Kane and Lynch: Dead Men

Here is a review of a game which intrigued me last month when I saw a poster for it when I was absolutely drenched standing in a field in Stafford for the V Festival. It’s Kane & Lynch Dead Men. The poster shows a guy that looks like he’d kill you if you bumped into him in the street with a plaster over his nose and an older chap with a balding mullet and a shotgun.

It reminded me of a Tarantino film so I thought I’d check it out a bit more for you guys and report back.

Developed by IO Interactive, the same people who made the Hitman games, you take on the roles of both characters as you first break out of prison then go on a trail of murder and revenge.

One’s a psychopath constantly on medication, the other’s a flawed mercenary, both with brutal attitudes about what’s right and wrong.

This game looks amazing. You see the action from a 3rd-person view similar to Hitman and there are plenty of guns to choose from and lots and lots of bloody bodies. It’s even a cool touch that the scenery breaks around you as bullets fly, even pillars crumble like in the lobby scene of the Matrix. Although Keano Reeves isn’t there looking like a bit of a twat indoors in a black mack and sunglasses.

Also interesting is the addition of squad-based combat similar to Ghost Recon and the ability to play the game as both characters in co-op mode online, although in single player you only play as Kane.

If it wasn’t for the cool characterisation and cinematography of this game, this would probably just be another standard shooter, but something tells me this one’s more than the sum of its parts. I’ll give you guys a full review in the next couple of months if Eidos will be kind enough to send me a copy. And for the 360 please, I like getting those achievement points.

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