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De Blob may seem like a brand new concept but in a way it has sort of been done before. Remember Jet Set Radio? In the game you had to spray paint areas of the landscape by controlling a dude on rollerblades – hopping from building to building and avoiding the police who chase you with their silly hats on.

De Blob sees you controlling a bouncing blob, smashing into coloured paint pots and bouncing into buildings to change them from grey to blue, yellow, red, green or brown to bring colour to the world of Chroma City. Instead of police running after you, there’s the soldiers of the evil INKT corporation who want to keep the city nice and boring.

You control Blob with the analogue stick of the nunchuck and shake the remote to jump. Press Z and you can target and smash into items such as paint pots to add and mix colour or enemies to get them out of the way. You get points by painting the land or by doing challenges such as painting a block all the same colour or ridding the area of enemies.

But watch out as water can rid you of all your colour, forcing you to look for more and ink will kill you so you need to find water in order to wash it off.

The cut scenes are fantastic, the graphics are sharp and the music’s great. Just like Rez, the music is enhanced as you paint which sort of means you can mix your own music as you mix the paints.

As well as an entertaining single player mode with tonnes of challenges to do and collectibles to find, the game also has multiplayer party modes for up to four players where you each control a blob trying to paint the most area.

De Blob is a fantastic game but it’s a shame it’s only out on the Wii. It could so easily come out on other platforms and be just as fun. De Blob gets an excellent 8 out of 10.

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