De Blob

Here’s a new one for the Wii and DS out in February next year called de Blob, and before you ask no it’s not a French remake of the monster movie or Stephen King’s Carrie.

This game’s perfect for Nintendo’s consoles as you control de Blob who like a sort of space hopper round the colourless world of Chroma City. All the colour’s been drained by the INKT corporation. Say it quickly and it sounds like inked, get it?

It’s basically an action puzzle game as you swing and bounce your blob around the city whilst avoiding some nasties that want to squirt you with horrid black ink and squish you.

Whilst you’re avoiding them you have to splash the landmarks, buildings and citizens with colour.

As well as the single player campaign there’s also multiplayer. Up to four people can play via split screen which I haven’t seen for a looong time with the advent of Xbox live etc.

This game started life as a student project and it’s interesting that THQ picked it up and turned it into a full commercial game.

According to their press release says you must bring spunk and character back to the city. Er…

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