see if you’ve actually got your hands up or not by I know I enjoyed co-op in Gears of War and that means I’ll probably like playing EA’s Army of Two as the whole game is based around this premise.

Instead of co-op being a game mode in this one, it’s the actual game as you and a real life partner or adaptive AI soldier use two-man tactics in a third-person warzone to win the battles and make it out alive.

The story’s not too original, there’s a global conspiracy that threatens the safety of the entire world and your two man team has to stop all this naughty business and uncover the truth by using the one thing that people only seem take notice of these days – violence.

It’s all about to man tactics, so one minute you may be laying down covering fire so your team mate can make it across the battlefield, or your buddy might be sniping from a high position, or taking care of you as you parachute in to a situation. In a similar vein to the Splinter Cell co-op mode, you’ll also be helping each other repel down buildings and giving each other a leg up to climb up walls and ledges.

From the look of the trailer it doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously which is refreshing for a war game. I’ll be getting ready to practice my virtual buddy high-five in time for a full review when it comes out for PS3 and Xbox 360 in November.

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