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Call of Duty 5

Call of Duty 2015 release date

We may not know what the subtitle of the next Call of Duty game will be but we do know there will of course be another edition of the blockbuster series and it will, as always, probably be released in November. For years Infinity Ward and Treyarch shared the development duties meaning they have only had a two year development cycle each to make the game, but Advanced Warfare being made by Sledgehammer Games means that for the first time Treyarch gets a full three years to develop a game, having previously made Black Ops, Black Ops 2 and World...

Call of Duty 2014 championships

Call of Duty 2015 championships

The third annual Call of Duty Championship, presented by Xbox is back, and once again, the top eSports athletes from around the globe will gather to compete in Los Angeles between 27th and 29th March 2015. IN partnership with Major League Gaming (MLG), 32 of the best Call of Duty teams will compete on Advanced Warfare developed by Sledgehammer Games to claim portions of a prize pot worth $1 million. The final match will be streamed live on Xbox Live so gamers can see this intense final match up as it happens! Glen Schofield, Co-Founder and Studio Head, Sledgehammer Games...

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 picture

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 review

People weren’t sure about Black Ops 2 when they found out it was set in the near future of 2025. Everybody thought you’d be firing laser guns and floating about but the good news is that not only is half of the game set in other theatres of war in the past in the 80s, the guns in the future still fire bullets but are enhanced by some pretty nifty gadgetry. I don’t want to ruin the story for anyone so let’s just say that this is a personal story of revenge and a bad guy trying to do bad...

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Call of Duty UK Championships

The Call of Duty UK Championships were held in London’s Sound nightclub on Sunday 7th August where clans gathered to battle each other on Call of Duty: Black Ops. The eventual winners over the 12 hour event were Team apex and here they are looking happy and hopefully old enough to drink that champagne. They win an all-expenses paid trip to Los Angeles to compete in the $1million Call of Duty XP tournament on 2nd and 3rd September. Buy Call of Duty Black Ops now New: Buy Call of Duty Black Ops from Amazon.com Related: Call of Duty: Black Ops,...

Modern Warfare 3

Modern Warfare 3 release date

It wasn’t really a surprise but it’s finally confirmed that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is hitting the shelves this November. Like me you’re probably already fed up playing Call of Duty Black Ops and can’t wait for the next installment and some fresh action to sink you’re teeth into. The Modern Warfare Three reveal trailer is stunning and has already got us very excited to see more at E3 2011. So far we know the game is set all over the world in locations such as; America, England, France and Germany. The Modern Warfare 3 release date is...

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Call of Duty prequel

Rumours abound that the next Call of Duty game could be a prequel to the series developed by Infinity Ward. It’s supposed to feature the story of Ghost from Modern Warfare 2 and plays through the events leading up to Modern Warfare. Buy Call of Duty now New: Buy Call of Duty from Amazon.com Related: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 review, Call of Duty Black Ops review