Call of Duty 2015 release date

We may not know what the subtitle of the next Call of Duty game will be but we do know there will of course be another edition of the blockbuster series and it will, as always, probably be released in November.

For years Infinity Ward and Treyarch shared the development duties meaning they have only had a two year development cycle each to make the game, but Advanced Warfare being made by Sledgehammer Games means that for the first time Treyarch gets a full three years to develop a game, having previously made Black Ops, Black Ops 2 and World at War.

What the new game is going to be is still yet to be revealed but it’s strongly rumoured we may be returning to the World at War era, meaning more historical gameplay and maybe the return of flamethrowers! I for one am looking forward to the prospect if it means we’ll see some accurate modelling of old school weapons and vehicles on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Call of Duty World at War image

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