Final Fantasy XIV release date and collectors edition emerge

I can’t believe that Final Fantasy 14 is upon us already. Didn’t Final Fantasy 13 just come out? Yes it’s true but this time Final Fantasy XIV is a MMORPG (like World of Warcraft) instead of a single player adventure. For those of you wanting more Final Fantasy action then this is what you’ve been waiting since 2005 for. Final Fantasy XIV is being released for Windows PC’s very soon and followed next year on PlayStation 3.

PC owners will be overjoyed to find out that they have the choice between the standard game release or the Final Fantasy XIV Collectors Edition. Gamers who snag the PC special edition will benefit from these cool extras and possibly even more:

  • 8 Day Early Access code to the online servers
  • Behind the scenes Making of Final Fantasy XIV DVD
  • In game bonuses such as a Security Token and a Travel Journal
  • Limited Right of Passage document

The Final Fantasy 14 release date is September 30th Worldwide on the PC and March 2011 for PlayStation 3 owners.

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