Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction preview

Time for a preview and I’m looking forward to the latest Ratchet and Clank game, called Future: Tools of Destruction. It’s the first next-gen title after the awesome Size Matters on the PSP and there’s going to be a whole load of new weapons and gadgets to try out and this time it’s all in glorious hi-definition and looks absolutely stunning.

In this one Ratchet is still trying to trace where he came from as he’s the last of the Lombax race. Even his little robot friend Clank can’t help him when it comes to fathoming out this one. However, the evil Emperor Percival Tachyon is also interested in Ratchet and wants to wipe the last Lombax off the face of the universe with the help of his insect horde of Cragmites.

And so another adventure begins with lots of platforming, puzzling and of course comedy weapons to kill your enemies with.

Let’s concentrate on some of the new weapons. There’s the Combustor which fires out balls of flame which also sets fire to the floor, there’s the Groovatron which is basically a big mirror ball which plays music and makes all enemies around you dance to death and there’s the Vizicopter which you can launch into the sky and control with the sixaxis as you fly around and launch missiles from above.

There’s also shielded enemies in this game so you’ll have to use your Buzzblade to ricochet spinning metal spikes off walls to hit them from behind or fire radioactive plasma over their heads to spray them with a whole load of hurt.

Another cool device is the Tornado, again controlled with the Sixaxis function of the controller, meaning, if you can co-ordinate yourself correctly, you can control Ratchet and send the Tornado to sweep up enemies and objects around your immediate area.

As well as all the new weapons it’s the same game you know and love with new tweaks and better graphics. You can play through the adventure in a few weeks time.

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  1. David says:

    I need help finding this game for my psp I have serched every were and I have had not even the sliteist clue of this games exsistens