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Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days

Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days review

The first Kane and Lynch game was a bit of a disappointment really. The controls weren’t great, it screamed for a co-op mode but didn’t have one and felt disjointed. This sequel aims to fix all that and in some ways it does and some ways it doesn’t. So years later, Lynch is living in Shanghai and Kane comes to see him for one last money making exercise – an arms deal. This soon goes wrong when they accidentally kill a very powerful kingpin’s daughter and the whole of China seems to be after them. Cue lots of running and...

Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days

Kane and Lynch: Dead Men review

This game has an awesome poster doing the rounds with the two protagonists upon it, those being the criminal traitor Kane and the psychopathic Lynch. Kane and Lynch escape death row at the beginning of the game and after a chase through some back alleys from a third person perspective you’re confronted by The7, a gang you stole something from and now they’ve got you out of the proverbial frying pan and into the fire to get it back for them. Lynch is there to look after you and be your wingman. This is a third-person shooter with a great...

Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days screenshot

Kane and Lynch: Dead Men

Here is a review of a game which intrigued me last month when I saw a poster for it when I was absolutely drenched standing in a field in Stafford for the V Festival. It’s Kane & Lynch Dead Men. The poster shows a guy that looks like he’d kill you if you bumped into him in the street with a plaster over his nose and an older chap with a balding mullet and a shotgun. It reminded me of a Tarantino film so I thought I’d check it out a bit more for you guys and report back. Developed...