F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate

Time now to look at another expansion pack for the game FEAR. This has fast become one of my favourite first-person shooters thanks to that fact it has great enemy AI, beefy guns and a supernatural element so scary it’s on a par with Silent Hill in terms of creepiness at times.

This one has a timeline that runs parallel to the previous full game and expansion, and features you as a new team investigating the incident Armacham. Your job In this new adventure is to find out what Perseus is, apart from a Greek man who ended up with Medusa’s head. Nice.

There are some new enemies in this one too, granted you’ll still have to fight super soldiers and weirdy things but also the Nightcrawler, and their lives again, and their lives will pull us through. Believe me, fighting him with his Peter Stringfellow hair would be scary.

The great news is this is a stand-alone expansion pack which basically means you don’t need the first game to play it and it’ll be cheaper than a full-price game. And they’ve included 16 player multiplayer in this one too for online shenanigans.

You can play it before the year’s up with the lights off and bicycle clips well fastened.

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