Resident Evil 5

So time to give you my thoughts on the resident Evil 5 trailer as seen after E3. there’s actually a new trailer no line now with extended gameplay scenes so we can see exactly how this game should look when yo pick up the controller.

In the follo-up to this new take on the game, you play Chris Redfield. Once a member of STARS as you played him in the very first game, he’s now part of the BSAA unit (whatever that stands for). He’s found himself in a desert colony and things aren’t too normal round these parts as the folks here start bleeding from the eyes and attacking you with hatchets and other sharp objects that really should stay locked away.

Once again it looks like Capcom are sticking with the over the shoulder view that worked so well an 4 but this time they promise we’ll be able to use the environment around use much more, similar to barricading doors shut and kicking ladders over in the last game.

Also, it appears that the foes you’ll be fighting aren’t exactly ythe clichéd zombies you fought in earlier renditions of the series. These villagers don’t shuffle and moan as they crawl towards you at a snail’s pace. These ones run, think, and even call others with megaphones as if you didn’t think your hands were already full with 20 mad villagers chasing you with pointy things.

Although not seen in the trailer, there’s bound to be some more puzzling to do as you reach new locations to complete whatever mission Chris says he’s got to do in the trailer. Thankfully, it seems random puzzles and retracing your steps were abolished in Resi 4 so let’s hope they don’t make a return here.

Expect a more detailed preview or full review as soon as I get my hands on it in the coming months.

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  1. I just got resident evil 5 and I am very impressed with the game. It’s everything that I expected! I recommend this game especially if you played the other Resident Evil games!