Boom Blox Bash Party Release Date

One of our much anticipated sequels of the year; Steven Spielberg’s Boom Blox Bash Party for Wii is arriving very soon and we can’t wait to swing our Wii Remotes dangerously close towards out new HDTV’s. Just as with last year’s original game; Boom Blox 2 returns with hundreds of puzzle levels where your aim is to knock down towers of blocks by throwing objects towards them (we like to call it Demolition Jenga). Now with a host of new colourful rectangular characters to meet and all new game themes like Underwater and Outer Space to explore we can expect many more crazy hours of fun and aches in the arms the following day. Best of all EA have totally revamped the online level sharing system to work in a straightforward manner without Nintendo’s much hated Friend Code system. The Boom Blox Bash Party Release Date is May 19th.

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Boom Blox Bash Party

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