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FEAR 3 review

I really enjoyed the previous F.E.A.R. games. The first two I played when I was into PC games, FEAR Perseus Mandate and then I played FEAR 2 Project Origin on the Xbox 360. The combination of scares and tight shooter gameplay was great, but does this third game in the series keep the mix just right? Unfortunately the game’s not as creepy as the previous titles but it does still play very well as a shooter and the co-op mechanic through the campaign mode and multiplayer modes serve to make things last even longer. You play as either Paxton Fettel...

FEAR 2 Project Origin

FEAR 2 Project Origin review

I know Project Origin’s been out for a while now but I never got round to playing it and things are quiet in the summer months so here goes my review. Set just before the end of the first game, this tale of terror and gunplay begins in an office block as you try to extract Professor Aristide from an apartment. During your mission the massive explosion is seen which wipes out the crew in the first game and you’re then involved in experiments, flashbacks, lots of slow-mo shooting action and of course Alma pops up now and again to...

FEAR 2 Project Origin

F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate

Time now to look at another expansion pack for the game FEAR. This has fast become one of my favourite first-person shooters thanks to that fact it has great enemy AI, beefy guns and a supernatural element so scary it’s on a par with Silent Hill in terms of creepiness at times. This one has a timeline that runs parallel to the previous full game and expansion, and features you as a new team investigating the incident Armacham. Your job In this new adventure is to find out what Perseus is, apart from a Greek man who ended up with...