Portal 2 release date and gameplay highlights

It can’t go without saying that even after three years; Portal remains one of my favourite games of all time. It is certainly a strange to look back at how the free bonus game included in The Orange Box went on to become Game of the Year. Portal Two for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC was officially shown off at this year’s E3 but more and more exciting information has dripped out since then.

Valve has wisely decided that making Portal 2 a fully fledged game rather than an expansion pack is the way to go. This time around there are a whole host of new features to look forward to:

  • A full length 10 hour single player campaign
  • A unique sidekick called Wheatly voiced by Stephen Merchant
  • An online COOP campaign with its own unique story

As well as being a bigger and broader game there are also some new abilities to use alongside the Portal Gun.

  • Aerial Faith Plates are special springboards for jumpy-fun
  • Excursion Funnels are Star Trek style tractor beams
  • Propulsion and Repulsion gels allow you to literally paint the environment with special physical properties – Repulsion Gel makes you bounce and Propulsion Gel makes you slide very quickly

I’m itching so much to play Portal 2 that I might need to buy some skin cream. I don’t know if I can possibly wait for the Portal 2 Release Date but I’ll have to try my best.

The Portal Two release date worldwide is scheduled for February 11th 2011.

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Portal 2 pics

Portal 2

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