Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

It’s almost ten years since the blockbuster PSOne role-playing game Final Fantasy VII captured gamers’ hearts and made some people cry during a certain death scene – you know who you are. That game sold 4 million units in Japan alone and almost another 6 million in the US and Europe.

Now it’s back as a prequel with Crisis Core- Finfal Fantasy VII for the PSP and I’m sure it’s going to sell very well if recent PSP bundle sales in Japan are anything to go by.

Once again, the game takes you back to the land of mako reactors and materia as the crises extends to the very core of the planet. The story this time revolves around Zack, some geezer who had already returned to the Lifestream before the vents of the PSOne game.

In this game we’re promised we’ll find out more about Shinra, the evil money making corporation and take part in an adventure with new improved graphics and more insight into the world of Final Fantasy VII.

When fighting in the game, you use a new battle system called Digital Mind Wave, a sort of mini fruit machine that spins in the top right corner of the screen. Match up the symbols and you get a Power Surge resulting in a devastating attack. Unfortunately those random encounters are still thee to annoy you when you’re just trying to travel about but that’s part of what Final Fantasy is.

Unfortunately there’s not much more to go on and the game name hasn’t even been fully finalised but I’ll be bringing you a full review when I know more myself.

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