Wii Party release date

There was a big effort from Nintendo at this year’s E3 to show a good mix of core and casual titles, Wii Party looks to be Nintendo’s very own casual title for this holiday season. If you can picture in your mind a cross between Wii Sports Resort and Mario Party then you will likely be envisaging Wii Party. 13 different party game modes and 70+ minigames that can all be play with the standard Wii Remote motion controller await you in Wii Party for Wii.

Rather pleasantly this isn’t just a Mario cash in; just like Wii Sports everyone can use their Mii avatar instead of the Mushroom Kingdom characters.

The Wii Party release dates is pencilled in for fall 2010, we don’t expect this one to slip because it looks like a perfect family Christmas title on Wii.

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Wii Party

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