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Army of Two The 40th Day

Army of Two The 40th Day review

I guess the sequel to Army of Two isn’t called Army of Two 2 for good reason. It sounds silly. So, The 40th Day it is then and this second of the co-op heavy games sees Salem and Rios fronting their own private army in the buildings and streets of Shanghai. Right from the start it’s all going a bit Pete Tong when what seem to be terrorist attacks are making the skyscrapers around you fall like dominoes. You also happen to be on top of one of them and so your story begins trying to make it to safety...

Army of Two screenshot

Army of Two review

Great, another shooter for the PS3 and Xbox 360 – just what we need. But hold on a minute, this one actually puts a different spin on a third-person shooter because it’s not just about watching your own back and maybe controlling a squad of other players . This one sees you fighting battles with one wingman, your buddy. You’re like Morecambe and Wise, Laurel and Hardy, Mitchell and Webb – only with guns and scary metal masks! The game takes place over a 16 year period. The two chareacters Salem and Rios both begin as fresh-faced commandos but soon...

Army of Two screenshot

Army of Two

OK hands up if you like co-op mode in games such as Gears of War? I can’t see if you’ve actually got your hands up or not by I know I enjoyed co-op in Gears of War and that means I’ll probably like playing EA’s Army of Two as the whole game is based around this premise. Instead of co-op being a game mode in this one, it’s the actual game as you and a real life partner or adaptive AI soldier use two-man tactics in a third-person warzone to win the battles and make it out alive. The story’s...